Mineral Air reviews

ineral Air created by American Company YA-MAN is claimed to be innovative wireless spray mineral device. They assert that pushing one button you can spray foundation on your face and make your skin look smooth and healthy.

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Mineral Air review.

Mineral Air created by American Company YA-MAN is claimed to be innovative wireless spray mineral device. They assert that pushing one button you can spray foundation on your face and make your skin look smooth and healthy. The procedure takes just ten seconds and adds sheering to your face which is impossible with powdered and liquid concealers.

How It Works To Make My Skin Perfect?

Mineral Air is a wireless airbrush made to apply skin foundation on your face in a few seconds. It is promised to be more convenient and easy to use comparing to professional airbrushes used in beauty studios because it doesn’t have an exterior compressor and reservoir which prevents spilling.

On the contrary, Mineral Air is fitted with rechargeable compressor and looks like a typical spray can of a small size. This four-in-one foundation is insisted to contain silk-like ultra small mineral fractions of spherical shape that don’t clutter up your pores. The Mineral Air relieves you from necessity to use primer, concealer, mineral powder and moisturizing cream separately. Mineral fractions are a perfect option for you skin, especially if it’s sensitive.

When buying Mineral Air, they offer you six undertones and you should choose the most suitable for your skin. This will be your basic undertone put in the reservoir. Before full-featured use it’s better to test the product on a small skin area. It’s also possible to adjust the undertone by adding a drop of lighter and darker foundation (you can find detailed info and video here).

After that you should just press the power button and apply the substance. They say tiny splashes will evenly cover your skin with four-in-one foundation within 10 seconds, concealing flaws and creating radiant glowing skin color. As a demonstration, they use a video where a little tattoo on a wrist disappears after applying Mineral Air.

The dispenser can be charged with USB cable, included in the set. The reservoir puts in up to twenty drops of the foundation at the same time. This amount in enough for 1-5 applies, depending on your skin type and condition. The accumulator is supposed to charge fully within two hours. The accumulator will last 30 minutes of continuous use or 360 single uses.

Mineral Air is stated to contain 100% pure mineral fractions mixed with plant-extracted products and volatile oils (argan and pomegranate), seaweeds extracts. C and E vitamins are also added. The foundation doesn’t contain parabens, gluten, synthetic fragrances, talc and other hazardous substances that may harm your skin.

Mineral Air Price.

Professional airbrushes for salons and studios cost hundreds and thousands dollars, but Mineral Air will cost you just 254.75$. The dealer suggests dividing the payment into three parts: 59.95$ triply plus 14.95$ for shipping and handling.

You can choose black or white additional color and one of six basic foundation colors: porcelain, fair, medium, light tan, tan and dark.

In the set you’ll get an extra bronzer, make-up brushes and 100$ free make-up that includes 1-month multicolored kit. You’ll even receive additional foundation for 3 months.

The company offers 1-month refund policy except shipping and handling expenses. If you’re not satisfied with the product just call customer support at (888) 996-3585.

Profitip: What to do when the Mineral Air four-in-one foundation is all over? Unfortunately, purchasing refills is impossible and there’s no information if it’s allowed to use foundations by other companies. This seems to be a serious problem for those who liked the foundation.

Is It Worth Spending Money on Mineral Air?

Is a Mineral Air wireless airbrush system a must-have for you? Maybe not. But you’re certainly eager to have that perfect make-up you see on the screen and the runways, but you won’t be happy if you purchase a very expensive and useless product.

So, the Mineral Air Foundation seems to be a very attractive variant. But to be honest, we don’t know exactly about the quality of a product (what it consists of, where to buy refills, if other brands’ substances can be put in the reservoir, etc.), so it becomes impossible to understand if the product is worth its money. In our opinion even if all the promises about the quality and amazing effect are true, it will certainly take much time to achieve the results of professional airbrush make-up applied in a beauty studio. So, if you believe that it’s possible to learn how to use the Mineral Air system within one day, you’ll certainly feel great disappointment.

What do we recommend? If you’re looking for wireless make-up airbrush, pay your attention to the Temptu brand because their products are available in retail stores and can be tested. It’s also better consult with a professional in the beauty industry. It will help you to save honestly earned money and you’ll get an opportunity to see the similar product live.

If you won’t find The Temptu airbrush suitable, forget about the Mineral Air system. Remember that you may lose more than 20$ for shipping and handling expenses though the company refunds money for the product.

Mineral Air reviews


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