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The waist trainer is very easy to use. Just wrap it around your waistline and it will compress the area and also support your abs and back. According to the commercial it’s adjustable, so you can loosen or tighten the belt any moment you want.

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Briefly on Miss Belt.

Waist raining has now become a trend. The celebrities discus it, post it on their Instagram and Twitter accounts; it’s in the commercials and TV – everywhere. It seems the world hot simply obsessed with it. The types and models of the waist training belts available in stores and online are numerous, with each making their own unbelievable claims about dream-like thin waistline.

One of the products that have recently entered the niche is the Miss Belt waist trainer. Like most of its business rivals, this waist-training device is basically a material band (usually neoprene or nylon) which wraps very tightly around the waist and lower ribs area providing instant hourglass look.

The manufacturer of the belt doesn’t explain which materials precisely they use for producing the waist trainer, but they claim that their “compression technology” is able to make you look 2 sizes slimmer in seconds. Moreover the design of the belt is suitable to wearing it both under and over the clothes.

The claims of “As Seen on TV” products often sound tempting in their commercials, however they don’t always deliver the promised results or work as advertised. Besides in the tremendous variety of choices available on the market nowadays it’s getting very tough to pick the waist trainer that would work for you perfectly, while the desire to get desired results instantly without putting too much effort into it is always very alluring. Well, before rushing your order you might want to consider all pros and cons.

Expectations and Reality.

As we know waist training has been a known way to get a slimmer waistline since the Victorian times when women had to put on body-shaping corsets. They did make the waist look slimmer, however it’s important to realize that ladies were starting off with it in a very young age and continued doing it for all their life, that’s why their waists were always looking thin. Besides at those times women didn’t have much choice, as corsets were obligatory part of clothing which caused them much suffering by the way (we’ll get on to it in the section below).

Just like its predecessors modern waist trainers also slim down the waist, however despite any commercial claims you have to understand that they can provide only temporary effect while you’re actually wearing it. We should give a credit to the manufacturer of the Miss Belt, as they were honest enough to put a note at the bottom of their website which states that “product does not cause permanent results. Only applicable when wearing the belt.”

The waist trainer is very easy to use. Just wrap it around your waistline and it will compress the area and also support your abs and back. According to the commercial it’s adjustable, so you can loosen or tighten the belt any moment you want.

However consider the fact that there are only slim girls wearing it in the video with pretty much well shaped waistlines of their own. There is no guarantee that it’s going to look as great on you as in the advertisement; all in all its compressive abilities aren’t unlimited. If a person is very much overweight, it’s likely to look far less attractive, and here’s why. Remember that the belt only makes your waist slimmer visually; it doesn’t affect the fat on the abs of the person in any way if they have some.

Health Risks.

The most important thing about wearing waist-compressing belts is that it can seriously harm your health. Sure nothing terrible is going to happen to you if you wear it just once in a while when you need to look extra stunning, but continuous usage of it is a very bad idea.

Firstly cinching your waist too tight is uncomfortable despite any commercial claims, as it limits your movements much, so the promised possibility of using it in the gym from the advertisement video is definitely overestimated. It’s simply impossible to have an effective workout if you can’t move as you should. Moreover if you nevertheless try to do it, you’re likely to get pain in the ribs, as tightening your waist too much you simultaneously doing the same thing to your soft tissues and blood vessels, so get ready to see some bruises when you finally take the belt off. Plus the material of the waist trainer, which is usually a neoprene or nylon isn’t breathable, so as a result you can also get acne.

What is more important is that area you tighten automatically compresses not only the ribs, but your stomach and lungs. Thus, it can lead to issues with the process of digestion and metabolism, which can eventually lead to adverse effect on your weight. At the same time the lung compression limits airflow, which greatly lowers the oxygen supply to the cells in the whole body. In cases of excessive cinching a woman can even faint. Not a good thing, especially if you drive wearing the waist trainer.

The belt is claimed to provide support for muscles in the back and abs, however it means that these muscles don’t have to work while you’re wearing the waist trainer. It seems good news, but in fact the abs become more and more weak, as good muscle toning presupposes them to be active. As a result you get lame, floppy muscle condition.

On the top of that continuous wearing of the tight waist trainer creates downward pressure on the pelvic floor. Eventually it increases the risk of pelvic injuries and prolapse symptom, and the incontinence or pelvic pain for women.

Lastly, there is no medical evidence that regular and prolonged wearing of the belt can decrease the size of your waistline permanently, but it’s surely able to boost lots of health problems.


There are lots of alternative products available on the market. For instance, Xtreme Power Belt, Genie Hour Glass, and V-Shape Trainer Belt all claim to help you achieve a slim waist and instant hourglass look. However, as we’ve mentioned above any waist trainers would make a good choice only if you plan to use it rarely and for temporary results.

The most effective alternative that can truly deliver you a perfect waistline for a long time and with no risks is abs workout combined with healthy diet. Yes, it’s not as trendy, takes much time and efforts, but the truth is that’s the best you can do for your belly. Regular exercises improve your metabolism contributing to weight loss, strengthen your muscles and being combined with healthy food the positive results are guaranteed.

Customers Satisfaction Rate.

When the belt hit the market there appeared many customers’ reviews about Miss Belt, each of which was estimating the product quite high. Anyhow, the profiles of most of the users giving positive feedback were registered not so long ago and suspiciously fast after the waist trainer had been introduced. The next feedback that appeared somewhat later included not only appreciation, but complaints as well. Most often customers were unsatisfied with the quality of the product and customer service of the company selling the Miss Belt. Sure, it doesn’t mean that you’ll eventually become one of them if you make your order, but we’d strongly recommend paying some attention to these reviews.

The manufacturer of the belt Idea Village which sells many other “As Seen on TV” products, such as Yes! by Finishing Touch, Micro Touch Tough Blade, Copper Fit, etc holds a low satisfaction rate among their customers, but the Miss Belt is BBB accredited with 132 closed complaints by May 2015 and an overall “A” rating.

Costs and Policy.

The Miss Belt is available in 2 colors- black and nude. It’s interesting that in the video commercial you hear “you don’t have to buy both”, but in fact they offer you two waist trainers if you order one for $19.99 and $7.99 S&H charges.

If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can return it to the company according to the terms of their 30-day refund policy and get your money back. Please note, that S&H fees are non-refundable.

Once you make your order, you automatically sign up to the company’s arbitration agreement. It means that in case the belt causes your health any issues you agree to bring any legal claims to arbitration instead of filing a lawsuit in court.

The Final Word.

As the doctors recommend to refuse from often and prolonged wearing the tight waist trainers due to the serious health risks, we can’t recommend it either. However, if you’ve already made up your mind to purchase one, there’s obviously little difference between the vast variety of models available. They share similar work principles and technologies, so the relatively low price of the Miss Belt might look as a benefit against the backdrop of its business rivals.

Miss Belt reviews


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