HD Mirror reviews

HD Mirror Cam is set through the existing rear-view mirror in read seconds with use of flexible bands and is equipped with the built-in camera which can write the road before you, without hindering your look.

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HD Mirror review.

HD Mirror Cam is set through the existing rear-view mirror in read seconds with use of flexible bands and is equipped with the built-in camera which can write the road before you, without hindering your look. If you need to write in other place irrespective of whether you control or not, this camera also has a unique turning angle on 350 °. For operation insert micro SD card into the upper part of the camera HD Mirror Cam. Place it over the standard size, the rear-view mirror made at the plant, and attach soft bands for saving. At last, you place clip-on earrings along the edge of a windshield, insert the adapter into the upper part and miss a wire through clamps.

In addition to the rotating camera and simplicity of installation the device also has:

  • Beautiful HD 720p of video with a wide-angle lens 120 °,
  • Movement detection (even if you not in the machine),
  • Start of automatic ignition,
  • Exclusive night vision with use of two infrared light emitting diodes on both sides of the camera,
  • The infinite record in a circuit (till 14 o'clock),
  • The built-in 2,5-inch screen of reproduction of the LCD display with the turned-off switch-off mode for driving without derivation in write time and
  • Possibility of capture of video, audio and photos (including pictures with one contact).

It seems that HD Mirror Cam really can instantaneous turn your rear-view mirror into the instrumental camera as it is approved on the web site of the device and to provide many of the most important functions.

What functions should be looked for in mirror a rear-view mirror?

Even if you began to research cameras of the instrument board recently, you probably already realize that thousands of different options of all sizes, designs and price points are available. How can you select the best model for the needs? Though they recognize what is a lot, CarCamCentral lists three key functions which they always look for upon purchase of the camera of the instrument board:

1. Messages. They recommend to look for "constants and noticeable written messages" and even the heard warnings. What for? As these cameras (and cards of SD which they contain), repeatedly are exposed to big oscillations of temperature and humidity therefore failure is inevitable. And you want to learn about any potential problems before having an accident.

2. Quality of video. The quality of video is higher, the more you have protection (and probably for this reason you think of purchase first of all, truly?), As you will have more chances to catch details, such as Number of license plate number or face of the person after shock and a run.

3. Accumulator. If the accumulator is absent, the camera cannot register as soon as your car is switched off. From these points of view, HD Mirror Cam, it seems, checks the majority of boxes though some of above-mentioned clients reported that its quality leaves much to be desired by video. Whether there are other remarkable moments?

How much for HD Mirror Cam?

One HD Mirror Cam will cost you $49, plus 9,99$ S & H. If you buy two or more, you order free shipping.

Each unit turns on the car charger / adapter, the USB device for reading cards of SD, the operation manual and soft bands and fixing clamps for glue fixing.

Inventel provides a 60-day policy of return of all purchases of HD Mirror Cam, except for S & H which you can request, having addressed in support desk by phone 323-375-1042 or customerservice@inventel.tv

Pro tip: Keep in mind that though the camera on the instrument board is delivered with the micro SD card reader, it is not delivered with the SD card. Nevertheless, you could acquire up to 512 GB of memory for only 10 US dollars during our researches, but do not forget to include it in the general budget.

Besides, you remember that the size of your micro SD card directly will affect that, what is the time you have records also length of your write cycles.

How this price is compared to other cameras on a panel of a rear view on a rear-view mirror?

Important points to consider a question of HD mirror.

Though ourselves did not test the device, we read that there are some other important reasons which should be considered before making the decision on any dashcam parameter: As far as do you want that the camera was? While HD Mirror Cam joins your rear-view mirror and will not hinder with your direct visibility, apparently, that it could add the considerable mass (esthetically or otherwise). Besides, you will need suit the additional wires going along your windshield and the instrument board.

Then, so far HD Mirror Cam announces record till 14 o'clock (in the infinite loop if you select), you remember that it completely depends on the size of your SD card. Which is not included, besides, into your order. We mentioned this aspect in some other our cameras, but you remember that the camera HD Mirror Cam can write only in one direction for time. So, if your car is parked in case of movement detection, and the camera is directed forward (for example), it will probably not bring a lot of benefit if someone breaks through a side door of your driver.

If such situation is your main objective, some companies make two-lens (or dual-channel) a dash cams which at the same time write the front and back (or any other two directions which you want), as a rule, with a pattern in the picture display in real time. At last, it is sure that the camera HD Mirror Cam is equipped with night vision which uses two infrared light emitting diodes to radiate light invisible a human eye though it can be found by the device camera. Thus, these LEDs provide camera illumination, without causing dazzle from a windshield that can lead to distortion of quality of video and difficulty of sight for the driver. In spite of the fact that this type of night vision is useful, it is the ordinary function found on the instrument board and rear-view mirrors in the majority of price points.

Our lower line about a mirror mirror of HD.

It is obvious that last - and, perhaps, the biggest factor for reviewing - the price. And in 60 US dollars, including delivery, HD Mirror Cam looks very reasonably in comparison with competitors who can exceed 200 US dollars during our researches.

If you watched complete 15-minute video from CarCamCentral above, they planned that purchase of new dashcam substantially comes down to a compound 1) cheap, 2) reliable and 3) high performance. In other words, you can find option which strongly depends on high performance though it can be not really inexpensive. Or, if you focus on minimum possible price, you can sacrifice productivity and reliability. And with some essential HD Mirror Cam functions, such as HD 720p of video, the PTZ camera on 350 ° and the photo with one contact, maybe, this option provides uniform balance between these factors. And if you find out that it not so, Inventel, it seems, stands behind the device with a two-month policy of return. Just keep in mind that you will lose the original S & H, plus everything that will cost to send back.

Before clicking, do not forget to talk about the viewing of HD Mirror Cam, having written the review below! But whether surely it represents the best value for your money? It is the main issue which we will consider in this article. And as the price is big component cost, here where we will begin.

HD Mirror reviews


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