Netflix DVD rental company reviews

Netflix DVD rental company that gives an access to all sorts of streaming movies and TV shows to more than 30 million of its users.

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Netflix Short Outline.

Netflix is a DVD rental company that gives an access to all sorts of streaming movies and TV shows to more than 30 million of its users. It’s offering instant watching of unlimited sorts of content, including fantasy, action, thrillers, drama, history, adventure, etc on a computer, TV, or some other internet connected devices.

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  • Compatibility

Being signed up for the Netflix service, one can easily watch any content, available in the service’s catalog using the huge variety of compatible devices. They include: computers (both on the IOS and Windows 8 platforms), Android-based mobile phones, tablets (such as Kindle Fire or IPads), internet connected Blue-ray players, gaming consoles like Wii, Wii-U, XBOX 360, and PS3. Most of the smart TVs, HDTVs, and also Apple TV support Netflix as well. Often for watching videos on the mobile devices, a user is required to download the Netflix app

  • Quality

Netflix is an online service, which means that the quality of the viewed content greatly depends on the speed of the internet connection. The faster the speed is, the better resolution of the video is available. It is recommended to have at least 0.5MB (500 kbps) connection to enjoy the videos with Netflix, though some of the customers claim that this speed is too low for watching decent quality content. To resolve this problem any signed-up member is offered three options of the quality of the video settings, which are good, better, and best. For those only starting to use the service the default settings would automatically be set up as good (up to 0.3GB/hour). This internet speed will do for the users, who are interested mostly in the DVD content. If a customer considers this speed too low, it’s always possible to change the video quality settings to better (up to 0.7GB per hour) or best (up to 2.3GB/hour). The latter option works the finest with the streaming TV videos, providing a high quality image resolution of the content that users can easily rewind, pause or forward as they wish. The important part is that switching video settings is free of charge, so customers can get the best quality without adding unwished expenses to their membership cost.

  • Content

Netflix offers its users a great variety of content. This includes both DVD selection and streaming TV. People can choose whether they want to get a DVD by mail, or to watch something from an unlimited selection of Netflix videos streaming over the Internet instantly. However, the service doesn’t provide all sorts of content for streaming; some of the movies and series episodes are available only on DVDs. This may include both new and somewhat older content.

  • Convenience

One of the features that makes Netflix very convenient to use is the absolute absence of any advertisement in the provided content. In this sense, the service runs ahead of its competitors, such as Hulu Plus, which deals with complaints of most of the customers finding commercials during their shows quite annoying. Netflix also provides its members the option of parental control which makes it possible to limit the videos a child can watch to exclusively the kids’ specific content. One more convenient preference is that the website can recommend videos for a customer, based on the history of previously watched content and the ratings of the films.

Costs and Offered Plans.

Netflix is a paid service with a price of $4.99 monthly. It’s not contract-based, so anyone wishing to become a member won’t have to sign any papers to join. A user just needs to fill in the registration form and give the valid credit card number in order to sign up. Netflix also provides a free trial during the first month of usage for those who are uncertain of whether they want to use the service or not. If a customer enjoys the service and decides to continue with Netflix, in the end of the free trial month the membership will automatically turn into paid subscription rate. Those who don’t want to proceed with the service can cancel their membership any time during the month of a free trial.

Netflix offers a few plans for its customers:

  • Limited DVD Plan that allows customers to receive DVDs by mail. A user can get two DVDs (please note that they send one disc at a time) for $4.99 or $5.99 (for Blu ray access) per month.
  • Unlimited DVD Plans (gives a few options):
  1. User pays $7.99 per month and gets one DVD at a time (Blu-ray access would cost $9.99 monthly);
  2. User pays $11.99 per month and receives two DVD discs at a time (with a monthly price of $14.99 for Blu-ray);
  3. User is charged $15.99 per month for getting three DVDs at a time (and $19.99 per month with Blu-ray access)
  • Streaming Plans:
  1. Customer can watch content on up to two devices paying $7.99 monthly;
  2. For $11.99 per month it’s possible to watch videos on up to four devices at a time;
  3. User can instantly watch the Netflix content using TV, Mac or PC on the terms of the two previous plans.

Bottom Line.

Netflix is a commercials-free service giving access to huge variety of content both from DVDs and streaming TV, for a reasonable cost of only $4.99 per month. It’s compatible with the most of the modern devices, and provides good quality for its users. However, the streaming TV videos, provided by the service are not always available for instant watching, and it doesn’t include many of the airing shows and newest releases.

Netflix DVD rental company reviews

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