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Good2Go Auto Insurance. Basics in insurance coverage not necessarily mean basic service: that's what customers of Good2Go insurance service know for sure. The company offers solutions both for newly licensed drivers and high-risk professionals. Have this company unique market solution or not?
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Good2Go Auto Insurance review.

Basics in insurance coverage not necessarily mean basic service: that's what customers of Good2Go insurance service know for sure. The company offers the best solutions both for newly licensed drivers and high-risk professionals. The agents of Good2Go are trained experts, who are qualified enough to offer the option up to individual needs and fully explain the coverage in details to customers. If you have urgent questions, the company's claims and customer support phone lines are available 24/7.

Keeping the company's costs down, Good2Go both keeps its prices low. For example, the customers make policy adjustments and pay bills on the company's online portal, which removes administration fees. That stands perfectly for drivers, who want just enough coverage to stay legal. Good2Go offers numerous discounts for different categories of customers, like for those, who owns a home, still studies at school, has a clean driving record and so on.

Good2Go specializes on the basics, though every customer can get a higher coverage level. You can upgrade your policy with collision and comprehensive coverage. One more extra option is 24-hour towing and roadside assistance for a year.

Good2Go's Special Offers and Discounts.

Paid in Full: Up to 10% discounts for upfront premium payment.

Good Student: Up to 20% off for student's with good grades.

Homeowner: Up to 10% discount on premium services, if you own a real estate.

Defensive Driver Course: save up to 15%, if you've taken a voluntary course and your age is over 55.

Multi-vehicle: Save up to 25%, insuring more than one vehicle with Good2Go.

Good Driver: Up to 35% off the premium services, it you have no tickets and accidents.

Alternatives for Good2Go Auto Insurance

Good2Go seems to be a lead generation website, and, despite all of their claims, there's nothing unique about the company's business model. Moreover, there are numerous almost identical lead generation companies in the field of auto insurance, like:

  • Provide-Savings;
  • Car-Insure;
  • (which is actually the partner of Good2Go).

Though Good2Go offers quite convenient quotes, the customers still have options.

Good2Go's Insurance Claims Process.

Good2Go claims service might be slightly improved, including confusing quoting process and the fuzzy role of the company in providing customers with insurance policies.

To begin with, a claims representative is in touch from 8 a.m. to 7:20 p.m., Monday-Friday. Thus, if the claim occurs outside of these business hours, the customer is required to leave his information with the automated system, and the claims representatives contact the customer during their business hours.

That's not the most convenient option, especially for the situation, which requires immediate attention (like setting up a rental car or getting the vehicle to the repair shop).

Good2Go's Arbitration Agreement.

There's one more important detail, which should be kept in mind. Submitting personal information through the company's website, the customer is automatically bound to a Good2Go's arbitration agreement. It means, the customer's legal rights become severely restricted, including becoming part of a trial by jury or class action lawsuit.

Good2Go Auto Insurance Policies: The Customers' Opinion.

The company is a subsidiary of American Independent Companies, which is based out of Atlanta. Also, Good2Go Auto Insurance is powered by another lead generation company, called EverQuote.

At the time of our research there were not enough online reviews of Good2Go's customers to make an objective opinion on the company's services. Still, we've found a complaint listed on RipoffReport. After the policy has been canceled, the money was withdrawn from a policyholder’s account, claims the author of the complaint.

There were also 12 registered complaints (as of 6/23/15) concerning payment issues or difficulties on canceling policies. Still, for now all these complaints are closed, and the company managed to hold an A-rating with the Better Business Bureau.

So, does Good2Go Auto Insurance save your money?

Good2Go doesn't provide the customers with the option to obtain auto insurance rates directly through the company's website. Thus, it's next to impossible to analyze, whether the company's prices stack up against the competition.

Good2Go doesn't offer anything unique to the customers. The basic services of Good2Go are widely duplicated by other lead generation companies, so Good2Go can hardly offer any obvious benefit over the competition. One more possible disadvantage for customers is receiving tons of spam and sales calls.

So, Good2Go Auto Insurance services are neither unique nor convenient enough. The final choice is always up to the customer, just make sure, you've studied all options. For those, who want to obtain quick and trustworthy auto insurance, we'd rather recommend companies like The Zebra, which offer a straightforward quoting process, inform customers on how they’re involved in the transaction and keep their customers spam-free.

Good2Go Auto Insurance reviews

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December 20, 2017 09:25
Insurance claim


They totaled my car over the door being hit. I was laughed at because I couldn't understand what they were trying to do. I am a single mom of two kids (one with disabilities), and I also have physical disabilities. They had me mail in my keys and set me up with a rental car in Missouri when I live in Alabama. When I tried to call they wouldn't return my calls. When I finally got in touch with someone they expect me to travel an hour and a half to pick up a rental car. If I had a way to do that I wouldn't need one. All this and the young boy who hit me pulling out of his driveway didn't have a license.

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