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Casper Pillow is ready to introduce its revolutionary pillow that can fit every bedroom and can guarantee rest to all people adapting every position they take at night. Does it sound fantastic or should we give it a try?
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Casper Pillow review.

In July 2017 was merged by LLC which is a subsidiary of JAKK Media and the deal was performed with the financial support of Casper. Though we keep some products of and get a percentage from their sales through our resource, the names of Derek and Samantha Hales do not have to do anything with the business anymore. The prices for customers are not affected by the mergence. Casper is ready to introduce its revolutionary pillow that can fit every bedroom and can guarantee rest to all people adapting every position they take at night. Does it sound fantastic or should we give it a try?

Casper Pillow from inside.

The Casper Pillow unites two types of pillows – supportive one and soft and relaxing one. The inner pillow is filled with plenty of thin coated fibers and it easily changes its structure with your movements. This part of the pillow adapts to all your movements. The outer layer is composed of long low-friction fibers that give the whole construction this plush effect. The perimeter has 2 gussets which function is to support the spine and the neck. The fill of the pillow is polyester microfiber and the lining is made of polyester fabric.

Casper Pillow from outside.

Look at pillows you have at home – usually their covers are made of silken material. Casper Pillow uses a technique that prevents fibers from changing their shape and at the same time permits breathability. It is called a percale weave. The cover is wrapped around the pillow tightly resulting in organic design and pleasant form.

Despite 2 layer construction the pillow is easy to wash – it can be done in the machine or manually. To remove the inner pillow you need to use the zip that is placed on the outer layer. The zip runs smoothly and allows you to take the smaller part out in order to wash it or in order to use it separately.

From the point of design the pillow does not look unique – the pillows themselves (the big one and thee one that you can take out) are white with nothing on them. When you unzip the pillow to get the small pillow out you see blue and white inner layer. The designers decided to stick to the basics and leave the pillow white as snow.

What do you get for the money you pay?

When it comes to choosing some product we all have different criteria and tastes. There is no universal formula of ideal bedding as well. Someone likes it rough, someone likes it soft, and someone prefers thick pillows while others tend to choose the thin ones. The industry of bedding implements all the desires and release products that will suit needs of each customer.

And though the company states that Casper Pillow has a revolutionary design that will meet the expectations of all people who value comfortable rest, there will always be a group of people who will find reasons to complain, either objective or subjective.

To see the real state of affairs you can browse the comments that customers leave on the website after buying Casper Pillow and sleeping on it for a while. Though it costs quite a lot and people who buy it should have high expectations the reviews they leave are positive and they are satisfied with the purchase.

Let’s face one more important issue for the bedding – the materials. The company states that they use polyester microfiber to fill the pillow but other companies have already switched to something like nano-fiber that has the width of 1/100th of the human hair.

However, making the pillow out of ultra-thin fibers and putting one pillow into another the manufacturer definitely attracts the attention of customers. But each customer has to decide for himself whether he is ready to pay more for cutting-edge technology and whether they will guarantee him a nice night sleep.

Important to mention: the company doesn’t make you to do spontaneous shopping. If you feel like trying the pillow you can use the 100-night-in-home trial during which you happily sleep on this revolutionary pillow and only then pay the full price. Sounds good, doesn’t it? It’s obviously not possible to estimate how comfortable your nights will be without giving the pillow a try. What’s more, shipping and return are also free, so when can give the company the highest grade for the service.

Some people choose the pillow not for its design but for the material that the manufacturer puts inside. Some research suggest that using this or that fill helps more in different sleeping position. To understand the issue you can proceed to reading the Top Pillow Picks for Each Position! Maybe The Casper Pillow is not your case and you need a foam pillow instead.

And, please, if you have already tried this product and have something to say about it write a review below and share your ideas about the pillow.

Casper Pillow reviews

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December 20, 2017 08:48
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This has to be the best pillow I have ever slept on. It doesn't matter what position you sleep in, or if you toss and turn like I do, you are always comfortable and have the support you need.

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