NuWave Oven reviews

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NuWave Oven review.

Nuwave Oven Pro is the fastest-selling model among Nuwave Ovens and the best-selling oven among ovens using ifra-red radiation heat.Nuwave Oven Pro Plus has won such a great popularity because many innovations added comparing it to older Nuwave models and products by other brands. Nuwave Oven Pro Plus is a very convenient and practical kitchen device and a perfect choice for those who prefer healthy but tasty food.

Nuwave Oven Pro Plus cooks food rapidly comparing it to classical ways of cooking in usual ovens and microwaves. Special Extender Ring made of stainless steel that Nuwave Oven Pro Plus fitted with provides extra efficiency compared to any other ovens. It allows cooking huge amounts of different food at the same time.

Main Peculiarities of Nuwave Oven Pro Plus.

You don’t have to preheat or defreeze it before using.

You can choose one of 3 options to cook meals – convection, conduction and IR-radiation.

Cooking meals takes a very little time comparing to other familiar ways.

Electronic control on the front panel for setting timer and proper temperature.

Upgraded hardware that maintains set temperature and makes meal burning impossible.

Light Control Panel made of heat resistant top-quality polymer material

It is allowed to wash all parts of the oven in the dishwasher except Head because of electronic board.

Extended Ring made of stainless steel allows to cook lots of different food at the same moment

Due to the Ring it’s possible to cook up to 16lb white meat and 14lb red meat.

Non-stick materials don’t need any oils compared to ordinary ovens. The Nuwave Oven Pro Plus has drainage system providing removal of excessive fat from food.


No defreeze is required

Due to the Ring it’s possible to cook up to 16lb white meat and 14lb red meat

The price is affordable

The time of cooking is reduced by half

Temperature constantly stays on the same level while cooking

It allows to cook different types of food

All parts of the oven can be washed in the dishwasher

Handy with simple control panel


It’s not recommended to cook more than 2 hours in succession (I believe, it’s more than satisfying for everyone)

Can the NuWave Oven Help You To Preserve Your Health as It is Claimed?

The dealer promises that NuWave Oven preserves good health, fights with bad cholesterol and improves digestion. It is achieved by using NuWave own proprietary technologies keeping juice and moisture, so you don’t need extra oils when cooking and extra fatty dressings when eating.

NuWave doesn’t promise that it will affect your health directly like wholesome food certainly would, because you’re responsible for the choice of meals you’ll cook. Said differently, you can keep on buying and eating harmful foods. But in case you came to a decision to eat healthy, NuWave Oven will help you in this uphill struggle by eliminating dangerous oils and fats from your food.

Well, is the NuWave Oven able to promote your health? Maybe it’s better to look at the question this way: NuWave Oven is just a cooking device that supports you healthy eating habits, and these habits in return help you to get rid of excess fat. The same thing with other cooking tools: if you keep to a low-fat diet, you’ll probably lose some weight. Consequently, the NuWave Oven can improve your way of life only if you make an honest and firm decision to change your nutrition.

NuWave Oven Cost and Return Policy.

NuWave Oven is sold by many big chain store like Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond and Macy’s. The cost may vary from 120 to 160 dollars for one item. But if you order NuWave Oven from the NuWave company itself, the price is 120$. The manufacturer offers the payment in installment: you may pay 39.95$ three times. Delivery require an extra payment. It will cost you 29.95$ and include handling. NuWave also offers a 25% discount in case you buy the second NuWave Oven, but delivery and handling will still cost 29.95.

If you decide to rder the NuWave Oven directly from the stock, there are 2 wakeup calls that we found while researching:

Choosing the special option “Buy One – Get One free”, you’ll be redirected to a webpage where it’s possible to choose only one oven and the second “free” oven is unavailable.

Moreover, in despite of claimed payment policy, you won’t be able to bring in the whole sum at once and you have to pay separately (three times).

If you decide to make a direct payment through the official website, you’ll have to wire 69.90$ in advance which includes 39.95$ as the first payment of three and 29.95$ for delivery and handling). Then 39.95$ will be charged off your account once a month. It means that after the first payment, you’ll pay the NuWave Oven in full within 2 month. To ease the process of ordering it’s better to make a direct call to the company at 1-800-809-4035.

NuWave promises to refund money in case the NuWave Oven has some flaws or you’re not satisfied with the product, although they will not return money paid for delivery and handling. You’ll also have to pay all postage to send the NuWave Oven back. Because of such refund policy, we think it’s much better to buy the NuWave Oven from any retailer in your location. It will help you to avoid the fuss around returning and money refund and disappointment with the service.

NuWave Oven reviews

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