Kyrobak reviews

Kyrobak is a small machine designed to eliminate a back pain. It is used in the prone position. According to the manufacturers, Kyrobak also helps to tone the muscles of the low back and eliminate spine tension.

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Kyrobak review.

Kyrobak is a small machine designed to eliminate a back pain. It is used in the prone position. According to the manufacturers, Kyrobak also helps to tone the muscles of the low back and eliminate spine tension. All that is required is a daily 10-minutes procedure that is seen as a more effective method than physical exercises.

Kyrobak is released through stores with reliable reputation (like Radiancy or PhotoMedex). There is a "Triple Warranty" system, which means that sellers are committed to return the cost of the product and all costs related to shipping and return shipping. Let's see if it's worth buying or not.

Kyrobak Promotion.

Kyrobak is recommended for people suffering from low back pain. University studies show that such people include 60-80% of all adults- oops! Kyrobak is distributed in several ways. First of all, the product is popularized by Steven G. Geanopolis, a famous doctor practicing chiropractic in NYC. This person is considered to be a «trendsetter» in matters of health and well-being.

Secondly, the doctor refers to the unique technology (so-called «Continuous Passive Motion»). It fights inflammatory processes and sends impulses of great importance to the CNS to relax the muscles of the lumbar area. It is emphasized that CPM has been used for medicinal goals since the 1980s, for more than 3 decades.

Third, promoters have videotaped comments ostensibly from real clients confirming that Kyrobak helped their lower backs become healthier.

Finally, they offer it on a triple-warranty basis mentioned above, promising to reimburse the total cost of the order, S&H and costs associated with the return of the goods. So, you can count on this if you have used Kyrobak for not less than one and a half month (2 months maximum).

How does it function?

Kyrobak is a flat electrical network device with a movable panel and a convex area where the engine is built. It weighs just over 3.5 kg and can withstand people weighing up to 145 kg.

To start a treatment session, you should place Kyrobak on your bed, floor or any other space where you can comfortably lie for ten minutes. Put the device under the low back so that the convex part is against the buttocks.

Press ON/OFF, it activates the movable panel, which is claimed to be a patented method involving Oscillation treatment and passive physical activity. The panel will move smoothly (you can change its speed consistently). It is believed that it contributes to the influx of additional oxygen and blood to your lumbar area, while relaxing the muscles. Motions of Kyrobak relieve intervertebral pressure and thereby relieve tension from the entire spine. It is postulated that the disposal of tension directly eliminates the source of patient’s pain.

In addition, the manufacturers assure that they tested it in a clinical setting and admit that the impact rate may differ in each case. That is why it is suggested to use the device up to 3 times a day, which guarantees a long-term effect with regular application.

How much does it cost and what are the warranty terms?

Kyrobak is released for almost $ 300 (the amount can be divided into three equal payments), plus $ 19.95 for transportation costs.

On a total you’ll receive:

  • an electronic device (Kyrobak);
  • storage bag;
  • user guide;
  • brief instruction;
  • power supply.

In addition, you will receive the e-book of Steven Geanopulos as a free bonus.

In any case, you either get the desired result, or the seller will refund you money, including your spending on S&H and other expenses. However, the return policy is fairly rigorous and assumes that you’ll use the device for at least 45 calendar days before you have the right to refund. In the end, you have a short 2-week window to save your money (don’t forget to set a reminder in your mobile phone!).

It should also be said, Kyrobak has a one-year warranty, which implies free replacement of components or repair if necessary.

To apply for a refund or to apply for a guarantee, you should contact support at (888) 998-4713.

Is it really true that Kyrobak can relieve a low back pain (non-specific or chronic) in just 10 minutes 3x per day?

Apparently, the producers of Kyrobak have invested much in the development and promotion. They seem to be ready to vouch for Kyrobak if you take into account the return policy within 60 days and the direct work with customers.

However, it should be noted.

that Kyrobak is a quite expensive device. It’s effectiveness is not confirmed by reliable clinical evidence, which can affect your final result.

It has an ambiguous reputation in the online community. Remember that back pain is always individual - we strongly advise you to ask for medical advice before buying.

Kyrobak reviews

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