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BeActive brace is one of the “As Seen on TV” products that are heavily advertised in television commercials. It is a patented pressure brace aimed to help people get rid of pain in the back and legs, and greatly ease sciatica.

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BeActive Overview.

BeActive brace is one of the “As Seen on TV” products that are heavily advertised in television commercials. It is a patented pressure brace aimed to help people get rid of pain in the back and legs, and greatly ease sciatica.

The website of the company claims that their product has already helped over 4 million people who suffered from awful pain in the low back or legs. The commercial of the product states that it is able to make people enjoy active life without ache. However, it’s still hard to believe that applying a pressure targeted at one single point of a leg is able to truly relieve pain; moreover there is much negative feedback on the product in internet from the customers.

The business has no BBB accreditation, and the website of the company doesn’t include a traditional “About Us” section to inform their potential customers with information which company is manufacturing the brace precisely, and who is responsible for selling it. Any address of the company’s headquarters isn’t included as well. But the TV commercial featuring director Collette Liantonio with an actor trying the product looks more or less convincing. So, is the brace a true remedy for those living with a constant pain, or is it just another gimmicky product that doesn’t live up to its marketing promises? Let’s try to find out more on the subject.

What do You Get for Your Money?

Despite the absence of info on the company, the details of the ordering process can be seen right at the home page.

The website provides a limited time offer, according to which one brace costs $19.99 plus additional $7.95 for shipping and handling, but if the customers are ready to pay another $7.95, they’ll get the second brace for free. Thus, two items with the S&H expenses would cost only $35.89. Some people reported long shipping terms of up to 6 weeks in their reviews.

There is also a premium plan according to which paying the additional price of $10.00 per brace one will get 2 Premium braces for $55.89.

There is a 30-days money back guarantee, which doesn’t include shipping and handling fees, so the customer would have to pay for it sending the product back. In addition to that, please keep in mind that by making the order, you agree to the company’s arbitration agreement. This means that if you get injured by the brace, you will not be able to sue them for that.

Features and Promises.

In order to understand whether the brace is as effective as it’s advertised, the crucial point is to get the general idea of how it works. According to the website the product is a unique “revolutionary discovery” of a patented pressure pad that is designed to relieve the low back pain by putting certain pressure to the outer edge of the calf. One has to simply tighten it on the leg a little bit below the knee, having preliminary determined which side the pain is more toward to. If the person suffers from sciatica on the right side, the brace is put on the right leg, and if the pain concentrates on the left one – it’s to be tightened on the left leg accordingly. In the case if back aches in the middle, the instructions provided by the website of the product recommend to put it first on the right leg, and then replace it to the left one if no relief is achieved. The brace is aimed to relieve the sciatica, a shooting pain in lower back, buttocks, upper thigh, and calf resulting from the displacement of one of the spine discs. According to the Mayo Clinic more than 40% of the country’s population suffer from sciatica, however in the most cases it’s a mild form of pain that usually goes away by itself within a few weeks. The doctors recommend exercise, stretching, and cold packs to speed up the recovering process, and claim that there is no solid evidence proving that the sciatica pain can be relieved by putting pressure under the knee.

The brace claims to provide results instantly, however it’s recommended to wear it up to 2 hours at a time for the best results. The creators of the product list the following features of the brace:

  • easy to use and apply
  • can be worn under clothes,
  • it holds firm on the leg, so it’s convenient to wear it at work or during exercises
  • feels comfortable on the skin
  • provides help both for short period sciatica and its chronic form
  • inexpensive price

At the first sight this list seems very positive and trustworthy, however keep in mind that it has been compiled as a marketing tool, trying to promote the product and increase the number of sells, furthermore each point of it can be contradicted by the disadvantages of the brace reported by the customers of the company.

The Flaws.

  • The first thing that breeds doubts whether the product is trustworthy is actually its inexpensive price. The target audience of the brace commercial is very wide, encompassing all the back pain sufferers in general, and even pregnant women. The commercial imposes an idea of providing a single solution with a cheap price for the large problem, which creates a powerful motivator to buy the product. At the same time the company charges shipping and handling fees from the customers who are unsatisfied and want to return the product. Moreover, people won’t be able to join any class action lawsuits against the company even if the pain gets worse after using the brace.
  • The product claims to relieve the sciatica pain, though they don’t provide any proof that applying pressure below the knee is an indeed effective solution of the problem.
  • The brace is made from 20% Polyester and 80% Neoprene, although some people can be allergic to the latter. The website even includes a warning about possible allergic reaction in their FAQ section.
  • The reviews contain many complaints on the poor quality customer service, when people can’t make the order to live managers instead of automated system, and when they do get feedback, the workers act very rude and some staff members even hang up the phone in the middle of conversation. Furthermore, some customer reviews reported that they had hard time getting used to wearing the brace, so the product is likely to be not for everyone. It’s important to note that some people in their reviews also stated that the brace didn’t work as advertised or didn’t cause any positive effect at all.

The Summary.

As there is no trustworthy proof that the BeActive brace technology is really able to relieve pain, and taking into account the arbitration agreement with which the company obliges all customers who order the product, the best recommendation for people who suffer from low back pain is to hold on to more traditional ways of treating the problem, offered by the qualified specialists.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke it’s enough to be physically active in order to relieve the sciatica pain. The Mayo Clinic and the NINDS prescribe cold and hot packs combined with a couple of days of bed rest to speed up the recovery process. And the website adds to this list taking a few pills of ibuprofen. If these methods fail to free you from the constant sciatica pain, the doctors recommend physical therapy, and in the most complex situations surgery. So, as you see the low back pain is a serious problem that demands sober attention and treatment, and the best recommendation would be to get help from qualified specialists.

BeActive reviews

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