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Luma Smile will make your teeth bright white and fresh and will remove all dental stains just in a few minutes with the help of rubber heads and gritty toothpaste

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About Luma Smile.

Luma Smile is a special teeth polisher for home use that provides white and bright teeth, removing dental stains left after usual everyday brushing – and all this takes only one minute of your precious time.

Special motorized rubber head of Luma Smile is functioning with the same power and precision as your dentist’s polishing tool and does not hurt your enamel. Manufacturing company is stating that Luma Smile is even suitable for users with sensitive teeth.

All the process takes three steps:

  1. Put Luma Smile’s rubber polishing head to the end.
  2. Then press the head to your teeth. It turns on the device and built-in Hyper Light so that you can see dental stains close.
  3. Slide Luma Smile device all around your teeth and polish all the bad dental stains, making your teeth look more bright and more white, and your breath fresh.

Well, if you want to make your teeth look better, you are probably interested in Luma Smile. At the same time, being a conscious consumer who is not wasting money, brought you to the website - HighYa. So, to find out if Luma Smile is worth buying, let’s see what we have learnt during our research to help you to take the right decision.

Working Principles of Teeth Polishers

As it was already said in How to Choose an At-Home Teeth Whitening System That Works , there are three main layers of your teeth:

  • Enamel – white external layer that covers the tooth and protects the underlying layers that is why it is stronger than a bone.
  • Dentin –it is darker dental tissue that is more yellow than enamel. Inside it the transmission of pain signals occur. Persons, who have thin layer of enamel, also have visible dentin and it makes your tooth look more yellow.
  • Pulp – Is a vital part of tooth with a tooth’s blood vessels, lymph nodes, nerves, and other important tissues located in it.

There are two main ways of removing dental stains:

1) manual tools such as a toothbrushes or polishers

2) chemical tools such as bleachers (for example hydrogen peroxide).

Speaking about polishers, they usually work using a rubber head that is spinning at a relatively low speed. While spinning gritty toothpaste makes your teeth bright white working as a light polishing stone.

And now the important part: when you visit your dentist, he uses polishers after he cleans your teeth with kind of “blunt” tools like ultrasonic cleaners and other hand tools. So, basically, such polishers do not really clean your teeth, they just make them look nice.

Moreover, according to American Dental Hygienists' Association ( ADHA), “polishing should be performed only as needed and should not be considered as a daily procedure.”

Summing up, is it true that Luma Smile can provide the same polishing effect as your dentist’s polishing tool? Well, maybe but it is a point at issue. Eventually, polishing tools should not be used at the routine level since they can remove your enamel layer but should be used as supplementary step to professional cleaning procedures.

What Results of Teeth Whitening Can We Expect with Luma Smile?

According to information stated above, we may surely say that using teeth polishers strictly as directed, you are not supposed to spend lots of your money for just whitening.

On the other hand you would probably want to find a whitening tool that contains hydrogen peroxide which enters into teeth pores in enamel, oxidize dental stains and gently removes them. A lot of tools of such kind can be found online, but as it was already mentioned in our whitener buyer’s guide, you might want to search in local stores for lower prices in order to avoid scummy shipping programs.

When it comes to prices, how much are you going to pay for Luma Smile?

What About the Real Luma Smile Price?

Two sets of Luma Smile cost about $14.99 plus $9.98 S&H. Every set consists of one Luma Smile polisher and 5 polishing heads. The manufacturer claims that every polishing head can be used up to 100 times but they have never mentioned how you can order some more when you finish all from your set.

Also, together with your polisher you will receive a Luma Smile whitening tube (we do not know anything about its ingredients though) and 2 pcs. of AA batteries.

It is important to note that at the time of our research Luma Smile’s website stated when ordering: “Please make your check in the amount of $35.95.That is $19.99 plus $15.98 processing and handling.”

To make the situation clear (including the issue on heads replacement) we called the number of Spark Innovators’ customer service - 866-587-1042 and talked to a friendly consultant. It was very interesting to learn that the price is actually $19.99 plus $9.90 S&H for both Luma Smile units. They also told us that heads replacement is free of charge (including shipping), all you need is to contact customer service and let them know the quantity you need.

And finally, we should say that we managed to find Luma White for sale through some third-party online retailers for only $10 and with much lower S&H. However it included only one set.

Luma Smile Polisher Reviews

When we did our research, Luma Smile got a 2.3-star average rating on Amazon, while most of users (43%) gave it only one star. A lot of customers stated that they experienced more fresh feeling of teeth also along with whitening results. On the other hand, some people complained that Luma Smile had not enough power and didn’t provide any efficient results, and its quality was really poor.

According to this video reviewer , there was a complaint that Luma Smile was spinning very fast when she first tried it and she almost “burned” her tooth, however the harder she pressed, the less spinning it had. The woman also underlined another disadvantages of Luma Smile, for example, it couldn’t reach the back tooth and, probably, it is not a good option for people with sensitive teeth.

And finally, the reviewer said that Luma Smile can make your teeth feel more fresh and clean, but probably it is not worth of the potential damage it may cause to your teeth.

As for the company, Spark Innovators is an ASOTV manufacturer and we have already talked about it lots of times recently, as they have produced a few popular products like InVinceable, Engrave-It Pro , and other. To make it short, these company’s products used to have a 2-star rating or even lower here on HighYa, mostly due to the complaints that they didn’t work properly and as it was advertised.

Spark Innovators company also received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, they had just seven closed complaints (as of 5/19/16). As it was analyzed, the biggest problem was overcharging for the order but customer service reacted very quickly and resolved this issue.

Will Luma Smile Leave You With a Frown?

It is well-known that professional dentists usually recommend polishing your teeth infrequently (maybe once in every 6 months when you have a scheduled visit to dentist’s office). It means that you should probably speak with your dentist first before purchasing Luma Smile.

Especially when it comes to Luma Smile’s high and non-refundable S&H charges and also the fact that you may get your teeth whitened with OTC treatments and receive much better results, should make you think more and reconsider all the available options.

By the way, one of the main aims of the majority of ASOTV products is to spread them onto all the store shelves, so you it might be easy to find Luma Smile in the local stores for a lower price and zero S&H fees (some reviewers mentioned they purchased it at their local CVS).

​​Luma Smile Reviews


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