H2O WindForce Vacuum reviews

The H2O WindForce Vacuum is a water-based filtration technology with a built-in self-regulating computer, and powerful suction will help you to make your home cleaner and healthier.

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The H2O WindForce Vacuum is a water-based filtration technology with a built-in self-regulating computer, and powerful suction will help you to make your home cleaner and healthier.

About H2O WindForce Vacuum.

Nowadays there are a lot of kinds of vacuums that you can choose for cleaning floors and other hard surfaces. In conditions of high competition level, the H2O WindForce Vacuum is using “the natural cleansing power of water” and will make your home more clean and healthy. So what are the advantages of this vacuum?

The manufacturing company claims that unlike regular sponge or HEPA filters, H2O WindForce’s Micro Silver filtration system never becomes clogged-up so you do not have to worry about losing power or some ejected bacteria or other pathogens into the air you are breathing. Also, you do not have to buy those expensive filters for replacement!

The company has built-in self-regulating computer which makes the H2O WindForce Vacuum “the smartest, most powerful, most effective vacuum you will ever buy.” Is it the truth, though? Let’s take away all the marketing tricks and find out whether we can really expect WindForce to operate as it was advertised? And, will it be worth of your money?

Here at HighYa we have learnt about a few most popular vacuums and, together with our research results we will help you to figure out if the H2O WindForce is a right choice for you.

What Are the Main Features of the H2O WindForce Vacuum?

From the first sight, the H2O WindForce looks not so much different from the regular canister vacuum.

Pro tip: Be sure to read our article Vacuum Cleaner Buyer’s Guide to learn more about vacuums and figure out which one is the best for you and your home.

After a more thorough inspection, you may notice a clear section near the roller base that is made for water storage (but the manufacture never mentioned about its amount). Vacuum has a vulcanized wire reinforced hose attaching to a port and leads all the sucked-up litter into the water inside. Over there, WindForce’s Micro Silver Technology (you will find more information on this further) is killing all germs, bacteria and other pathogens, and only then, is ejecting the filtered air through the rear.

Additionally to regular vacuuming using its category I hurricane-strength air flow, the H2O WindForce can also suck up wet spills and deodorize and purify the air. It offers a 4” under clearance, very handy Lexan body construction, wands extension for cleaning up to 12 feet in height and a demountable cord for easier storage.

All the controlling functions are at the built-in, 2-speed, “self-regulating” computer which allows you to increase the power or turn it down according to your needs. Also there is an option to set a digital timer for a built-in air cleaner.

All these combined, the H2O WindForce is called by the company as a 6-in-1 solution that can be a good replacement of your vacuum, wet/dry vacuum, mini wet vacuum, air purifier, blower, and inflator.

Taking a Closer Look at H2O WindForce’s Claims.

All the mentioned advantages really seem to be great benefits! We have faced several different opinions about WindForce and we will try to describe them here.

Can Water Be a Good Vacuum Filter?

Of course the technologies keep being changed all the time however the main premise behind using a water container instead of a vacuum filter has been around for years. In this case you do not have to worry about losing suction or vacuum’s ability to pick up very small particles, or regular filters replacement.

The main disadvantages of such water vacuums are their heavy weight and size (eventually it is not comfortable in use in multi-level houses, especially if you have back problems) and, of course, their higher price compared to bagged vacuums.

Water vacuums are popular and you may easily find them from all vacuum manufacturers. That’s why the H2O WindForce is definitely not “the only existing vacuum that uses “the natural cleansing power of water,” as the company stated.

What other options does it offer for its price? We will figure it out soon but first, let’s address some other questions about the H2O WindForce Vacuum.

What Kind of Technology Is WindForce’s Micro Silver?

When it comes to filtration, manufacturing company states that their Micro Silver Technology helps to reduce the amount of bacteria and pathogens in the air. You would ask how?

They did not tell us. It is well-known that the silver is a natural antibacterial agent, however there is no information about how this silver acts with H2O WindForce (either it is additional or a specialized product that has to be bought as well?).

What About the Power of H2O WindForce?

According to manufacturer, one of the main features of WindForce is “ category I hurricane strength air flow;” or about 74-95 mph. What is the meaning of this?

In our buyer’s guide we already spoke about such things like air speed and electricity usage that aren’t necessarily good methods of measuring a vacuum’s power. Instead of this you should look for pounds per square inch (PSI) that remains a detail we’re not informed about for WindForce.

WindForce’s Self-Regulating Computer, What’s This?

The manufacturing company also didn’t explain the meaning of a “self-regulating” computer. Did they mean that H2O WindForce remains at a constant speed? If it is true, so what’s its difference from any other water-filter vacuum?

What Is the Length of the Cord?

As we already mentioned in our buyer’s guide, the cord length plays a great role in the convenience of vacuum usage. After all, imagine how much time you will spend by constantly plugging your vacuum into different outlets.

We checked the official website and didn’t find any technical data including the cord’s length of H2O WindForce.

What Is the Price of the H2O WindForce Vacuum?

There are two main options for purchasing the WindForce Vacuum:

Option 1.

Three times by $166.33, plus $29 S&H, makes your total - $527.99. And together with your order, you will get 4 bonus gifts:

  • Pet/upholstery brush
  • Dusting brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Hard surface broom


Three times by $199, plus $29 S&H, makes your total - $626. And in the set with your order, you will receive all bonus gifts from Option 1, and also the following:

  • Air purifier
  • Mini mate
  • Squeegee
  • 4 pack of fragrances
  • Storage bags

In both cases you have an option to make one-time payment and this is how you can save on shipping.

According to manufacturer, the refund policy allows you to return your WindForce within 30 days for a full refund, less S&H charges.

Please note: taking into account the WindForce’s size and potential weight, you will probably pay some decent money for sending it back to the manufacturer.

Besides, purchasing your H2O WindForce Vacuum, you will also receive a 5-year warranty against manufacturers defects related to the motor and wiring.

For any requests for a refund or warranty claims please contact customer service - (844) 787-4275.

Well, now let’s speak about the customers’ feedbacks on WindForce Vacuum.

Are There Any Customers’ Reviews on WindForce Vac?

As soon as the new product hits the market, we are hurrying up to do our overview and to bring all the necessary information on it here, at HighYa. So, at the time of research there were no customers’ reviews on WindForce yet.

However, we found out that the WindForce Vacuum is manufactured by a company named Intelliclean Solutions LLC, which has a customer service based out in McMinnville, TN. Besides, we did not manage to find any of their online presence except for one similarly-named concrete company situated in FL, and another match was a Boise, Idaho company with an apartment as a corporate address.

The trademark was actually applied to a device named the Quantum Vacuum, which was submitted in April 2016 and there was very few details on it.

Can We Consider the H2O WindForce a Revolutionary New Way to Vacuum?

It is evident that H2O WindForce doesn’t appear to be a “revolutionary” vacuum, because there is a plenty of other water-filter vacuums made by third-party manufacturers. Also there are some unclear issues about its power and cord length, its Micro Silver Technology, as well as the doubtful benefits of its “self-regulating” computer.

From a price perspective, we managed to find only one cheaper water vacuum model priced close to $400. However, generally the price ranges from $600 to $900. The H2O WindForce Vacuum with its price at about $530 (or $630 if you want all the attachments and 6-in-1 solution) stands in the lower end of this range. Is it an enough reason for buying it?

Based on our experience we can say that shopping for lower prices is not always a good idea for you. The product’s real value is defined by how well it works, how convenient it is designed and how efficient the manufacturing company provides customer service. Considering these aspects, we are deeply in the dark about the WindForce vacuum.

What is good, if you are not satisfied with your new WindForce Vacuum, you may use company’s refund conditions within a 30-day period. Just remember that sending it back you might spend some money due to dimensions of the product.

H2O WindForce Vacuum reviews


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