Copper Crisper reviews

If you read the advertisement materials, you’ll know that Copper Crisper can turn any oven into a real air fryer. No more and no less. Is it possible? Let’s have a knack for it.

Copper Crisper review.

If you read the advertisement materials, you’ll know that Copper Crisper can turn any oven into a real air fryer. No more and no less. Is it possible? Let’s have a knack for it.

The identity of this product is mesh-made crisping tray forming an elevated coat made from ceramic, with non-stick properties. Your future meal can be cooked with it synchronically from every quarter and immediately slides when the cooking process ended. And all the crumbs, or all grease, or any other cooking sludge will be found by you below, on a special anti-adherent cookie sheet. For good measure, your fresh-cooked meal can be baked without butter (or oil), with less bad fats and undesirable calories. Finally, your dishwashing machine will clean Copper Crisper easily and quickly, with no issues.

It sounds good to you, doesn’t it? But wait a minute. What features of the product can make for these results? Manufacturers don’t explain it on their website. They don’t even talk about frying proper, if truth be told.

So what we are offered to buy?

Sure, we ought to know how does this device work. And here we go.

What do we know about frying?

A common air fryer is a countertop-forming cooking device with a mechanical fan. This fan quickly circulates air heated almost up to 400 °F. The food exterior changes its color and thickness as a result of a Maillard reaction. Smart equipment alarms that the meal is ready-for-gobbling, then we eat it with total pleasure. But it is not natural frying without oils or butter (bad fats etc.), because air fryer operates with the hot air only. It is working well with frozen food, freedom fries or chicken sticks, but what about fancy-fresh baking provided commonly with traditional kitchen devices? Can we cook it along these “healthy” super-mesh-tray-and-modern-cookie-sheet lines?

Need we say about the air fryers in sober fact?

For example, you do want to bake your favorite fries, and you use your standard frying device. You heat a portion of the oil, put sliced potatoes into the familiar mesh basket, slightly push this basket into the oil and wait. You get the delicious browny-gold fries back in several minutes. Why are they gold now? By virtue of oil using. The basket serves a support purpose, it’s only the container for our future fries, but it does not bake itself. Copper Crisper is a simple support basket as well. It holds food and put this food under the circulating hot air from all angles during your oven-cooking, but it is not the modern multifunctional device which the advertisement describes. There will be no fries without the appropriate temperature inside the oven (400 °F) and the high-efficiency fan driving the air at great speeds. Both these aspects are relevant to the common air fryer.

An oven cannot turn into an air fryer only as a result of food container using. So the advertisement is acting… crookedly. But this mesh container with the suitable cooking sheet will be usable when you want to cook very quickly and cleanly. On the flipside, you can go to the neighbourhood store and buy an efficiently-sized basket and a durable cooking sheet, at a reasonable price and without ruffle or excitement. No need for bumped-up-product purchasing.

What about the purchasing charges?

The manufacturers offer this kitchen product in two separate sets – the first called “Single” (one container, medium size of 13x11x1.25 inches), and the second called “Deluxe” (three pan containers, small, medium and large sizes of 11x9x1.25, 13x11x1.25, and 18x12x1.25 inches). The price of the Single kit is $19.99, and don’t forget about S&H expenses – $7.99 as a load. The price of the Deluxe kit is $39.99, bundled with $9.99 for the S&H services. You can choose one of these two options, and also buy a brand frying pan ($7.99 into the bargain) by paying. But let us recall you: in our opinion, this is a common frying pan without any “magical” features, and it seemingly has no difference from the native-brand Chef Pan.

You always can withdraw this “cooking” order during the sixty-day customer refund term. But S&H expenses won’t be indemnified. Managers provide consumers with necessary information by the phone (973-287-5195).

Do we really need these containers and pans?

We can definitely tell you that you can bake good meal with your common-standard domestic air fryer using heaters and a powerful fan. But it is not likely that your modern oven will be changed into the air fryer when you add the brand container into it. So the food will be the same as before this action. And you can freely add bad oils and butter cooking pre-fried foods, because they make your food tastier. Don’t entertain the illusion about losing pounds only after brand product purchasing. Profits will be far fewer than the solicitous advertisement claims and convinces.

At all accounts, many manufacturers offer their cooking advices provided with usable features. Welcome to the next-door fancy-goods shop. There are many pleasant-priced goods which do not give you a promises about quick-and-healthy weight loss. You will sparingly use your money relieving yourself of unneedful anxiety with foresight. No need to incur any troublesome expenses: the Copper Crisper S&H disbursements are exorbitant (in our opinion, of course) and non-refundable.

Well, probably you have already used this product. Or you (your relative, flatmate or neighbor) used it in times past. And you disagree with our statements. You have every right to be dissentient, and we honor each consumer’s viewpoint. Did you like this kitchen product? How does it work in actual practice? How long did you use it? Tell us about your own experience providing us and our audience with the feedback below. We will read your comment with pleasure and try to take it on board writing our essays.

Copper Crisper reviews

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