Night Angel reviews

Night Angel is an output cover which provides night-time lighting, leaving your existing sockets the free.

Night Angel review.

Night Angel is an output cover which provides night-time lighting, leaving your existing sockets the free. The official web site of a product - with date of registration in August, 2016.

Claims and features.

It is set quickly

3 LED lamps

There are no wires or batteries

Releases both outputs

Is suitable for any standard output

Well in styles of duplex or scenery

More than 100 000 hours last

The luminous sensor lights up when it is dark


The original cost of Night Angel was 12,99 US dollars 6,99 US dollars. The second unit was switched on for 6,99 US dollars therefore total amount was 26,97 US dollars for two units (13,49 US dollars everyone).

The new price - three fires for $19,99 with free shipping, but a board for $6,99 for a triple sentence and 1 US dollar for service of web services", having led your total to $27,98 for three units ($9,33 everyone). The night angel began to appear in shops in February, 2017 approximately for 10 dollars for one unit.

Whether Night Angel is a good choice for environmental lighting?

When it comes to it if you look for a cover on an output which does not require wiring and is set for read seconds, you are restricted only to Night Angel or the creator of SnapPower.

From the point of view of functionality and appearance these two options seem identical. Thus, without direct testing, side by side, there is no method to draw any reasonable conclusions on what of them will provide the best productivity.

However, as we already mentioned above, ASOTV products not always have quality reputation therefore irrespective of whether they will have the same reputation on quality, as well as the main competition, still it is necessary to see.

Considering it, we read that the big question is here a value which you can only solve. It is because you receive two night angels for the price of one cover of SnapPower, but if you decide to return them, you can lose 50% more, than you will return as reimbursing.

The night angel is how bright?

The vendor of a night angel provides on the web site several details therefore we cannot precisely know how many lumens on LEDs on these covers.

However, according to a response of Amazon from the vendor of SnapPower (you remember that it is, it seems, functionally identical products), they probably not such bright, as a traditional night lamp.

However, as light is concentrated directly on a floor, they can quicker illuminate your way at night, without having blinded you. It will be correct also at a night angel? We need to wait until customer reviews begin to be shown to learn.

May you use a night angel on inappropriate outputs?

Not to sound as the broken record here, but besides, say to us a little more, than Night Angel will work at standard outputs. But, having returned on listing of SnapPower on Amazon, we were told that he can't be used with exits of GFCI and it is intended only for binuclear single-user boxes.

He can be used with side (horizontal) exits though it means that he will light up the party instead of the earth. Have you found this review of Night Angel useful? Big! Don't forget to return advantage, having told us everything about your experience of a night angel, having written the review below!

Night Angel reviews

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