NeuroPlex Pro reviews

It is also meant to help people manage stress, improve the neuronal connections, and fight the negative effects of aging on the brain.

A Brief Outline on NeuroPlex Pro.

NeuroPlex is a memory-boosting food supplement that according to the manufacturer supplies the brain with all necessary nutrients, improving short and long term memory and cognitive function. It is also meant to help people manage stress, improve the neuronal connections, and fight the negative effects of aging on the brain.

In order to get all these benefits a person needs to take a single pill every morning. The positive outcome is promised to come in a week after usage, and cause no side effects. According to the supplement’s website the product has a natural formula that is safe for people of any age, even children. It can be useful for elderly people who suffer from various kinds of brain dysfunctions, as well as for student who need improved focus on their studies. However, can the supplement truly help cognitive function or is it another gimmick product that fails to work as advertised? Finding an answer to this question requires more detailed checkup.

What Brain Dysfunctions is the Product Aimed at?

Since the supplement is claimed to be a memory booster, it’s logical to assume that it deals with the memory problems. The slipping memory is the result of the cognitive decline that can be of two types:

The Mild cognitive impairment (or MCI) is forgetting some important information often or on regular basis. Usually MCI comes with aging and is widespread among people in their 60s and up.

However, the first type of cognitive decline can foresee the second one, which is much more serious. It causes such terrible diseases as dementia and Alzheimer’s when a person keeps on forgetting more information very often and eventually loses the reaction to environment and dies.

As the NeuroPlex is not a clinical medication but only a supplement, we can conclude that it helps to improve the brain functions at MCI.

What Can You Do to Prevent Memory Decline?

The memory inevitably goes down with a person getting older. It’s a natural process of aging when the productivity of cognitive brain functions gradually decreases. The vitamins contained in the product are claimed to supply the brain with all the necessary elements and substances to slow down this process but let’s be honest, nobody yet has won a fight against aging. Besides, the idea that taking vitamins helps fighting memory decline is only a commonly-known opinion. It is not medically-approved and it doesn’t belong to the medical treatment of dementia or MCI.

On the other hand one of the proven ways to prevent memory dysfunctions is keeping to a healthy diet, getting regular exercises, avoiding stress, and refusing from harmful habits like alcohol or smoking.

The Manufacturer.

The AVGW Avant Garde Wellness Ltd has its headquarters situated in Milton Keynes, UK. It is known for producing other pills and supplements, such as KetoPlex and FolliPlex.

It’s hard to estimate the sustainability or the reputation of the manufacturer, as they don’t even have a general company’s website with the information about all of their products gathered in one place. Instead, each of the supplements they produce has its own website and contains mostly advertising data. It already seems somewhat disturbing, because the trustworthy companies, confident about the quality of their products, usually have their main websites simply for the sake of business.

Neither the company is listed by the Better Business Bureau so in case you’ll wish to make a little outlook for the customers’ reviews about a particular product, you’ll have to pick up the information from many separate sources with the feedback not backed up by the company’s response as on BBB website.

On the other hand, there is a great number of similar memory-boosting supplements available online, like Neuroflexyn, AlphaZXT, Evo Brain Pill, and others. As a rule the customers give them a low satisfaction rating, complaining mostly that the pills don’t live up to their commercial claims. In addition to that, such products are usually very expensive and their manufacturers provide poor customer service, like the cases when requesting a refund becomes a “mission impossible.”

Ingredients and Their Effectiveness.

The crucial thing about the list of ingredients of this brain supplement is actually an absolute absence of it. That’s a good reason for ringing alarm bells in your mind, as you simply have to know what sort of substances you are consuming. It’s not just your right to be informed about the components of the products, it’s a law! How else are you supposed to be sure that the pills you’re taking are safe or not containing something you’re allergic to? Anyhow, we managed to find information about some of the ingredients it is claimed to include.

  • American ginseng

The manufacturer features the study performed in 2010, according to which this plant has been recognized useful for improving the working memory. In a point of fact, this research called it “possibly effective” for treatment of diabetes and infection of respiratory tract. The plant that is truly proven to be efficient against Alzheimer’s and mental dysfunction is the Asian ginseng, not quite the same thing.

  • Niacin

It’s also known as vitamin B3 or PP. Niacin is truly proven to benefit cognitive function and improve memory. At the same time the side effects from PP overdose include memory loss. Since we have no idea how much of niacin is contained in the supplement, it’s hard to say if its quantity is enough for getting any benefits or is it even dangerous for you.

  • Para-aminobenzoatic acid

If you can remember this one, your memory is already doing great:) But seriously, if this ingredient does affect cognitive function, we couldn’t find this information for our review. It’s mostly mentioned as a very active sun-blocking amino acid.

  • Porcine extract

This ingredient is used in low doses to benefit brain, memory, and sleep. It is also able to prevent the neuronal loss. However, taking it incorrectly may eventually cause memory attenuating.

In fact it’s hard to state anything about the effectiveness of the supplement if you have to guess every component and its quantity included. It’s not a kind of product that you can risk with, thinking that you’ll simply throw it away if you’re not satisfied with it. It’s something that goes inside your body, so take it seriously. If you’re planning to try it, ask the manufacturer to provide the label listing all the ingredients and their quantity before you start taking the pills.

Charges and Refunds.

One bottle of the product containing 60 pills will cost you $79.99. However, the customers can also purchase three or five bottles at once, costing $140.97 and $194.95 accordingly. The shipping and handling charges are handled by the manufacturer.

The company provides a 30-days refund policy. In order to request the refund, a customer has to call the customer service by the telephone number listed on the product’s website. In case a person bought not one, but a few bottles in one order, the refund will apply to only one opened bottle. The rest ones have to be shipped to the manufacturer unopened and sealed.

Keep in mind that since the company producing the supplement is based in UK, the order or the refund request can include the international charges.

The Verdict.

We had to look for the information about the product’s ingredients because the manufacturer didn’t provide a label for their supplement, plus the components we found turned out either slightly or even not effective for the claimed results. In addition to that we have no idea about how much of each substance is included in the pills which can be potentially dangerous. And all that the manufacturer offers us to buy for a decent amount of money while the company itself doesn’t even have its own website. Hm, probably no.

If you feel like you need to improve your memory find some time to visit your physician who can recommend a clinically proven and safe treatment.

NeuroPlex Pro reviews

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