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Intellux is a relatively new nootropic aimed to fight the cognitive decline, provide the vital neurochemicals to brain, improving and prolonging its healthy functioning, decrease the anxiety, and provide you with better overall mood.

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Intellux Short Overview.

Intellux is a relatively new nootropic aimed to fight the cognitive decline, provide the vital neurochemicals to brain, improving and prolonging its healthy functioning, decrease the anxiety, and provide you with better overall mood.

The formula of the supplement is advertized as safe and suitable for people of just about all ages who wish to stay focused and filled with energy throughout the day or help out remembering important information to those who suffer from some slight forms of dementia, like the Mild Cognitive Impairment. However, nowadays we see more and more similar products available online, the loud commercial claims of which later get opposed to the negative customers’ reviews. So is Intellux an effective solution of your problems or is it another scam? Let’s consider it in the following sections.

What Are The Causes of The Memory Loss?

Normally as people get older the blood flow in the brain becomes lower, the information transmits between neurons slower, and the efficiency in focusing and memorizing things gradually worsens. That’s a natural process and the main reason that leads to specific forms of memory loss that can vary greatly from slight deviations like MCI (or Mild Cognitive Impairment) to much more serious health problems like Alzheimer’s and strokes.

Along with aging people can suffer from certain kinds of memory loss that had been caused by injuries, amplifications of the earlier diseases, improper medications and their side effects, the lack of necessary nutrients in a person’s diet, insomnia, unhealthy lifestyle and habits, such as smoking, and so much more.

The reviewed brain enhancer is claimed to help customers with MCI. Usually people having it notice that their memory capabilities significantly lowered. They often forget important information or events and they realize their cognitive function worsening. However, at the same time MCI is not a severe deviation and it still doesn’t affect everyday life of a person crucially or threat their independent function.

The manufacturer claims that their product is able to treat the problem of MCI due to proving the brain with the necessary neurochemicals, the lack of which they call the main cause of the cognitive decline. However, just keep in mind that the actual reasons leading to MCI are not yet completely understood by the medical experts; plus only a doctor can diagnose it by studying one’s medical and family’s history, evaluating one’s mental abilities, and putting one through neurological examination and laboratory tests. That’s why it might be a good idea to visit your physician and inform them about your symptoms, as they may be a sign of some other problem rather than MCI.

The List of Ingredients and Their Efficiency.

To cut the story short, there’s not much to discuss. Why? Obviously, the manufacturer didn’t feel compelled to provide the customers with the label of the product on the website. The information about actual components of the brain booster is explained in bare outlines. It’s stated repeatedly that the formula of the supplement is 100% natural and safe and that its brain boosting effect delivers superior results, each of which is listed and emphasized with big and prominent font size. So, if you are allergic to anything, make sure you call customer service and ask if the product contains a dangerous-for-you substance, as you won’t know for sure until you’ll receive the ordered bottle and will be able to read the label on the bottle.

Anyhow, they do mention one crucial ingredient, called Phosphatidylserine. It’s a chemical present in every human cell that acts like a protective agent responsible for generation of immune response and a regulator of certain biochemical reactions of the body. Also phosphatidylserine plays an important role in the process of release and production of neurotransmitters that’s why it’s believed to treat various brain dysfanctions, including memory loss, dementias, etc. However, its positive effect on the brain has not been yet confirmed as there are very few researches on the subject to call it a medical fact.

The chemical is derived from cabbage or soy beans nowadays but earlier it had been produced from cows’ brains. Not only it was improper for animal rights activists and vegetarians, but some experts were afraid of it transmitting infections, like mad cow’s disease. For that reason they started getting phosphatidylserine from plants.

The chemical should be taken very carefully in an overall dose not exceeding 300 mg a day in order to avoid side effects. And since the Intellux website doesn’t inform customers on the quantity of the substance in their pills, it’s impossible to confirm or refute the product’s efficiency. Moreover, it’s highly recommended to avoid taking phosphatidylserine with aspirin, warfarine, and some vitamins like C and E. It’s also not good for pregnant and breast-feeding women.

The Side Effects.

As the evidence of phosphatidylserine’s effectiveness is quite blurry, there isn’t absolute certainty about its side effects. A few medical experts claim that exceeding the proper dose of the chemical one can get intestinal pain and insomnia.

At the same time, take a minute to read the website’s Terms and Conditions section where they inform customers of “the certain risks” like diarrhea, muscle cramps, fatigue, dizziness, hair loss, headaches, etc. The list seems just suspiciously too long for a product that contains only the natural ingredients and causes no side effects. However, it’s not the only disappointment.

Pitiful Discrepancy.

According to the website, the product is certified and manufactured in the FDA GMP Facility Lab. However, at the very bottom of the page there is a warning written in small font according to which all the info from the website “has not been evaluated by the FDA”. So how could this happen? They claim the brain booster has been studied for three months at the University of Florida engaging 500 male and female subjects. On the other hand, there is no record or any other proofs online that this study had been truly conducted. The university contains no information about being involved in production or researching any brain enhancers in the past few years.

The Marketing Strategy.

The manufacturer uses an aggressive marketing strategy on their website. The first thing you notice when the website page is opened is word “hurry” in the huge red letters. They make you believe that you can miss your chance to buy a product if you use an extra second for thinking it over. They use other catchy words and phrases from time to time like “supplement that has become almost impossible to find”, “superior”, “limited time offer” to even more emphasize this effect. Along with that, the text written in big prominent fonts gives only a short outline on the product and contains relatively similar information omitting the important details about the supplement.

There are quick”rush my order” links in every section of the website. Sure it makes customers’ purchasing the pills more convenient but it also distracts their attention from the info about the product and keeps them focused on buying instead of considering. Of course it’s not forbidden to use the bright design of the website to increase the outcome but in my personal opinion, manufacturers should better achieve this goal by providing undeniable evidence of their products’ efficiency.

Alternatives and Competition.

Besides Intellux, there is a very wide choice of similar supplements and brain enhancers on the market. Adium, Brain Storm Elite, Neuroflexyn are only a few names out of many business rivals. As a rule brain boosters make lots of claims on their website backed-up by clinical researches that are for some reason hard to find once you try to make sure that the product is truly effective.

There are also many customers’ reviews on nootropics online. Most of them are about complaints and disappointments. People write that the products fail to improve brain functions and memory significantly. In addition to that, the majority of these supplements are expensive and once they ask to process a refund, the customer service suddenly becomes a hassle.

Just remember that the brain is an extremely complicated and a very individual thing, so the results from taking a particular product may vary greatly from person to person. That is something useful to consider before ordering any nootropic.

Along with the supplements there are some ways you can do to prevent cognitive decline or slow down the lowering of the brain functions in the process of aging. The best natural alternatives to pills would be keeping to a healthy diet, refusing from smoking, alcohol, and junk food. Avoid stress, do regular sport exercises to keep your weight under control and the brains ones to keep your cognitive function fit as well.

Terms of Policy and Prices.

The product is available in three options. You can buy either one bottle of the brain booster for $49.85 or order a few bottles at once. Three pieces are going to cost you $113.82 and five bottles supply would be $149.95.

The manufacturer company doesn’t charge any money for shipping costs. However, keep in mind that the provided 30-day refund policy doesn’t include the money defrayment for the S&H costs in case you return the product back to the manufacturer. In addition to that, you have to first request an RMA number in order to process a refund. To do that, call the customer service or e-mail the company. Once, your RMA is generated, make sure that you return the product not later than 15 days after you got your RMA issued, otherwise the manufacturer will not process a refund. It’s interesting that customers can get refunds only for the unopened and unused bottles of the brain enhancer. Plus they will charge additional $9.95 re-stocking fee per one bottle of the returned product.

Wrapping It Up.

Considering the probable great positive effects promised by the manufacturer (yet not solidly proven) on one hand, and the unclear list of ingredients, info discrepancies, absence of medical evidence of the product’s effectiveness, high cost, and the aggressive marketing strategy on the other hand, the best recommendation would be to save your money and nerves and simply go to physician who can prescribe you medically proven and effective treatment.

Intellux Reviews

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