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Brain Revitalizer is an e-book and a CD course introduced by Dr. Edstrom and Rachel Lewis. They claim they have discovered “a 30 second trick that regrows neurons” if continuously trained twice a day.
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What is Brain Revitalizer?

Brain Revitalizer is an e-book and a CD course introduced by Dr. Edstrom and Rachel Lewis. They claim they have discovered “a 30 second trick that regrows neurons” if continuously trained twice a day. The presented technique is aimed to improve the brain function, advance memory, concentration, and focus, and even claims to restore dying neurons of the brain network, and help to prevent and treat such diseases as Alzheimer’s, dementia and some other brain related problems.

According to the developers of the unique method, anyone regardless of age, lifestyle, genetics or brain condition is able to achieve great results in a couple of weeks by dedicating it only few minutes twice in a day, and obtain the memory and concentration abilities of a 20- year old.

The training course in fact makes so many claims that it’s actually hard to believe that it’s really an effective way to improve your brain, and not just another scam that doesn’t live up to the advertisement promises. Just consider for a minute that if it’s truly able to treat the brain related issues and serious diseases like Alzheimer’s, then humanity would be able to forget about similar illnesses, the method would be probably reported in the news, and applied in every single hospital around the world instead of complex surgeries or dangerous medications. But does the product really support its claims with solid proof? And does it work as advertised? Let’s take a closer look at the Brain Revitalizer to find out.

The Brain Revitalizer Creators.

As mentioned previously, the brain training course was developed by Dr. Edstrom and Rachel Lewis. But what do we know about these people beside their names? The website of the product doesn’t contain a traditional “About Us” section, and it doesn’t provide any information on either of the course’s authors.

If you simply type their names in the search browser, you won’t be able to find out a lot more info neither. Though the web is full of reviews on the course, they are mostly alike and contain nearly identical data. Dr. Edstrom is described as a “surprisingly healthy and alert 92-year-old” who lives somewhere in Alaska, and that’s basically all additional information available on the authors of the Brain Revitalizer, however even this modest data can’t be confirmed, or even prove that they are real people.

How It Works.

There is not much information on how the technique works precisely on the website of the product. There is a short annotation to the course that claims that it’s “a science-backed, 100% natural and safe system” that helps to improve memory, focus, and is able not only to prevent, but to treat Alzheimer’s and other brain related diseases.

The Brain Revitalizer Guide states that the program includes overall 24 step-by-step techniques and tricks for brain training, which are aimed to boost cognitive process and improve memory. The details on how they work are not listed. However, additionally to them customers also get a special 21-day protocol to follow and full page worksheets for each exercise, that are supposed to help people obtain the most rapid progress.

Furthermore, there are two programs offered to people automatically when they order the Brain Revitalizer. It’s the Memory Killing Medicines, which claim that 99% of all the medications we use for treating various illnesses are not just ineffective, but also harmful to human health, and the Meditation Mastery CD, including 15 techniques that are aimed to diminish stress and slow down the progression of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The customers are also provided with the bonus of two free programs. The first one is the Mind Control Bible, teaching how to influence behavior and decisions of other people, and showing how to avoid being manipulated by others. The second bonus course Brain Damaging Dangers includes the advice on diet and habits that are aimed to help people keep their cognitive health during their lives.

The Effectiveness and Proofs.

According to the website the Brain Revitalizer is a 100% scientifically proved and doctor approved technique, supported by the years of clinical tests and researches, however there are no documents or the studies provided to prove these claims.

It’s necessary to note that the Brain Revitalizer is not the first website, offering brain training. Throughout the last few years there has been a vast variety of the alternative programs, such as Lumosity and Posit Science, which claim to improve certain brain functions with the help of specially designed exercises developed in a form of a game. Another well known alternative brain training courses are Memory Healer, Brain Stimulator, Brain Booster Guide, etc. They all offer similar approach to the treatment of brain related problems, however their effectiveness is evenly unproved.

For instance the respectable resources, like Scientific American state that it’s impossible to claim that the brain game exercises are more effective for improving the cognitive function than other activities influencing the same aspects of the brain, like learning new languages, because nobody has ever done any research yet on which activities would bring the most progressive results for the brain.

However, according to the Cognitive Neuroscience Society meeting in Boston training brain in a form of a game develops the ability to detect patterns, reason, and learn, and therefore makes people smarter. The similar post was made by the Atlantic, which revealed the daily practicing of brain games not less than 6 hours by the first graders greatly improved their notes after the 10 weeks of constant training.

So, it seems that brain training really works in some cases, however it concerns the brain games exclusively, and they usually demand more time than a few minutes daily as the creators of the Brain Revitalizer claim. Moreover, since there are no details on how Dr. Edsrom’s technique works and no principles on which the method is based on, it’s hard to state that it can be eventually effective for your brain.

The Reviews.

It’s strange that once you try to find the reviews from the customers online, all of them are very much alike. Most of them even contain much of the same information about the product. And even the testimonials of people are composed in a similar style. The vast majority of the stories are about some person’s lover or relative who suffers from awful illness or brain related problem, and nothing can help. Suddenly, when there is almost no hope left they find out (accidentally of course!) about the product, they try it, and have the ultimate experience, and life becomes happy and complete again. Once you read dozens of reviews like that, you start to get suspicious why they are written in the same style and composition, repeating the same information over and over again. This might be the affiliates of the company who create fake review websites in order to promote the product, so in order to save your time, make sure you pay attention to the following red flags that most often are able to reveal you the truth about the product you’re reading about:

  • The product is one of a kind discovery that promises to cure the incurable disease with some secret trick
  • This trick has been discovered by the significant professional, who somehow lives far away from and is not familiar to other professionals in the same field of study
  • “One against the whole world” principle. Due to its low cost the product is too dangerous for some other industry that makes billions, that’s why they try to shut it down.
  • The creators of the product claim their main target is not to make money, like other evil corporations, but just to share their discovery with the rest of people, though they sell it through affiliates.

Terms of Use and Prices.

The Brain Revitalizer course costs $37. After you’re through with payment, you can instantly download it to your computer, smartphone or tablet. There’s an interesting peculiarity of the product pricing on the website: somehow if you click off the ordering screen, the price immediately goes down from $37 to $27.

One brain training set includes:

  • The Brain Revitalizer’s 24 techniquesand tricks
  • The protocol for 21 days together with the worksheets for every exercise
  • Memory Killing Medicines course
  • Meditation Mastery course

Plus the 2 free bonus programs:

  • Mind Control Bible
  • Brain Damaging Dangers

The website has a customer service with the phone number 800-390-6035, provided for the unsatisfied customers who wish to request for a refund. The refund policy offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

The Summary

Before giving away your hard earned money for this course, consider that:

  1. the product has not provided any proof for a single claim they made
  2. there is no evidence that its creators are doctors, or at least real people
  3. its effectiveness is not supported by any of the real clinical tests or researches
  4. the fake online reviews greatly diminish the trust to the product
  5. there is no explanation on how these techniques work and what methods they are based on.

Brain Revitalizer reviews

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February 22, 2016 04:44
Very interesting


Very interesting. Would be nice to see at least one technique before purchasing the product.

January 18, 2016 15:23
Awesome Product

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