COBI bike reviews

COBI characterizes the COBI system as "an entirely up-to-date treatment for intelligent bicycles with completely joint equipment and software solutions." COBI has a goal to combine more than hundred smart functions in a bicycle, involving brake lights, automatical headlamps and turn detectors.

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COBI review.

COBI is the world's first full modular intellective support system created to integrate with your pushbike - whether it's a day off when you're going to a local cafe to get your espresso or Trek Madone Seven Diamond you are utilizing to train for Tour de France .
COBI characterizes the COBI system as "an entirely up-to-date treatment for intelligent bicycles with completely joint equipment and software solutions." COBI has a goal to combine more than hundred smart functions in a bicycle, involving brake lights, automatical headlamps and turn detectors.

COBI Style Bicycle; Construction.

The COBI system consists of 3 incomparable units: a mounting for fastening your cell phone to the handlebar of your bicycle, complete with a finger controller installed on the panel (so you do not have to mess around with your cell phone screen during the unsafe drive), a program unit consisting of a cell phone application for managing different device features and backlighting.

The premier unit - COBI Hub - reliably keeps, guards, loads and controls your smartphone while riding a bicycle. COBI proposes a bispoken mounting for the iPhone6 and 6 s and a multipurpose mounting which pleases other brands users and can reliably carry devices up to six in. in diameter.

The COBI Hub functions as a major intellect for the COBI setup and is rainproof and shockproof, guarding your smartphone from dangerous situations that may arise during the ride. In addition the COBI Hub contains Bluetooth and ANT + equipment, as well as a set of transducers. One of the COBI Hub’s distinguishing characteristics is a removable rechargeable aboard accumulator.

The accumulator has enough load to arm a standard smartphone 3 to 5 times, and when fastened on the bicycle with a reconcilable dynamo setup, is able even to utilize the power produced by your bicycle to load the mobile. On reconcilable electronic bicycles, the COBI Hub is able to utilize the power of the bicycle’s accumulator setup to charge your smartphone.
The smart light system of the COBI setup is distributed among the COBI Hub and the rear stop lamps. COBI marked the front light as the "Ambisense front light". The light setup possesses a detector that automatically switches on when the lighting conditions are low enough to require its use, but can be adjusted to manual control. The light is able to function in 3 diverse modes for different situations and corresponds to the requirements of German traffic control legislation - one of the most stringent certifications around the world

The Ambisense COBI backlight combines both a braking signals and the turning signals and has a wireless connection to a COBI Hub. Interestingly, the backlight kit contains an accelerometer that utilizes a complex intelligent algorithm that calculates when the cyclist brakes and enlarge the illumination of the rear lights as a caution to other drivers.

In addition to standard detectors of lighting and turning, COBI has involved a number of useful functions. The COBI intelligent alarm setup guarantees safety for the bicycle by utilizing the built-in accelerometer to mark the motion of the bike, while remain unattended, and reports the suspect activity with a multi-level alert. Electronic buzzer is included as well and is able to be activated with the thumb verification attachment.

Does the COBI Bicycle Setup Provides the Safety?

As soon as your COBI Bicycle setup is checked in, your mobile is the only means to link to and have the use of the Hub (it will actually “awake” the Hub element when you reach your bicycle!). And, if the thieves ever stole it, they will not have any use of it.

In order to avoid theft of the device, firstly, the COBI Hub is equipped with an intelligent alert system that detects the motion. If it is switched on, a multi-level alert is transmitted through the built-in waterproof speaker of the hub, which gradually becomes louder and flashes. To help maintain the safety of other people, the above-mentioned speaker is able to pass an electronic bell resembling the standard bicycle

What is the COBI Price?

There are three variations of COBI:

COBI Sport – Contains application, distance control, mobile phone loading capacity, and alert setup: 249 euros (around 282 dollars US)
COBI – All involved in the Sport set, in addition to a front lamp: 299 euros (around 339 dollars US)
COBI Plus - All involved in the Sport set, in addition to a rear lamp: 339 euros (around 384 dollars US)
There was no delivery data shown on the COBI Bicycle webpage, though we were assured the system arrives with a fourteen day refund policy and a two year guarantee.

Is There Anything Similar to the COBI Bicycle System?

The brief answer: It seems there is not.

A detailed answer: bicyclists were able to assemble together identical dashboard setups, including mobile phone mountings, front and rear lights (involving turning signals), navigation and fitness monitoring - for many years.

For instance, you are able to install chargeless fitness applications like Strava and Map My Ride which utilize Bluetooth and ANT + technology to trace the velocity, range, heart rate and frequency (in some cases, involving output energy, if you have the right transducers), along with such as Google Maps, that are able to ensure step-by-step navigation, adapted for cycling.

Mountings such as Quad Lock are surely expensive at 70 dollars or so, but they contain a case that is weather-resistant and their blocking device appears to be more safe than COBI’s (in accordance with the COBI’s frequently asked questions, it may not be perfect for serious routes, although it is demonstrated fastened to the mountain bicycle on several images).

Lights are perhaps the most expensive items in any bicycle dashboard installation, although you are able to buy sets with high illumination for less than 100 dollars. The Blinker capacity may be supplemented for about 15 dollars, although it will include another element than the main rearward light.

The biggest differences between COBI and these “do it yourself” instrument panel systems? COBI combines everything together into one set, although you will lose the aspect of doing it yourself. Does the COBI clients consider this "all in one" system a solid deal?

What Conclusion May Be Done About COBI?

Being an avid cycler, I believe the COBI bicycle system is awesome. Period.

In the end, it unites various technological functions that bicyclists have been asking for very long time, and allows you to reach all these functions without no touch of your mobile’s screen.

Obviously, this caused a resonance with many consumers, also, given the prosperity of the COBI’s Kickstarter operation. Does it signify it has to be your coming acquirement for a bike?

From the construction point of view, the COBI’s Hub is not the coolest attachment around, and its mounting is not designed for “heavy” use. So, if you appear to be avid mountain biker, this may not be your perfect system.

If you ride a bicycle regularly, we would worry about how the COBI plastic Hub will withstand heat, coldness, solar radiation, rainy weather and other conditions of extended cycling. And you, of course, do not desire to tear your hexagonal keys before and after every trip to take off the hub.
But, if you appear to be like bunch of other bicyclists who ride a bicycle from time to time to rove around the surroundings or to ride to a cafe or bar, we might see system of COBI bicycle standing in good stead in a number of beneficial ways.

Professional advice: We believe that COBI can be particularly helpful for electronic bicycle holders. As a matter of fact, in conformity with their Kickstarter site, they have already worked off the first lot of BOSCH sets! How you like the COBI’s bicycle setup? Share your experience with us in your feedback below!

COBI bike reviews

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