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Bissell CrossWave.

You need the pure, sparkling floors, but this reliable mop probably abounds with bacteria. And who wants to extend this muck on all house?

Besides, you need absolutely separate vacuum if you want pure, fresh smells of carpets. Or you? Bissell CrossWave - multifunction multi-user cleaner which promises to erase solid surfaces, the pure and renewing areas of a rug and a vacuum in "one easy step". For this purpose say to us that CrossWave uses a paintbrush with double action and the special multi-user cleaning decision which deletes a garbage, floods and stick disorders on the course - without preliminary cleaning or cleaning.

And while you clean, the company says to us that you need to touch the button on the pen that "it is easy to switch from cleaning of solid floors to the vacuum cleaner and washing of carpets". While its two-chamber technology keeps pure and dirty Water is partitioned. After a view of the web site Bissell, it seems reasonable to suppose that CrossWave can clean better, than a sponge mop and a bucket, and for smaller time.

But whether really it will bring "improbable" pure? This really innovative device for cleaning? These are only two important issues which we will answer in this review.

CrossWave controls.

Purity thanks to universality. Clean the house from top to bottom by means of BISSELL CrossWave which allows to switch easily between surfaces. Smart and sensor monitoring and the trigger of humidity monitoring on demand give you the chance to clean everything from wood and a tile to lino-concrete and concrete carpets.

Floor for cleaning of CrossWave

Two tank system. One tank with fresh water and the multi-layer cleaning BISSELL solution can be cleaned to 55 square meters, doing CrossWave extremely effective for water. And with its unique system with two tanks, dirty water is stored separately therefore it cannot pollute the fresh cleaning solution, guaranteeing that your genders are the most pure.

What in a box?

1x CrossWave

1x a bilateral brush with several surfaces

1 pieces.

Tray for storage 1x

1x a tray for drying of brushes

1x-shaped formula for cleaning of several surfaces

User's guide 1x

Whether The Bissell CrossWave is your following multipurpose vacuum?

As we have stated the buyer of the vacuum cleaner in our Management, purchase of a vacuum is the very personal process based on such factors as type of the house in which you live the budget, admissible noise levels, the needs for energy, available applications, etc.

As a result only you can learn whether Bissell CrossWave is suitable for your way of life. However, based on everything that we have learned here, there is couple of things which we consider important to specify before leaving the decision to you:

Whether CrossWave will work with your genders?

It seems, there is a small confusion concerning on what floors CrossWave approaches.

On the Bissell website the company mentions that it can also be used on the laminated floor coverings though it usually isn't considered the "closed" floor type. Therefore we recommend to contact producer of laminate before shopping.

Besides, whether you plan to use CrossWave on the standard carpets (i.e. Not only rugs for the areas)? If this is so, the company states that it will perform this work, but they hint that other Bissell models can satisfy this requirement better:

"You can use him on a carpet from a wall to a wall, but for the best cleaning on a carpet we recommend to use BISSELL® Revolution ™ Deep Cleaner.

In spite of the fact that this product is intended for cleaning of carpets, it is always recommended to check the label of the manufacturer before cleaning of carpets for any special instructions for cleaning".

What is with formulas Bissella on cleaning?

What isn't specified on the Bissell website are significant differences between each of their specialized surfaces of cleaning.

In other words, you could use a formula of purification of wood on rugs and vice versa? If isn't present, you should change a tank every time when you want to clean other area in the house?

Besides, as you already have cleaner with dual purpose why you at first buy cleaners for a tree or a carpet?

Speaking about it, several Internet clients have noted that CrossWave quickly passes through water in the tank that means that you can buy more gas stations, than it was expected.

Or you can use third-party cleaner? Perhaps, those which are available locally to save on collecting S & H? Don't speak to us.

Our experience of customer service of Bissell.

To learn more, we have contacted department of customer service of Bissell of phone 800-237-7691 and spoke with very pleasant representative. They have told us that the company recommends to use only the cleaning formulas Bissell in CrossWave. Besides, they have explained that the formula Multisurface processes a set of various surfaces (for example, a tree, a tile, the painted concrete, etc.) While formulas of a carpet of a tree and the areas are superficial.

The representative has also told us that if you clean carpets in the area, using a formula Area Rug (for example) and you want to switch to cleaning of your wooden floors, you will need to merge a tank, to clean CrossWave, to add a tree the Formula, and then to begin cleaning from there. Let's consider this thought in the following section.

Bissell CrossWave is how convenient?

We have a little talked about convenience in the previous section, but to add to a conversation, keep in mind that you will need to clean the tank, to wash up the filter manually and to wipe area where the tank for dirty water sits after each use, as a result, depending on the size of area and quantity of types of a floor which you clean can be required by you as much time to clean the car as it becomes for cleaning of all floors in your house. What do you think of Bissell CrossWave? It has provided unprecedented purity? It has provided solid value? Give us all details, having written the review below!

Bissell CrossWave reviews

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