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DermaActive is a cosmetics company offering its clients their new anti-aging “all-natural formula revolutionary eye serum” that is able to make the face look a few years younger after only 5 weeks of use.

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DermAktive Brief Outline.

DermaActive is a cosmetics company offering its clients their new anti-aging “all-natural formula revolutionary eye serum” that is able to make the face look a few years younger after only 5 weeks of use.

The product is claimed to give firmer and younger looking eye area skin, noticeably reduce the size and appearance of wrinkles, improve the elasticity of skin, and diminish the dark circles and fine lines around the eyes. The whole natural ingredients of the serum gently and effectively provide the anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects, and the antioxidants presented in the formula deliver a healthy looking glowing complexion.

The product is made in the USA, with the headquarters of the company based in Miami Beach, FL, and the business hasn’t been accredited by the Better Business Bureau yet. The serum is not available in the local retailers, and is sold only through internet, first offering a free trial of the product to the interested customers. However due to the wide variety of the anti-aging products that appeared recently and which are also sold exclusively online, making massive claims and eventually affirming none of them, it’s hard to define whether the DermaActive is really an effective solution for your skin or is it just another gimmicky product that doesn’t work as it’s claimed by its producers. A more detailed research on the features of the product should be helpful to find out.

The Ingredients.

According to the company’s website their anti-aging serum is based on the following natural ingredients:

  • Glycine Soja (this is an antioxidant that is aimed to free the skin from the free radicals. Also it enriches the skin with amino acids and protein).
  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, also known as Argireline (this chemical is aimed to fight those wrinkles, which are usually caused by repeated facial expressions, like smiling. It prevents muscles from contracting by means of intercepting messages from the brain).
  • Hydrolyzed Rice Protein (this is a vegetable protein extracted from the rice bran. Its major target in cosmetology is to help skin bind moisture, making it more elastic and hydrated).
  • Superoxide Dismutase (this ingredient is a by-product of metabolism in all cells. Usually it’s used in medicine for the pain and sport injuries treatment, however the producers of the serum claim that applied on the skin it can help to reduce the new wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines).

The Effectiveness and the Side Effects

It’s important to note that any of the effects, claimed by the creators of the product are not affirmed by the clinical tests or studies, at least there are no links on the website to any valid researches made by the producers of the serum, though they claimed they had made some.

However, at the very bottom of the page the customers are offered to follow the link that is aimed to provide “evidence of a test, analysis, research, or study describing the benefits, performance or efficacy of Resveratrol based on the expertise of relevant professionals”. This is the first and the last time when the Resveratrol is mentioned on the whole website. Isn’t it simply strange that the creators of theDermaActive prove the effectiveness of their serum with the help of a research made on completely different product? The latter is based on Airgeline that is one of the ingredients of the serum, but that’s where all the similarities end. Besides, there is no information on the percentage of Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 added into the serum, so it’s hard to say whether its content is enough in the formula to bring any results at all.

Furthermore, the recent studies showed that Superoxide Dismutase is able to provide the necessary protective effect on a skin from free radicals in the case it’s used in conjunction with antioxidant molecules like Glutathione or similar, and is from 10,000 to 30,000 molecular weight. In the description of the serum there is no explanation on whether this ingredient is supported by any other antioxidant molecules, neither there is any information about the exact amount of Superoxide Dismutase in the serum, for that reason its effectiveness in the product is not sure.

The amounts of other ingredients used in the serum are also not clearly explained, although it matters greatly for defining the actual effectiveness of the product. For instance, the use concentrations of the Hydrolyzed Rice Protein should be in the range of 1% - 2% for the proper moisturizing of skin. It’s also important to list the exact numbers of the product’s contents, so the customers can be sure that it wouldn’t cause any side effects on their skin.

For example, Glycine Soja though considered relatively safe, in certain concentrations is able to cause antiangiogenic effect by blocking the formation of new blood vessels, or stimulate nitrate synthesis, boosting free radicals. And the Airgeline (or Acetyl Hexapeptide-8) can induce sagging of facial muscles, as it suppresses neurotransmitters in them. As a result there exists a potential danger that permanent use of Airgeline can lead to “mask looking” face unable to deliver natural emotions and facial expressions. Please note that the manufacturers of the serum nevertheless claim that their product is an “all-natural formula”, which means that it contains exclusively natural ingredients that don’t cause any side effects.

The Marketing Tools.

Though the website lacks information about the ingredients, their amounts used in the serum, and the possible side effects they can cause, it’s overwhelmed with the marketing tools to promote the product.

All sections are presented on the front page one by one, with every single one of them ending up with a “Rush My Order” button. The website features beautiful looking models (most of whom are young), smiling happily and appealing to the customer. Even the testimonials of the serum include photos of smiling and attractive women.

At the top of the page there is a warning in red color with an exclamation mark, so that every customer pays attention to it. According to it, the manufacturers get so many orders of the serum that they are constantly running out of it in stock, however you are lucky as just now it’s available. This short announcement makes customers feel like they really have to rush to make their order.

The description of the product on the website together with a picture of a model, presenting the areas shown as white arrows to which the serum can be applied demonstrate the customers that the product can be used to all face zones, however if you go to the “About” section, you’ll see that the product is introduced as an eye serum only, and it’s aimed to deliver firmer, younger-looking eye area skin. So, basically there is no 100% confidence that the serum can be applied to any other face areas except the eyes.

Processing Orders.

The only way to buy the serum is to order its 12-days trial first, where the product is free of charge and the customers pay only for the shipping and handling fees, which costs $5, or $10 if you choose the USPS Priority. For this money you get one 1/2oz bottle of a serum, however once the 12 days of the trial expire, you’ll be charged $79, which is a full price of the product, and will also automatically become a member of the company’s autoship system, which means you’ll keep on getting one bottle of serum monthly for a $79 per bottle.

The company chose one of the payment methods, which is often used by scammers or the companies with deceitful marketing tools, when the customers are attracted by the free trial, and after it’s through is charged a full price of the product, and instantly included into autoship programs that usually tries to enroll all possible additional costs from their clients. Another important details worth your attention are: a 50% discount only for clicking off the ordering page from $5 of S&H fees to $2.50, and the absolute absence of any refund policy in the terms of use. The unsatisfied customers can only call the company at 888-221-2554 to cancel their autoship program or trial.

The Final Word

The producers of the DermaActive serum make lots of claims about their product, though they seem to be unsure themselves whether it’s a whole face or an eye area skin cream. The contents of the serum are listed very generally without mentioning the percentage of active ingredients used in the product, and instead of informing the customers about possible side effects, the manufacturers provided them with more claims of effectiveness and safety, supported by the research on the totally different product that doesn’t have much to do with their serum. The interests of the unsatisfied customers are not taken into account since the company doesn’t include any sort of refund policy. With all this said, if you’re looking for a good anti-aging solution for your face, the best idea would be to take advice from your dermatologist, or choose the product that has been clinically proved and collected many positive reviews from the customers.

DermAktive reviews

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