Micro Touch One Razor reviews

Micro Touch One Razor is an old-fashioned safety razor that has been lately advertised on TV since early 2014 by Rick Harrison from the TV show Pawn Stars in Las Vegas.

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What is Micro Touch One Razor?

Micro Touch One Razor is an old-fashioned safety razor that has been lately advertised on TV since early 2014 by Rick Harrison from the TV show Pawn Stars in Las Vegas.

Though the razor is mostly presented “As Seen on TV” product, it’s frequently sold in large and well know retailers, such as Amazon or Wallmart. This is a modern version of a classic single blade razor that claims to “give you perfectly smooth shave every time” unlike the popular present multi-blade razors, which don’t last long and are hard to clean.

Micro Touch One Razor Features.

The creators of the product note in their commercial that professional barbers still use the one-blade razors and therefore this is the best way of shaving for the last 100 years.

The Micro Touch One is sold in a square box set, including a safety razor, a stand, and two packs of safety razor blades. The razor opens with a twist of the bottom of a handle, then the blade is inserted into the blade holder, and the handle is twisted the opposite way to close. The razor is made of metal, which is a solid chrome-plated brass that is supposed to make the product truly long lasting.

The set also includes a paper with some short guidelines on how to shave using the razor. The customers are immediately warned that the process of shaving with it is quite different from the one with cartridge razors, and it demands much practice to achieve the best results.

How to Shave with Micro Touch One Razor.

Although the razor set includes only the general guidelines about usage of the product, keep in mind that shaving with a double-edge razor requires a certain skill that comes only with lot of practice and experience. Some of the most important instructions you’ll definitely need if you’ve never tried anything like this before are the following:

  • You should hold the razor in a way that the blade edge stays at the angle of 35-40 degrees to your skin. The modern multi-blade razors have it automatically set in a cartridge, but with the old-fashioned razor you’ll have to do it yourself. Adjusting to this sort of shaving you’ll learn which angle works best for you, however until the time you’ll get skilled enough to do that, be careful unless you want to get a cut.
  • Keep in mind that unlike cartridge razors, Micro Touch One is not as flexible, since it doesn’t have a pivot. That’s why pay special attention and care when you shave around corners.
  • Don’t press hard on the razor. Old-fashioned razors require a light touch and some concentration on the process. At first it can seem tough, but in the course of time you’ll develop a muscle memory and will be able to shave without constant thinking about correct angles and pressure.
  • It is highly recommended to use old-fashioned shave lather with the retro razors like this one. It will make the process of shaving easier and more comfortable.
  • For the best result you might want to change the angle of blade edge or direction of shaving. Also in some cases changing to the different blades can also be helpful.

With so much tips and guidelines the process of shaving demands a good deal of patience and time, so it’s no wonder why some of the customers are unhappy with the product.


Both good and bad reviews can be found in the internet about the product. The most of the positive feedback emphasized that after shaving with Micro Touch One the skin really felt much smoother, than after using the regular multi-blade razors. All that is needed for the great results is to get some practice with the technique of shaving. Also the good comments were posted about the price of the razor and the ability to clean it fast and easy.

The problems with the product experienced those, who didn’t feel like re-learning how to shave, and the elderly people with wrinkled skin that was much harder to shave with the one-blade razor. Some of the most frequent complaints concerned the cuts and injuries received by the razor, quality of the refills razor blades, and constant spam, disturbing people who bought the razor from internet. There were reported some cases when the customers of online retailers were receiving phone calls from the solicitors who enrolled them into additional expenses by signing up them up for vouchers and gas cards, charging $30 monthly for it afterwards.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of the product is $19.99, but it can vary slightly depending on the retailer. The shipping will cost you $7.99, and additional $4.99 if you decide to purchase the bonus of the extra 12 blades included into the set. Therefore, the overall price makes $32.97 per one kit (a safety razor, 24 razor blades, and the case). Please keep in mind that if you order the product online, you can’t refuse from the bonus 12 blades, and it’s automatically included into the purchase.

The company provides the 30-days money back guarantee; however it doesn’t cover the expenses of shipping, and the bonus of 12 additional razor blades. So if you for some reason want to get your money back, the amount of $12.98 will not be refundable. The shipping usually doesn’t take much time, but in some cases it can last up to 8 weeks.

The Summary.

Reviewing the details of the product, its pricing policy, and the reviews of the customers, it’s clear that the Micro Touch One Razor is simply not for everyone. The product works well and lives up to its advertisement, but only when it’s used correctly. Most of the people just find it easier and faster to use the cartridge razors, though they are more expensive, as they don’t want to spend time on learning and developing new shaving skills. For those who nevertheless want to purchase and try it, the good idea would be to go to the local retailer and buy it there instead of online stores, where one can get overwhelmed with annoying spam.

Micro Touch One Razor reviews


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