Le Tote reviews

Le Tote allows to rent unlimited clothes and accessories on the Internet for one low monthly price. All your objects go directly to your door within 2-3 working days in boxes (or in volumes), and it means that you will always have something new to carrying.

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Le Tote review.

Le Tote allows to rent unlimited clothes and accessories on the Internet for one low monthly price. All your objects go directly to your door within 2-3 working days in boxes (or in volumes), and it means that you will always have something new to carrying.

In addition to their present Le Tote collection daily receives thousands of styles and new receptions which are added times in two weeks. It includes "the hottest views" from future designers and brands and also better known names, such as BCBG and French Connection. There are questions of Le Tote? The HighYa team has studied some of the most popular services of a subscription therefore we can provide you answers and tell you as Le Tote develops against the competition.

First, how Le Tote works?

Le Tote can freely look through, but to see, you have to be registered at first. Fortunately, it is simple and demands only that you entered the e-mail address (later you can update information on the account if you decide to continue).

Step 1: Addition of objects in your case.

First, you will begin, having filled out the short questionnaire: what size was the last which you have got? What size there was the last black dress? And so on.

Then photos from different clothes styles and accessories will be shown you. If it is pleasant to you, click on him to add him to the case; "Collecting objects which you would like to receive in the Tats".

Pro tip: If you in a hurry, you can miss the questionnaire and at once begin viewing of the Le Tote website according to sections, for example, "New receipts", "Collections", "Clothes" (such categories as dresses, tops, skirts, etc.) And also accessories (Bracelets, earrings, scarfs and so forth).

Find something that is pleasant to you? Press a heart badge in the bottom left corner of the page which will add him to your case.

Step 2: Receiving objects in your case.

Then, when you will have enough objects in your case, one of stylists of Le Tote will undertake in total 5 (three articles of clothing and two accessories) and will send them to your door. Try these objects so much how many want, whether it be week or month.

If you like some parts which you have received, you can keep them and send back back by means of the included pre-paid envelope. Le Tote claims that it can save to you 30% of-50% of retail (we will talk in more detail about the prices at present).

Step 3: Obtaining bigger number of the sums.

As soon as Le Tote receives your return shipment, they will raise a payment for a card for any objects which you have decided to keep.

Any objects which you haven't kept are exposed to dry cleaning, washing and/or disinfection and also check of Department of quality control of Le Tote.

They will send also at once you the new totalizator with 5 more points, and process will begin anew. There are no restrictions for quantity of volumes which you can receive every month.

Do you want to adjust what you receive in each tot? You can enter the profile of style and "to refuse receiving certain prints, flowers or objects (for example, earrings)". Also don't forget to estimate all objects in your case that will also help you to receive the products suitable for your preference.

How many will this style and fashion cost to you?

Monthly membership in Le Tote will cost to you 49 US dollars which will be exposed on a regular basis. You can also add an insurance for additional 5 US dollars (covers all damage) a month.

Each totalizator will contain objects worth 250 US dollars, and you receive the first within 1-2 working days after registration. As we already mentioned above, all goods of Le Tote include free shipping of USPS Priority in each direction therefore won't cost you anything to send your goods back. And after the company will receive your totalizator, another will be immediately sent you.

Le Tote provides to 100% a guarantee for all objects which they sell, through 14-day policy of return. No contracts or obligations exist, and your transportations can be suspended at any time though the only way to cancel or demand compensation is to call in customer support by phone 844-899-TOTE (8683). As the price is such big factor how Le Tote is compared to the competition?

If you become the member of Le Tote?

Le Tote often call "Netflix of clothes", but whether means it that you have to be registered? When it comes to it, two main claims of Le Tote to glory:

1) clothes which they offer, and;

2) their cost of a subscription.

As we have learned in Sara's review above, some of clothes can be on your taste, and others - aren't present, and substantially depend on personal preferences - as well as with any other subscription. Nevertheless, in comparison with other companies, unlimited boxes of Le Tote for 49 US dollars a month, certainly, separate it from a competition. Thus, if you the fashionable addict can also imagine more than to steam of orders a month, it can provide you still great value.

Irrespective of all this, perhaps, the biggest reason for Le Tote is that even if you like many of their objects and even if you appreciate economy from 30% to 50% of retail, all this is still used clothes which you can find much less in other places.

Le Tote reviews


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