6 Second Lounge reviews

6 Second Lounge is your “instant couch” made of ripstop nylon that can be used anywhere: just open it, fill with air and enjoy relaxing.

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6 Second Lounge is your “instant couch” made of ripstop nylon that can be used anywhere: just open it, fill with air and enjoy relaxing.

About 6 Second Lounge.

6 Second Lounge is a reliable, water- and stainproof inflatable air-seat made of military grade ripstop nylon that can be set up in the flicker of a second. Just follow the next steps:

  1. Open 6 Second Lounge and blow it up with air.
  2. Then roll it up, attach the clip and pull the band to lock in the air.
  3. Take a seat and relax. 6 Second Lounge can carry up to 480 pounds.

To finish using 6 Second Lounge, you have to undo the clip and roll it, after this it will deflate immediately. And then, roll it up to make carrying easier, as it only weighs about 20oz.

May we consider 6 Second Lounge to be “the easiest, most comfortable air lounge every created”? Or, is it just another copy of existing products? And, what is more important, is it right for you? Let’s find it out by overviewing the product.

6 Second Lounge vs. KAISR vs. Lamzac

Even being an infrequent Internet user, you must have seen at least one or two advertisements for air lounges and air couches like 6 Second Lounge, especially of such brands as KAISR and Lamzac. There are lots of evidences of their popularity and image, for example, KAISR raised about $4 million during their latest Indiegogo campaign (it is almost 20,000 time their original goal!), and the Lamzac Hangout had a 2-month wait at the time of our research.

Due to such undreamt-of success, lots of companies have tried to meet the demand and sell similar products like 6 Second Lounge. How do they compete with the originals on the market?

Except for a price only (we will talk later about it), most of these products turned out to be ultimately identical. They all are made of some kind of durable nylon-type material (similar to what is used in parachutes), have the same roll/clip/band method, and can be compactly packed for easy portability.

Although, the KAISR lounge is equipped with some very useful gadgets as a cup holder, a magazine insert, loops for staking to ground, and, even a bottle opener. Lamzac and 6 Second Lounge models do not appear to have same features though.

What Is the Price of 6 Second Lounge?

Regular price of one piece of 6 Second Lounge is $39.99 plus $7.99 S&H. However, you will be able to buy a second lounge during checkout for an additional $19.99 S&H.

All 6 Second Lounge purchases include a 30-days refund policy, less S&H charges, as well as a 1-year warranty. We wondered about what is covered by a warranty, so we tried to call Telebrands customer service at 844-814-2748. Although, it led us to totally different business, which was out of Crockett, TX.

What Do We Know About Telebrands?

It is true to say that these products have been popular, although, it appears that HighYa readers haven’t been satisfied with these products’ performance. In general, the complaints are about poor quality, failure to work as advertised and bad customer service experience — on the other hand, same situation is with ASOTV products, and not just those from Telebrands.

Nevertheless, we are not claiming that you will necessarily experience the same with 6 Second Lounge.

At the time of our research, the company Telebrands had a C- rating according to the Better Business Bureau, based on 952 closed complaints. The company is known to be involved in a recent investigation by the NJ Attorney General’s office for allegedly violating the Consumer Fraud Act, which they settled for a $550K fine after admitting no wrongdoing.

What About 6 Second Lounge Customer Reviews?

At the time we did our research 6 Second Lounge was a brand new product, and we didn’t find any online customer reviews. Even considering the fact that 6 Second Lounge has been identical to KAISR and Lamzac, it still remained so new and unknown to customers that no online regards on it were available.

Basically, except for TheGadgetFlow.com that provided little more than a 2-sentence review, we could not find any feedback on it yet.

What does it for you? Let’s wrap everything up.

Is 6 Second Lounge a Good Bargain?

Compared to KAISR model priced at $86 and Lamzac for $79 (plus shipping) 6 Second Lounge is definitely number one product by price. Taking a look at the basic design of these products, it remains unclear whether you get better quality or not from these popular models (e.g. grade of nylon, stitching pattern/number of stitches per cm, etc).

Does it mean that you should take a risk and try on 6 Second Lounge? According to their shipping policy, they will send you a product within 30 days from the date of your order. So, basically you are saving some money due to products competition and moreover, you might also receive your 6 Second Lounge much faster.

Just be aware of the following: If you are not satisfied with the product, you are going to lose $8 in S&H ($28 if you purchased the BOGO offer), plus some money for shipping 6 Second Lounge back to the manufacturing company.

6 Second Lounge reviews


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