Dark Spot Correcting Formula from truVitality reviews

This product is an anti-aging treatment aimed to present your skin a new 20 years younger look due to the patented effective ingredients of the cream.

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Dark Spot Correcting Formula from truVitality Overview.

The Dark Spot Correcting Formula is an anti-aging treatment aimed to present your skin a new 20 years younger look due to the patented effective ingredients of the cream, which are claimed to diminish already existing age dark spots, reverse their further development and prevent the new ones emerging on skin.

The product has been introduced to the market by the truVitality, LLC. This is a very young company which got registered this March with its headquarters situated in Carmel, IN. The Dark Spot correcting Formula is the only product they manufacture so far. Because of its relatively short time being on market the company hasn’t yet been listed with the Better Business Bureau and there is not so much information about it online aside from its official website.

The manufacturer of the anti-aging treatment claims that their formula is able to help you get rid of the dark spots and restore your natural beauty without “the ugly chemicals”. The secret of the cream according to the truVitality website lies in handpicked botanical extracts and the whole natural ingredients of the cream.

Nowadays there are plenty of anti-aging products advertised and sold in the web; however, many of them lack solid proof of their effectiveness and simply don’t stand up to scrutiny, and only detailed analysis of the product can tell whether the cream can really deliver the promised results.

Can You Truly Get Rid of the Dark Spots?

Sadly as it is, the dark spots appear on anybody’s face soon or later. The overriding reason causing it is the UV rays in the sunlight. During your exposure to sun the UV damages your skin, making it produce melanin, the pigment protecting the skin from further penetration of UV into the body. However, if you stay too long in the sun, your body produces too much melanin that accumulates in particular patches of skin causing them to become darker. As a rule the most vulnerable to the dark spots body areas are the face, neck, shoulders and arms, because they get exposed to the sun most frequently.

Hormonal imbalance is another reason provoking the dark spots. The hormonal disorders, like ones associated with pregnancy can trigger excessive pigmentation of skin cells. Lastly, aging can also lead to hyperpigmentation and dark spots, since as people get older, their skin can’t reproduce as quickly and readily to restore the damaged cells.

So, as you see it’s impossible to get rid of the problem of dark spots entirely, but taking care of your skin and applying a proper anti-aging and sun protective treatments you can significantly lower the risk of the excessive skin damage, eventually resulting in the dark spots. The TruVitality anti-aging solution claims it’s able to cope with the task, so what is it in its formula that can deliver such great results?

The Formula of the truVitality Serum.

Firstly, we have to give the manufacturer credit for providing the full list of ingredients on their website unlike most of the similar anti-aging products in the web. This allows potential customers read through all the components and see whether the serum has some ingredients they might be allergic to.

The key active ingredients of the cream are the bearberry and pine extracts, Kakadu plum, pearl essence, and vitamin B3.

  • Bearberry extract is very widely used in cosmetics due to its free radicals, which prevent formation of premature wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. It’s also proven to contain skin-whitening ingredients, like arbutin, that’s why bearberry is very effective against dark spots. However, there is no information provided on the website about quantity of the bearberry extract in the serum, that’s why it’s hard to tell whether it’s enough to reverse the hypepigmentation of the skin cells.
  • The pine extract can be useful for skin only if it’s a pine bark one, but unfortunately the manufacturer of the serum doesn’t specify which extract they used precisely. Anyhow, the proper pine bark extract is able to slow down the signs of aging and hydrate the skin.
  • Kakadu plum is an exotic fruit which is gaining more and more popularity in the healthcare and beauty industries all around the world. It’s rich in vitamin C, which is known as a significant skin brightening agent and one of the most essential antioxidants.
  • Vitamin B3 (also known as nicotinic acid) is a great component for skin care products, especially if your complexion is dry and sensitive. It reduces irritation and redness, and keeps the skin hydrated. The key advantage of the nicotinic acid is that it hampers transfer of melanin pigment to skin cell thus minimizing the dark spots.
  • Pearl Essence is a substance extracted from the scales of sea fish that is applied in cosmetics as a skin brightening agent in tonics, masks, creams, etc. It also used to create artificial pearls.

It’s interesting to note that all the key ingredients, which the manufacturer of the serum points out somehow stand included among the last components contained into the whole list of ingredients, so it’s hard to state whether this anti-aging solution does include enough quantity of bearberry, Kakadu plum or pine bark extract to provide the effective result. The nicinamide (type of vitamin B3) however, is named second in the list.

The next component of the serum, standind third in the list has a very controversial reputation. Magnesium Aluminum Silicate is approved for using in cosmetics, but in very limited concentrations, as aluminum compounds are known neurotoxins. As it’s listed among the first components, it means that there’s a lot of it contained in the serum, and since we don’t know exact quantity, it might be even dangerous for your health. At this point we recall the claims of the manufacturer about their serum containing only natural ingredients without “the ugly chemicals”. Well, it seems this one casts a shadow on the manufacturer’s name.

The Alternatives.

The first thing you think when the question of alternatives to the serum arises are dozens of other similar anti-aging products. However, the answer might be much simpler. There are a few useful habits following which you can easily lower the risk of getting the dark spots.

  1. Always wear sunglasses. They protect your eyes and skin around them from the sun and UV.
  2. Apply sunscreen cream. If you know you’ll be exposed to sun for a while, simply apply the sunscreen lotion or spray and your skin will get much less damage from the UV rays.
  3. Wear clothes that would cover your shoulders and chest in a very sunny weather. Sure, it doesn’t mean you have to put on your coat instead of bikini on the beach, but just consider putting on a T-shirt of natural fabrics, or a pareo when you’re out in the sun for a long time. This way not only your skin will be safer from pigmentation, but you’ll also won’t get sunburn on your shoulders and back like it often happens.

Eventually just try to limit your exposure to sun and and you won’t have to worry about dark spots.

How Much the truVitality Dark Spot Correcting Formula Cost?

You can buy one bottle of serum for $59.99. The manufacturer claims that it should do for a proper use twice a day for one month.

For those who want to purchase more product at once there are following options:

  • 3 Bottles of serum for $149.97
  • 6 Bottles of serum for $269.94

The company provides free shipping and handling, and a 60-day money back guarantee, according to the terms of which you can get a refund for the serum you bought, but the S&H costs are non-refundable. Also shipping back the serum you’ll need to include the date when you purchased it, or even better a payment voucher, check or other document verifying your purchse. In order to request a refund all you’ll have to do is to call the telephone number of the customer service provided on the website.

Wrapping It Up… Should You Buy the truVitality Dark Spot Correcting Formula?

The manufacturer company is new in business and there is not so much feedback on their product online.

According to the website the serum is natural, though the full list of ingredients shows it’s not, and even contains some potentially dangerous agent. Plus the key ingredients it claims to contain, such as vitamins C and B3 or bearberry extract can be found in local drugstores much cheaper. Moreover, there is no evidence proving that the product is truly effective – no links to medical researches, studies or anything of that kind. Besides, you can prevent dark spots on your skin by wearing sunglasses and less exposing yourself to sun, while the serum costs decent money. If you’re suffering from the dark spots, we’d recommend you visiting your doctor who can prescribe you a clinically proven treatment instead of rushing your order.

Dark Spot Correcting Formula from truVitality reviews


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