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American Home Shield review.

American Home Shield (AHS) is the Home Warranty leader in the United States. Accoding to the data, there are more than 1.5 million clients and 1000 employees today. It is a really great number and noone competitor can achieve it by the moment. The company was founded in 1971 and since that time it provides the high-quality repair of any household system and appliances. AHS also offers to make a plan by yourself, where you may include everything you need. Keep in mind, that price depends on the number of covered systems. It means the homeowner can choose the necessary items to cover instead of using the typical list.

The organization ranks highly when a customer makes a plan and appreciates his or her experience. Due to the breadth and quality of the company’s contractor network, customers can sign an agreement with the confident organization on the most favorable terms.

How American Home Shield Works in Reality

You have to do the following to start cooperation with AHS:

  • To choose or even develop the protection plan.
  • To sign your traty.
  • To mke payment.
  • The treaty is valid for one year, and it starts in 15 days after the payment. It is possible to claim realizing your agreement's conditions with American Home Shield via phone or e-mail 24/7.

    Keep in mind that the services are transferrable and if you move to another house during the policy period, systems of your new house covered too. Also, the agreement is “all risk”. If something is not written in your agreement, it is likely cover too. It is the American Home Shield's general rule or client-oriented business model. That is the client-oriented model of business in act.

    So, if any system breaks down while the policy period, you should contact with American Home Shield via phone or e-mail and claim a service representative, who will then schedule a contractor. You will get all the necessary services during normal business hours after your claim.

    The system works by the following way:

  • Specialists arrives to your house.
  • You pay Trade Call Service Fee directly.
  • The process searching for the problem.
  • Contact with American Home Shield to clear that the problem covers with your plan.
  • Confirming the information.
  • The repair starts.
  • It seems easy. But, according to the internal research, some clients declare that AHS provides low-quality specialists, who arrive to find the problem. By the way, the customers ask to use more qualified specialists. Such a way, they should pay the Trade Call Service Fee several times and make 5-6 calls, but the problem stays actual. In this case, the clients waste money and overpay for the services. Moreover, there are hundreds of additional consumer complaints which state that their problems remain unresolved after as many calls to American Home Shield office.

    American Home Shield Protection Plans, Prices, and Refund Policy

    American Home Shield proposes four different protection plans. Every client can make a coice in compliance with demands and financial abilities. The price depends on the type of the plan, and the detailed information is below:

  • Systems plan is 32 USD per month only. It covers repair or replacement of components of air electrical, or plumbing systems in your house, and even more. The detailed information you can find on the website or contact with the company’s specialist.
  • Appliance Plan is 22 USD per month only. It covers replacement of repair of components in a fridge, dishwashers, and many others items, which occur in every house.
  • Combo plan is 42 USD per month only. This is the combination of the two previous plans. So, if you choose it, you will get more services and could save 14 USD per month.
  • Build your own plan. The price can depend on the number of services. This plan starts with 36 USD per month only. Here you can choose up to 10 covered items. So, the more items you include to the agreement, the higher price you will get. But the less problems you may have when the accident with the item happen.
  • You can also choose the monthly premium while choosing a different Trade Service Fee, which you have to pay whenever the specialist arrives at you to find the problem. The amounts are 75 USD, 100 USD or 200 USD.

    When you solved to cancel the cooperation with American Home Shield, you may receive the refund. It will be the whole amount or less if you claim to repair the covered system. T is possible to ask for the demand after the first 30 days have passed.

    About the Customer Experience

    American Home Shield is following the rating of their customer's satisfaction while reading the information about the organization on the Internet. The company is BBB accredited with a grade of B. there are a lot of different complaints filed with BBB and that leading positions on the American market make the result normal. Today the organization occupies about 70% of it.

    All the industry is full of negative reviews from different customers. To get the optimal data our specialists grading home warranty companies on a curve about each other. It is possible to find on the American Home Shield officil website. Also, you can contact its specialists directly.

    Contracts Information

    To tart working with the company you should sign the treaty only. It will take several minutes and before you should contact with specialists to consult about price and other details. AHS’s agreements are clear enough, but there ae special terms too and you are ale to read it in the treaty. If you have any questions, you may answer the company's specialist.. The company is client-oriented, and if there is no any item in the treaty, you may assume that it is mentioned in reality. The waiting period between the payment and launching the protection policy is 15 days. The period is standard in compliance with other warranty organizations. Moreover, there is no period of coverage limits, which occur in the competitor-companies.

    As for the canceling the cooperation with AHS, there are some difficulties and a lot of stipulations. In this case you have to contact with the company’s specialists to understand how to cancel your treaty and how to refund your money as fast as possible.

    AHS’s Customer Base

    American Home Shield works in every American state and has more than 1.5 million customers today. It is a really great amount is the result of hard work during 45 years. And the number is always growing due to the providing the high-quality services for every customer.

    In Conclusion

    American Home Shield is one of the oldest warranty companies on the American market. It provides services to many American families. Due to different plans, people can find the best warranty product for them. American Home Shield provides high or no coverage limits, which is vital to replace or fix some systems urgently. So, AHS is one of the best provided of warranty services in the USA today. So, American Home Shield is the best organization on the market. The company is confident, has an excellent customer support development and offers low prices. Moreover, according to reviews, you won't have problems with covering your systems.

    American Home Shield reviews

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