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TripTogether is a multi-faceted travel website designed for people all over the world to share discussions and plans about their trips, and to find companions for these journeys.

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What Is TripTogether?

TripTogether is a multi-faceted travel website designed for people all over the world to share discussions and plans about their trips, and to find companions for these journeys. The service provides profiles of people from different parts of the globe to get in touch with, in order to get some travel tips and insights of the place you’re going to visit, find a travel mate, or simply make lots of new friends.

The company has been in business since 1993, and throughout this time they report great numbers of more than 300,000 travelers from 150 countries and 11,000 various cities having used the service with the overall 80,000 travel trips discussed on the website.

According to the website, TripTogether is a project launched by the Deroche Investments, however finding any information about the company in internet is a tough challenge. Even the Better Business Bureau doesn’t state any recommendations or reports about it. The reputation of the service also suffered from some online reviews complaining the website containing fake profiles that try to scam people. Nevertheless the company continues to be widely used and shares the respectable number of followers in social networks, such as Facebook (18,000 likes from users) and Twitter (2,200 users signed up for their page).

TripTogether Features.

The website functions as a meeting place for travelers from all over the world to socialize about their trips, give advice, share their stories or find companions for the planned journeys regardless of the target place.

As you register in the service you can create your own profiles adding information about yourself and view the profiles of other users of the website; currently it’s more than 50,000 of people using the TripTogether. The developers of the service claim that the major advantage of the website is the ability to consult with the people actually living in the area that you intend to go to instead of general tips that can be found in a standard travel guidebook. Besides discussions and searching for a travel companion the website provides other opportunities, such as welcoming and meeting the people who come to your city, and vise versa getting to know the locals once you go to their hometown; sharing your personal experience in travelling and on the other hand ability to learn something useful from the experience of other users.

Signing up to the website is free of charge; however the service is mostly paid. In order to register you have to put down your name, email address, and come up with the password. After filling it in you can directly personalize your profile adding more information about yourself, like gender, age, the places you traveled to, point out where you would like to go next, and even mention which sort of travel companions you are looking for. However, the company warns its users not to list any contact or personal data, such as phone number, address, etc neither in your profile, nor while you talk to someone on the site, at least to the point when you become sure in the person with whom you want to share it.

Once you’re through with editing your profile, you can get an immediate access to the profiles of other users. To view them, simply go to the homepage and click on the area on the map of the site that you’re interested in. You’ll see the profiles of the users, who choose the same area for travelling. You can put some filters to your search of a preferable travel companion to save your time. At the top of the page you can see the search parameters like age and gender and choose the settings necessary for you.

At this point the features of the website greatly recall traditional dating services, where you also put down the information about yourself and preferences to other person you want to meet with. Another resemblance is the site’s way to organize communication between the users. People can get in touch with the help of offline messages or live chat. It’s important to note that newly registered person gets limited number of messages and time in chat and has to pay money to get a full access to them. The dating services use the same scheme, so even the TripTogether is initially a travel website, it looks more like a dating service, and many people do use it as such.


As mentioned before, the website is a paid service that provides for free only the registration, one offline message, and 3 minutes of live chat. In order to get more options users just like in the most of dating services, such as Anastaciadate, etc have to buy credits.

There are three options of credits:

  • User can purchase 20 credits for $16 (that’s $0.8 per credit)
  • 160 credits will cost $96 with the price of $0.60 per credit
  • User can purchase 1000 credits costing $400 (that’s $0.40 per credit)

Plus there is an option to get the updates every time when the new user registers, which costs additional $5 monthly.

One credit allows user to write one offline message or stay in chat for one minute. Every time the credits run out, the system will automatically charge you the same amount of money you paid previously. If you decide to cancel your participation, you’ll have to email the customer support otherwise the website will continue taking money for the sevice.

There is also the TripTogether mobile app, but at the moment it supports only iOS devices. You can download it for free, however you’ll be charged same way for communication with other users.

Reviews and Complaints.

The early reviews concerning the site were mostly positive, however now there are many negative feedback and complaints from users. It turned out that some of the accounts were deliberately created on the website in order to increase the ratings of the service and promote it. The company was addressed with this issue; however it didn’t close it, and moreover didn’t reply at all. In addition to that some reviews claimed that there is other sort of fake accounts on the website, which are made by fraud users who put appealing beautiful pictures and create the accounts in order to scam people trying to find out personal info, like credit card numbers, etc.

The Good.

The major advantages of the service are:

  • The users of the web site come from different places all over the world, socializing with whom is a great opportunity to broaden one’s area of thought
  • The company is in business for more than 10 years
  • The service helps people find travel companions and take in guests who come to your town

The Bad.

  • Although there is many options offered by the website, most people tend to use it as a dating service
  • There have been reported profiles created deliberately by scammers
  • The company most likely created many positive reports to increase the rating of the service, which deceives customers
  • The customer service is available only via e mail, so it’s unlikely to solve a problem very fast as it’s possible to do it by phone.
  • The credits used for communication among users are quite expensive

The Summary.

With the disadvantages prevailing over the good features of the website, and taking into account the deceitful promotion methods for the good rating, the service is unlikely to receive any nice recommendations.

TripTogether reviews

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