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ChatAbout is a social media website where people can discuss different topics, write reviews, post comments, or write articles and get rewarded for their participation with money. The site is free to sign up and available for anyone older than 18 years of age.

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What Is ChatAbout?

ChatAbout is a social media website where people can discuss different topics, write reviews, post comments, or write articles and get rewarded for their participation with money. The site is free to sign up and available for anyone older than 18 years of age.

The service provides a wide range of topics from discussions of celebrities and popular TV shows to health, food, beauty, and controversial social dilemmas; all in all users have over 10.000 topics on the website to choose from. All the users have to do is to pick the topic they find interesting, and participate in its discussion. By leaving messages, comments, reviews, etc they are granted with the points, which can be later on transferred as cash to e-money accounts and gift cards.

ChatAbout hasn’t obtained any recommendations from BBB since the time it had started running around three years ago. However, there are some negative reviews from the website’s users, complaining the moderators banning their profiles without any reasons or notifications.

Process of Earning Money with ChatAbout.

The process of earning money with ChatAbout begins with the rules and terms of use which the users must follow unless they want to get banned. As mentioned above, one must be 18 years old to register and create a profile on the website. The service is now open for citizens of the United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom. Once the profile is created, users can choose any topic or recent event to discuss and start earning money immediately.

ChatAbout has many ways to earn points, depending on the action performed; it’s possible to get from 2 up to 20 points with each point equaling $0.01 that is each point is worth a penny. Posting or replying comments, asking and answering questions in the Q&A section, and commenting the news article would bring the user 2 points per action ($0.02 accordingly). The harder task such as writing a review is more expansive and costs 5 points ($0.05), and in the case a user is writing a whole article, it will be rewarded with 20 points ($0.2). However, according to the website’s Rules and Guidelines section, the actions performed by users have to meet certain requirements, such as:

  • The comments or answers should contain not less than 20 words per one comment
  • The comments, answers, and other texts must be original, informative, and relevant to the chosen topic

Furthermore, there are certain limitations, such as:

  • 50 points is the maximum that can be earned per one day by one user
  • A user is allowed to post up to 3 new posts daily
  • The amount of money that one can cash out is also limited to $5 (500 points) per day.

Once the user’s account reaches 500 points, one can either transfer the money into PayPal dollars or Amazon gift card.

The service also offers one more way to earn more money by participation in their affiliate program. This works as follows: the interested users must simply install the ChatAbout widget on their websites. Every time someone follows those links and creates the profile, the users earn $1. However, this program comprises a good deal of negative reviews from the users, because this method is often used by scam sites, preventing its users from identifying the actual owner of the website. The website also doesn’t state any phone number for customer service, so the only way to get feedback from the company in case of a problem is via internet, which is inconvenient for users.

At this time it’s only possible to use the service from computer, as there are no applications allowing users maintain the discussions on the go with tablets, mobile phones or other portable devices.

What Do The Users Like about ChatAbout?

  • The website brings people together to socialize about thousands of different topics, and they pay for it.
  • It’s absolutely free to sign up and create a profile
  • The website is easy to use

What Do The Users Dislike about ChatAbout?

  • ChatAbout offers little money for comments and posts, so most likely it’s not going to make decent extra money to live on. Moreover the website puts a limit on the amount, which users can earn daily.
  • There are many reviews in the internet concerning moderators banning the site’s users. The fact that it’s impossible to call the company, or get in touch with the live representative of the organization somewhat spoils the reputation of ChatAbout. Their affiliating program breeds even more doubts, for methods like this are often used by scam sites.

The Summary.

ChatAbout is a unique website, offering its users a new way of communication that is fun and interesting. However, it’s very hard to use the site for making money. With the low reward amounts and daily limitations it will take a good deal of effort and time to make maximum 50 points per day. Taking into account the reviews of people banned from the site with no payments received, and poor customer service that is possible only via online form, it’s hard to recommend the service as a making money online tool or work from home.

ChatAbout Reviews

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