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Air Hawk - this device is designed to pump air into automobile, motorcycle and cycle tires as well as in equipment for sport use and many other devices that need to inflate their constructive elements. It's very important that inflation of these or that capacities takes only few seconds!

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What is Air Hawk?

Air Hawk is a portable wireless compressor that works automatically. This device is designed to pump air into automobile, motorcycle and cycle tires as well as in equipment for sport use and many other devices that need to inflate their constructive elements. It's very important that inflation of these or that capacities takes only few seconds! The Air Hawk Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator operating is based on drawing in air from the outside atmosphere with followed compressing it inside the compartment. It's easy and very convenient for a user to operate the Air Hawk.

Options and specifications:

  • can inflate almost any tire for seconds;
  • can effectively inflate many other items;
  • equipped with digital LED gage sensor and LED backlight;
  • rechargeable battery power supply;
  • automatic shut-off option;
  • electric adapter (12 volts);
  • 125 max psi.


Initially the Air Hawk Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator costed $39.95 + $4.95 P & H. Over time, the cost of this equipment has changed.

To get the Air Hawk, you can visit the official website and to make two payments of $29,95 + of $14.95 P & H. The total cost includes the Air Hawk Inflator itself, rechargeable battery, AC charger, 3 nozzles. After an excellent upgrade the product cost includes also a case for transportation, an automobile charger, built-in LED lamp. By $1 are added all orders as a "fee for web service".

In February 2017, this inflating device appeared in stores at a price for about 60 dollars.

Air Hawk Review.

The portable wireless compressor Air Hawk (try not to confuse it with tires Air Hawk or seat cushions Air Hawk) is an air compressor, very similar by appearance to a wireless drill (up to the handle) and equipped with rechargeable battery located in the base of the device.

This multifunctional product can be used for air inflating car tires, bicycle tires, various balls, rubber inflatable toys, etc. To use universally the compressor with subjects for various purposes, it is fitted with three nozzles (conveniently stored in the item base).

The practical use of the device is simple. You only need to attach the nozzle with inflating subject and just press the button - the device will do everything itself. A digital readout will show the current inflation pressure, and when it reaches a predetermined pressure level in the chamber you can quickly turn off the compressor. By the way, sometimes it happens that the device continues to run and does not turn off even after reaching the required pressure level while the sensor does not respond to the continuing increase of pressure.

Certainly, this is a drawback but the Air Hawk device pumps tires evidently faster than its direct competitor – the air compressor Air Dragon heavily advertised on television. In particular, based on my own tests I found out that the tire inflation with the Air Hawk product takes about 7 minutes. Charging the built-in rechargeable battery takes only 15 minutes.

Nevertheless, despite all of its obvious advantages the Air Hawk device can not be a complete replacement for a standard air compressor. Since it receives power supply from the battery, the Air Hawk loses in capacity and pumping speed to a traditional air compressor.

But if you need to inflate bicycle tire or soccer ball, if you need to add air to the half-flat tire of your car, if you do not mind the sensor was slightly different, if mobility and convenience are particularly important for you so the Air Hawk compressor is one of the best choices.

It should be kept in mind that when you buy this useful new item through the website you have to wait for a while – the website is new, it was founded only in 2016. To make the purchase faster and to save money it is recommended to make this right at the store.

Who Might the Air Hawk Work Best For?

Earlier we have already considered some features and basic functions of the classical air compressor. So it must: 1) compress the air effectively, 2) hold the compressed air and 3) use the stored air to create a new energy. However, as shown by formal tests conducted with the Air Hawk device it doesn’t seem to do anything about it.

Instead, it shows its main function – to guide a certain amount of the air from one place (outside) to another place (for example, this place can be inside a tire or a ball). This circumstance classifies the Air Hawk as a device for inflating tires and other containers.

This factor should be taken into account when you need a high-quality pumping of certain items. In particular, the experts will advise you to use a traditional air compressor better if you need to clear debris, power tools or quickly inflate some serious tires (such as on a mountain bike). The Air Hawk pumping device fits the bill paid if you need to perform more simple pumping operations.

But there is one small problem the solution of which presents a certain complexity. There is no exact information on what type of battery is used in the Air Hawk Air Compressor. Therefore, we don’t know how long a battery can hold a charge. In this case it can be only recommend: having this device always at hand periodically check it's charging and don't forget to often charge it.

So what do you think about the Air Hawk Compressor? If you tried it please write us a review.

Air Hawk Reviews

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