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FlightHub is a popular traveling website, where you can find easily cheap travel prices with a side of authentically Canadian customer service. The Ontario based online travel agency can propose the lowest prices for the miracle rest.

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FlightHub review.

FlightHub is a popular traveling website, where you can find easily cheap travel prices with a side of authentically Canadian customer service. The Ontario based online travel agency can propose the lowest prices for the miracle rest. So, the offer includes the following:

  • E-ticket delivery after your booking.
  • Absence of hidden fees and extra charges. Everything is clear even for the beginners.
  • Zero hold time while contacting their customer service.
  • Great customer support, which finishes when you will return home from your traveling.
  • Possibly to check online booking. Also, you can use the special app to get all the necessary and important information asap.

FlightHub is a good online service, which is working for a long time. Many people use it to have a nice rest and to save time and money.

How Does FlightHub Work

The service has been working for 20 years, and its specialists know everything about Canada’s travel needs offline. Now FlightHub offers the modern app, which can let people do everything concerned booking online. It can save your time and money. Moreover, the app is safe, that’s why your data won’t be in a free access on the Internet.

According to the FlightHub, the company cooperates with the suppliers directly. It means that they book a hotel and buy tickets directly. In this case, you can get the lowest price. There is no need to check the price and to search for the better offer. Everything you need is here.

FlightHub’s Best Purchase Guarantee

According to the US law, if you’re booking a flight in the United States, any non-refundable ticket, which was purchased at least seven days before the flight is subject to a 24-hour grace period. It means that you can hold, change, or cancel your reservation in this period.

In spite of a fact, that Canadian law doesn’t supply the grace period, many Canadian airlines, for example, Air Canada, offer it to their clients.

So, FlightHub also proposes such period. But in fact, their offer is something less. According to the information from their official website, they can give you the following.

You can refuse the purchasing at the same day before the 11:59 PM EST. It is less than 24 hours in fact. BUT you won’t ask about the reason of refusing your ticket. Just select the Best Purchase Guarantee plan. The price per passenger is 19.99 USD only. To claim the guarantee, you have to contact via phone 1-800-900-1431 or email guarantee@flighthub.com. Specialists will consult you and solve the problem asap.

So, Flighthub will take 19.99 USD for the service and will give you just several hours to solve whether you will fly or you will refund your ticket. That’s why you should think about cooperation with the company.

Customers’ Reviews

There are a lot of complaints about the company. According to it, Flighthub offers high prices and hidden fees. One of its clients wrote the following:

“I wanted to book a flight from Toronto to Barcelona for today using the service. The prices were different on the website and before the pressing the button “Book”. When I called to the company, they have checked everything. Then the specialist has demanded 150 USD to cancel the order. Another way is to claim to my bank about the fraud to cancel the transaction.”

In spite of the fact that the client keeps silence about the time to find the price difference, it doesn’t follow the guarantee of the lowest price of Flighthub due to the demand of 150 USD.

Previous Flighthub customers also called the service ripoff. Moreover, Flighthub credits can’t be used to purchase other flights. Some customers also mark that they haven’t got their money after refusing to fly.

Many clients declare that the company takes a hidden fee, which is called membership fee. It is 5.95 USD per month. All the 34 clients, who wrote their reviews declare that they won’t cooperate with the organization. In this case, you have to be careful while working with the company.

Bottom Line

How can the company solve the problems with the price difference and how can it answer to other complaints? In fact, it is easy to do. Look at the Terms & Conditions statements. All prices on the website can be changed without your notification in some cases the fare may change even after you have booked the ticket. Specialists will contact you if it occurs.

Moreover, prices on the website can be without taxes or airport charges or other fees. In this case taxes, airport charges and any additional fees will be displayed during the booking process but before payment submission. If your booking served by other discounters, a service fee can apply too. Special conditions may apply to prices on the official Flighthub website.

The information lets to increase the price legally. Customers’ problems can be solved in several weeks or months. According to reviews on the Internet, some of them can’t solve it for several months. To avoid it you have to really careful. Don’t forget to read the agreement.

So, if you have a choice, you should use another service. Because cooperation with Flighthub can lead to different troubles. Moreover, as for the price, it is not the lowest. It is better to use different apps, which lets to find the best offer. In this case, your traveling would be safe, great and cheap.

According to the practice and reviews, the best alternatives are Google Flights or Skyscanner. The services can let you find the lowest price, and you won’t have a problem with refusing ticket and refunding money. The services will show you prices from the supplier directly. They don’t take some fees from their customers. Also, they follow the US law directly.

FlightHub reviews


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