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The Flipping Formula is a real estate investment training course offered by the hosts of the “Flipping Boston” television show running on A&E, Peter Souhleris and Dave Seymour. The founders of this training affirm they can help people improve their financial state, by using their effective methods in real investment, and applying them in order to obtain huge profits.
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Flipping Formula Short Outline.

The Flipping Formula is a real estate investment training course offered by the hosts of the “Flipping Boston” television show running on A&E, Peter Souhleris and Dave Seymour. The founders of this training affirm they can help people improve their financial state, by using their effective methods in real investment, and applying them in order to obtain huge profits. The investing strategies, explained in the Flipping Formula are meant to simplify the complicated business for beginners, and teach them how to close successful deals, funding with other people’s money, fix the property, and flip it for even greater profits.

The real estate business has been thriving throughout the last few decades because of the great potential income, so it’s no wonder that more and more people are trying to join in. However, he risks, affiliated with the investing into the real estate are always present in the matter, that’s why most of those interested in it are looking for the advice of more experienced real estate entrepreneurs. As a result nowadays there is a wide choice of educational programs, seminars, and trainings, presented by the different mentors. The founders of the Flipping Formula claim it really work, helping people achieve financial success, so let’s take a closer look into the subject to find out if it’s trustworthy or not.

The Flipping Formula Features.

If you’re interested in the Flipping Formula’s strategies, the best recommendation would be to start by getting familiar with the Peter Souhleris and Dave Seymour’s book to realize what the method offers and if it’s going to work for you. Afterwards, if you decide to proceed to the next stage, sign up for the live Quick Start Program at their Education Center. This is a step-by-step educational program that claims to teach the investors the quickest path to the profitable deals in the real estate business during the period of only 30 days.

Once you go to the website, you are offered to dominate your real estate market with no money down and any experience in real estate investment. The registration is limited, and at times it is stated that the seating is sold out. However by signing up you will automatically get an access to the useful information, like the live web seminars, library of the insider videos on the real estate, deal calculators, and more.

The organization also provides additional educational courses at different locations that teaches the advanced techniques of funding, and successful management of the real estate investment. Some of these advanced trainings are:

  • Personal Business Coach — lasts 3 days and aimed to encourage particular interpersonal skills, which are the must-have for everyone willing to achieve success in the real estate business
  • Real Estate Marketing Mastery — a 2-day camp, located either inScottsdale, AZ or Las Vegas, NV, which is teaching to get success with the help of the social media and network.
  • Wealth Strategies — the camp lasting 2 days in Park City, UT, Scottsdale, AZ, or Las Vegas, NV. The studies are concentrated on the maximum amount of income, as well as the ways and time of obtaining it.
  • Flipping Formula Investor Summit — 3-days lasting event, hosted by Dave Seymour and Peter Souhleris
  • 2-Day One-On-One Mentorship — is available for those who completed the 3-Day FastStart Bootcamp, and includes the help of an experienced mentor giving advice on the techniques and planning in the market
  • Coaching — provides the trainer who assists the beginner investor.

The Flipping Formula Prices and Refunds.

The first thing you notice once you go to the Peter Souhleris and Dave Seymour’s website is a little information. There is no clear explanation of the pricing and refund policies, so if you intend to get some, you’ll have to contact the customer support by the phone number provided on the homepage: (800) 680-0036.

The site also promises an opportunity to register for a free seminar at the Educational Center, however, following the link doesn’t bring you anywhere to actually make a signup.

Nevertheless, relying on the reviews of the Flipping Formula’s customers, the approximate cost for the events is ranging from $2K up to $50K.

Reviews on Flipping Formula.

The headquarters of the Flipping Formula organization is based in Salt Lake City, UT, with the “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau. However, the company got a hundred closed complaints during the period of 3 years. The most frequently they concerned:

  • Problems with getting refunds, even in the cases when customers cancelled their involvement not later than 3 days after signing the contract
  • The Flipping Formula staff using high-pressure methods during the seminars, and giving deceitful promises of funding a deal in exchange of the customer’s sign up for the paid event
  • Most seminars act more like teasers, pushing the customers pay for the next event, than the educational meetings, providing useful practical information on the real estate investments.

Confusion and Doubts.

The educational training provided by the Flipping Formula costs much money, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that many people doubt whether it’s worth the bills paid for it.

One of the facts that puts customers on the alert is that the Flipping Formula is operated by Premier Mentoring Inc., a company that is known for their products, the high prices of which can not measure up to their poor quality.

The absence of the Flipping Formula founders Peter Souhleris and Dave Seymour at the seminars and events is another disappointing aspect. In fact, there is no solid proof that the stars of the “Flipping Boston” show actually created any investment strategy at all.

The information provided during the seminars and events is very general, and lacks practical advice on investing into the real estate. The local REI group meeting is more likely to give the same info, or maybe even more.

Wrapping It up… Does the Flipping Formula live up to its Promises?

Taking into consideration the available reviews of the Flipping Formula customers, the analysis of its work and description of its features, and also all the doubts affiliated with the organization, the bottom line is as follows: the company is a legit business, but the quality of the provided material, and the information provided in the educational course itself is way too low for the high prices they charge. If you are really into real estate investments, try attending REI meeting or find a cheaper alternative educational course.

Flipping Formula - reviews

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January 24, 2017 19:13


I am glad that I did this. I was googling this and saw all the bad reviews, that kinda scared me away but I gave it a chance... totally worth it! I went to the "Inner Circle, just like Peter and Dave had said "This is not a walk in the park, you have to get up and use these strategies and techniques, this is hard work". I just made my 3rd deal and it has been awesome. Looking forward to have more mentoring from Pete, Dave, or their team. Also, the online tools that the have are very helpful.

January 5, 2017 19:16
The Flipping Formula Event Changed My Life


I am now incorporated and on my 6th deal. I have a beautiful home myself now and have to say it was a deal LOL and have a lot of equity in it for leverage ;) and I love what I do and could never go back to trading my time for money. We still have learning and growing and I know I can always improve but my life and my children's future has changed because of this, my circle my mindset. That means more than words can ever say. It’s a humble gratitude you may or may not understand I feel for The Flipping Formula program, their coaches and team, honestly ty, changed my life.   We are now expanding construction crews that work for me only and staging is hot in the GTA so we are getting noticed there ;)..agents fight for my time and bring me deals from everywhere before they go on MLS haha! The amount I incorporated with umm wow ;) maybe not to you but its a heck of a lot to me..think i made my lifetime prediction this year lol and all this from last summer’s education faith in myself the team, Marc Hrisko and yes ;) a hats off to you!!!

January 5, 2017 19:11
Flipping Formula Review Five Stars


I was googling this because I know that someone was probably lazy and did not listen to what the speakers or Peter and Dave had said "This is not a walk in the park, you have to get up and use these strategies and techniques, this is hard work" and I have already closed on 7 deals and ready to go to my #8. NO JOKE! I am one of the people that have went to the "Inner Circle" and I have been doing Real Estate for almost 20 years. I followed in my fathers footsteps and have learned the in and outs but these guys have better strategies and techniques than most people that I know. I have been to the Montolongo seminars and I agree, that was a waste of time but these guys are not joking around. I was with 2 brothers from Arizona that also took this course, I believe they were called the Koon or Coon brothers. Very energetic individuals but they claim to be the most profitable REI's in Arizona and wanted to meet Dave & Pete and see what they were all about and they said that now their arsenal just got better. You can see that the testimonials to our group at the inner circle here http://youtu.be/VksdacAqU4c . There is no actors involved and do you think that we are going to lie and go in front of the camera if we thought we were getting ripped off? Come on! Common sense here people. They even give you the names in the video, how many scam artists would want you to have their names? Exactly! They are real and I am glad that I went through this, a great group of people that helped us with strategies and techniques. I can say that I have seen many REI's and know many REI's that are very good but these guys are on Another Level, I mean that. Some of you might think you are good but I don't think anyone is at their level right now.

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