Bionic steel hose reviews

This hose model is a real salvation from the gardeners all around the world. This steel garden hose was designed directly for work in harsh conditions. You can purchase product directly on a website It was created in December, 2006, and photo shot at the bottom show it’s current condition.

Bionic steel hose review.

This type of hose has a range of various useful qualities, which are meant to make the work as convenient as possible. As it’s created for various circumstances, the weight of the hose is only three pound. It’s light and flexible, which significantly eases the work of gardeners.

The hose is made of sturdy stainless steel, which makes it durable but at the same time resistant to corrosion. The construction of the hose was designed with a specific technology, which helps to avoid tangles during the work or storage. Besides it has an additional characteristic, which is reflected in the ability to work on ice.

The price of the hose is 26.90 American dollars for one product and 33,89 dollars for two.

Bionic Steel Hose CLAIMS.

Thanks to stainless steel and patented construction the hose is sturdy flexible, but at the same time not heavy. When there’s no need to use it, just put the hose aside. The cutting-edge technology will help not to mix it up, so the next day you won’t need to spend half of the day disentangling the hose.

Besides, the hole is resistant to the damage by sharp items. Unlike usual tube hoses, it won’t get any punctures and will be in a proper condition for many years. Unfortunately, there’s no any reviews proving this statement yet, but you can be the first!

The other advantage of the hose is that it will never twist, mix up or bend, making fractures and holes. It will help to make water flow non-stop and you’ll not need to control it.

With the total weight of 3 pounds producers ensure, that it is resistant to any weather conditions. It continues working even after getting frozen or constant heat. Do you have any experience in working with the hose in extreme weather conditions? Send us your review!

How Does Bionic Steel Hose Compare to Traditional Garden Hoses?

Most garden hoses are made of gum, vinyl or a combination of these two. Gum hoses are usually strong and resistant to puncturing or twisting, which is inevitable consequence of everyday use. However, they have some disadvantages. Because of the materials hoses become heavy. Besides, you’ll need to keep them in the shade, preventing from the influence of exposure.

The alternative may be vinyl hoses. They are not heavy and much cheaper. Among their disadvantages is the ability to get punctured and tangled. Because of this vinyl hoses are usually volatile.

We didn’t test this hose. However, you should always bear in mind some important points. First of all, you can easily work with any frozen hose, no matter what is it made of. The only requirement is absence of water inside the hose. Secondary, grazing of any garden hose (moreover, if it’s reinforced) will not damage it too. Of course you would do something like this in your daily life, but if producers of the hose would like to demonstrate it with power grinder, we don’t think it would affect you somehow.

Finally, practically all garden hoses have two-layer constructions. That’s why it would be too presumptuous to call the bionic design unique, especially if it’s not like this at all. Honestly, without this internal layer the metal shell would probably leak. That’s why this construction is more about necessity, than advanced service.

A little tip: Safe hoses for drinking water are usually made if nickel or plastic fittings or medical vinyl. As you may see, this model of hose is not very useful for such purposes. That’s’ why use it only for your lawn or flowerbed, avoiding drinking during hot summer days.

Finally, what does it mean for you?

Is Bionic Steel the Six Million Dollar Hose?

When we talk about this particular type of hose what do we see? Is it something innovative, that was created by the greatest minds of modern garden industry? Or is it more about the idea that a few companies try to introduce on the market hybrid hose to monitor consumer demand? Honestly, we have no idea, as we haven’t tested the product yet.

However, comparing two different types of hoses, it would be more rationally to choose the second variant. Bionic steel has more expensive shipping, while flex one offers more flexible conditions of return.

In any case you should keep in mind, that you initial fees will not be paid back if you decide to return the hose. Just remember, that all of us may have problems with customers serving department.

If you have experience in using bionic steel hose, leave your review!

Bionic steel hose reviews

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