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Mindvalley Academy represents itself as the first online university for transformational education in a wide variety of fields, such as health, including programs of fitness and weight loss, the courses of social and mental development of the personality, and much more.

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Mindvalley Academy Short Overview.

Mindvalley Academy represents itself as the first online university for transformational education in a wide variety of fields, such as health, including programs of fitness and weight loss, the courses of social and mental development of the personality, and much more.

The service was launched by a Malaysian-born entrepreneur Vishen Lakhiani in 2003 with the headquarters of the company located in Beaverton, OR. First it offered only a few courses on personal development, however since then they greatly widened the business, it has been noted in the article of the Inc. magazine and accredited by the Better Business Bureau with the rating of A+. The organization was even featured on one of the huge media channels as BBC.

Now the Mindvalley Academy determines their goal of transforming the masses and helping people to achieve personal growth by providing the courses and programs that are able to change lifes.

The Mindvalley Academy Courses.

According to the company’s website the company has more than 300,000 students, and intends to help 1 billion people by the year of 2050.

The service claims the materials they offer their customers can show people the way of how to lead successful and happy life, while the traditional educational systems are limited, boring, and too expensive, and therefore are making people grow the debts. Trying to pay these bills for a considerable part of their lives afterwards, people are usually engaged with the jobs and lifestyle that they don’t like, which makes them feel miserable. In comparison to the traditional educational systems Mindvalley Academy offers the so called “culture hacking” method where the education and technology are combined in the courses in order to develop new models of successful life. That’s why some of the programs the service features are hard to call well known, traditional or scientifically grounded.

The Mindvalley Academy has many courses and programs to offer the customers, all of which are grouped into the main 4 sections:

  • Body (this section includes courses on fitness & health, yoga, energy practices, and alternative healing)
  • Living (in this category one may find programs on happiness & positive living, wealth & abundance, and career & entrepreneurship)
  • Social( this section encompasses courses on parenting & family, love, relationships, people skills, and social life)
  • Mind (this category is focused on manifesting, spiritual growth, and meditation).

Furthermore, on the website’s home page the service features the courses by the categories of:

  • What’s new This Week , listing the updates and the latest courses added to the site
  • What’s Hot Now , pointing out the most popular courses among the customers.

The latter category includes 4 top programs. They are:

  • Silva Life System , followed by 73,607 students and aimed to help people overcome the barriers to experience personal evolution and “deep life-changing transcendence”
  • OmLife – the meditation based course that encourages healthier habits, creativity, and inspiration, and discovery of”attraction to wealth and success” with 36.353 students following it.
  • Unlimited Abundance, which is a home training program, determined to show people ways to attract wealth with the power of their minds and consciousness. At this time the course is being used by 31,613 students.
  • Love or Above with 37,992 students already enrolled, is a complex system encompassing seminars, classes, articles, and much more in order to help people discover their energetic frequency and use it to influence their life and others.

This is only a small part of the different courses offered by the website. In order to view all of them, simply click on “View all courses”.

The Costs and Policy.

All the courses provide by the Mindvalley Academy are paid, however there is no separate page listing all the costs for all of the products. The price depends on a particular program you wish to buy. The top courses charge from $149 up to $399, while some other programs can be cheaper with the price starting from $36. The cost also depends on the type of the course, and whether any physical materials like CDs are included into it. Besides the courses, Mindvalley Academy site provides master classes and online trainings as well.

Those who are not absolutely sure if they want the whole course have an opportunity to buy a 10-days trial costing only $1. After this period is over, the customer is automatically charged for the complete course, and the ones who don’t wish to proceed can cancel by contacting the company’s customer service.

Please note that shipping is not included in the price of the course, and you’ll be charged standard price of $7.95 within the US. The delivery usually takes around 5-7 working days.

The company also guarantees refunds within 90 days, so if for some reason you are not satisfied with the course you can contact the customer service and request your money back. According to the BBB review, the feedback of the organization is quite prompt, and all the 14 complaints that were issued to Mindvalley Academy were closed shortly.

Is Mindvalley Academy Trustworthy or is it a Scam?

The Mindvalley Academy is a valid business company that is unlikely to scam its customers, since it has active customer service answering the questions and closing the complaints in a short period of time. However, most of the courses offered by the website are not scientifically proved and thus can bring desired effect to one person and no result for another one.

The service offers $1 trials to check out the programs, and the 90-days refund guarantee, so everybody can try out the product and decide whether to buy the complete course or not, just keep in mind that if you feel the program isn’t good for you, you should cancel it before the period of 10-days trial ends.

Mindvalley Academy reviews


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