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The Perfecter Fusion Styler is a multi-styling tool combining the functions of a curling and flat irons, a round brush, and a blow dryer.

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Perfecter Fusion Styler Short Outline.

The Perfecter Fusion Styler is a multi-styling tool combining the functions of a curling and flat irons, a round brush, and a blow dryer. The product was introduced by Maria McCool, the stylist with a great reputation in the country and worldwide, and produced by Tristar Products with its headquarters in Fairfield, NJ. The business hold the “B+” rating with the Better Business Bureau, having more than a thousand closed complaints throughout 3 last years, and the reputation of the company that deals mostly with the products advertised on television, so called “As seen on TV”, such as Power Cooker, Clear TV Antenna, and Flex-Able Hose.

The developers of the beauty device claim that it is “an effortless approach to stunning salon results” that is able to provide perfect result for all hair textures and lengths fast and effectively without overheating it, however most of the customer reviews featuring the product tend to be negative, including complaints on various subjects from the poor quality of the appliance and the inability to live up to the advertisement promises, to pitiable working process of the company in general, encompassing the customer service and inappropriate credit card charges.


Combining a few tools in one, The Perfecter Fusion Styler is able to curl, straighten, dry, and add volume and body to the hair. The developers of the tool also claim that it’s “the most revolutionary, new hair care tool ever invented”, due to the modern ceramic and ionic technology it’s based on. The appliance is heated within a single minute and contains special nylon bristles that prevent skin from burning during the styling process. On the top of that the ionic technologies is capable of pulling moisture from the air and infuse it into the locks, making hair silky and smooth.

The Perfecter includes two heat settings: the low (356 degrees), which is the best to use on a damaged and thin hair, and high (392 degrees), which allows straightening or curling hair with the most long lasting effect.

The website provides the customers with plenty of instructions and video tutorials on the usage of the tool on different hair types and applied for different purposes. Also the site offers “Hint &Tips” and “FAQ” sections that provide the explanation of the most essential points about the work of the tool.

Prices and Ordering Process.

The customers are offered two ways of ordering the product. One can purchase the styler with one payment that costs $99.99 or break the price into three separate payments of $33.33 per each. The shipping fees are free of charge and are taken care of by the company. However, the additional charges for shipping are possible for FedEx Express shipping ($14.99), 2-Day shipping ($19.99), and Overnight shipping ($29.9).

In addition to that each customer processing the order will receive the bonus gifts that according to the website value $40. They include Perfecter Detangle Brush, 3 styling clips, and thermal travel case.

Also the customers can add to their order a one-month supply of Achieve 10 styling cream, which is advertised on the website as well. The product is claimed to restore the hair due to the Argon oil and Vitamin E, and achieve 10 features of a healthy beautiful hair, block humidity, fight the frizz, and prevent split ends. This product is claimed to be sent free with the styler charging money only for the shipping fee of $7.99. One can refuse this offer, however, please note that those who add the cream to their order since then will be automatically charged additional $19.99 on a monthly basis for the cream from the credit card used by the customer to pay for the styling tool. In order to cancel the shipping of the cream one has to call the customer service at 1-973-287-5199 and notify the company about their decision. The same number can be used for claiming refunds according to the 60-days money back guarantee provided by the website.

Furthermore, the customers have to pay for the warranty, which is of two types:

  • 2-year warranty will cost you $11.97 per single pay with $3.99 per payment
  • 4-year warranty is a bit more expensive, charging $20.97 for a single pay for $6.99 per payment

The state sales tax is also charged from the customers who live in CT, NJ, NV, NY, and PA states.


As it was mentioned previously, most of the customers’ feedback on the styler tends to be negative. The major complaints concern:

  • Commercial hype. People report that the styler doesn’t live up to its advertisement and video tutorials at all. The tool is simply not able to function the way it was introduced on TV, it doesn’t give the promised effect, and moreover, there are many reviews containing complaints that the styler awfully tangles the hair. In a few cases the situation was so bad, that it actually had to be cut of the hair.
  • The poor quality of the product. The customers often had problems with the materials wearing out in some cases after 20-30 days of use.
  • Awful customer service. The staff of the company seems to make everything possible in order to make the customers give up on their decisions or inquiries. This includes the managers hanging up the phone during the conversation, making people waiting too long on line (over 30 minutes), or constant arguing with the customers to make them change their mind (it concerns especially those who ask for a refund).
  • Some people even complained that they were charged certain amounts of money after they ordered the styler, which were not included into the cost of the ordering process. This flaw definitely spoiled the company’s reputation, and eventually people started calling the product a scam.

The Final Word.

According to the hundreds of reviews from the disappointed customers, The Perfecter Fusion Styler is hype, for it is not able to work in a way that it’s supposed to and shown in the TV commercials. Being introduced as a professional multi-styling tool, it’s unlikely to perform any of its functions correctly. The product is low quality manufactured, so don’t get surprised if it stops working after a month of constant use, and if you have already ordered it, be prepared for a long lasting and nervous process of obtaining your refund, since the customer service of the company leaves much to be desired. But the worst part of it is the deceitful credit card charges experienced by some of the customers. It just destroys the trust and reputation of the company, so hardly anyone would like to buy something from them in the future.

Perfecter Fusion Styler reviews

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