Brooklinen Bedsheets reviews

It’s time to throw off the old set of bedsheets and jump on a new one? Sleepopolis is ready to assist you in discovering this correct set. This week we will put a test for the new version of Brooklinen Classic Core bedsheet. Will they bring the cosiness and freshness you are seeking?

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Brooklinen Bedsheets review.

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It’s time to throw off the old set of bedsheets and jump on a new one? Sleepopolis is ready to assist you in discovering this correct set. This week we will put a test for the new version of Brooklinen Classic Core bedsheet. Will they bring the cosiness and freshness you are seeking?
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Construction & materials.

The Brooklinen Classic Core Bedsheet set is made of hundred percent long fiber cotton. In the usual case, the kit contains one fitted bedsheet, one flat bedsheet and two cushion cases. Besides the long fiber cotton, these bedsheets include 270 threads and are created to turn into more and more soft material with any washing / drying cycles.

In the end, they are percale weaved and are created to have an ideal weight for optimum air permeability.
Brooklinen’s fitted bedsheet can fit in mattresses that have a depth up to 15 inches. In addition, the fitted bedsheet includes an elastic strip round the entire bottom. It is created to ensure a tight fit to any mattress (thickness up to 15 inches).

The cushions were created using envelope design. And, as soon as the cushions slide in, they have to stay inside the case owing to the closing of the envelope. This type of construction was realized in order to prevent the appearance of the fabric and, in addition, to form a tight fitting round the cushion.

Build quality.

In general, the Brooklinen bedsheets possess lasting build fineness. I define it by checking every inch of the line, the fineness of the fabric and the general design.
Having taken a very careful look at the lines of these bedsheets, I truly did not discover any untight threads. The percale weave is very even and strong. Although there appeared few untight threads up and down,

the majority of them was readily taken away. The other threads did not seem to bring any problems. The elastic stripe of the fitted bedsheet was sewn down very well, and there were no problems with the cushions.
In general, the Brooklinen bedsheets seem to have very good quality. The whole set beautifully envelopes the mattress and brings a flowing esthetic.

What is the price for Brooklinen Bedding?

Brooklinen’s items have the following pricing:
Core Bedsheet Suite (one flat bedsheet + one fitted bedsheet + two cushion cases): starts from 99 dollars
Hardcore Bedsheet Package (one classical core set + one duvet covering + two additional cushion cases): starts from 164 dollars
Starter Bedsheet Set (one fitted bedsheet + two cushion cases): starts from 84 dollars
Duvet Covering: starts from 85 dollars
Fitted Bedsheet: starts from 49 dollars
Cushion cases (2): starts from 35 dollars

Luxe Bedsheets

Core Bedsheet Suite: 129 dollars and higher
Hardcore Bedsheet Package: 198 dollars and higher
Starter Bedsheet Set: 99 dollars and higher
Duvet Covering: 90 dollars and higher
Fitted Bedsheet: 54 dollars and higher
Cushion cases (two): 45 dollars and higher
All-Season Down: 299 dollars and higher
Lightweight Down: 299 dollars and higher
All-Sean Down Alternative: 249 dollars and higher
Lightweight Down Alternative: 189 dollars and higher

Down Cushions.

  • Plush: 89 dollars;
  • Mid-Plush: 59 dollars;
  • Firm: 59 dollars;


Pendleton Bed Cover: starts from 129 dollars
Pendleton Heritage Cover: starts from 239 dollars
Pendleton Throw Cover: starts from 109 dollars
Aromatized Candles: starts from 28 dollars

The Laundress Textile Treatment: 15-65 dollars
During our review, you were able to write down your e-mail address on the Brooklinen web page to get free shipping and handling for your premier purchase.

Every Brooklinen item comes with a sixty day refund policy, less shipping and handling payments. Remember that washed/utilized bedsheets or cushions will be subjected to a processing payment of 9.99 dollars, what is covering the Brooklinen’s price to donate the bedsheets to Goodwill in Brooklyn, New York.
Additionally, Brooklinen blankets have a lifetime guarantee. If you ever break it down, the organisation will try to restore it. If this is not possible, they will bring you new one for free.

To return the item back or work up a guarantee claim, you are able to connect with the Brooklinen’s client service via their e-mail or fill the special form on the Return webpage.

Who established Brooklinen?

One of the co-founders of Brooklinen was Rich Fulop, who received a great night's rest on some fine bedsheets in Las Vegas, just to discover that their price is 800 dollars. Instead, Fulop made a cooperation with Dave Fortune, whom he knew from the New York University Business School to deal directly with customers and avoid their representatives (and inflated pricing), associated with traditional production.

Brooklinen began its Kickstarter campaign in 2014, which increased nearly 237 thousand dollars on the initial goal of 50 thousand dollars. Nowadays, the organisation still balances growth requirements. Interestingly, as it turns out, 65% of their clients are professional men of young age, who, on the basis of their pure styling and soft colors, appear to be the target demographics of the organisation.

What does all that signify for you?

Do you need to buy a Brooklinen Bedsheets?
Regardless of whether you purchase the bedding, electronical stuff or any other consumer products, one of your main aims is to receive the highest quality for not very expensive price. Differently, to receive more valuation from your hard-earned dollars.

From this side, it can be hard to defeat Brooklinen - even among several of their contestants, claiming direct clients. In the end, on the basis of their online clients’ feedback, they seem to ship really fine products for much less money than traditional producers.

Does this mean that you will be satisfied with the way Brooklinen work? Much of this is related to personal preferences, and there is no way to foresee. But if you are not satisfied, the organisation seems to be standing behind their bedsheets with a sixty day cash back guarantee, only keep in mind that you will not get refund for shipping and handling and their processing payment of 9.99 dollars if you utilized or washed the item.
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Brooklinen Bedsheets reviews

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