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Optima Tax Relief provides rather huge number of various services in taxes. His services include the state and federal tax preparation, consultation on questions of the taxation, tax investigation, tax settlement, tax mediation and the help in conducting tax audits.

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Optima Tax Relief Review.

Optima Tax Relief is the major company on the taxation founded in Santa Ana, California. In the market of similar services this firm has appeared in 2011. Its founders are Jesse Stockwell and Harry Langenberg who have got acquainted in student's years during training in Wharton Business School. Today the staff includes three hundred highly qualified specialists whose part the big group of tax lawyers, CPA and the registered agents is work. The firm is the accredited business with BBB and has the rating of A.

What services are provided to clients?

The company provides rather huge number of various services in taxes. His services include the state and federal tax preparation, consultation on questions of the taxation, tax investigation, tax settlement, tax mediation and the help in conducting tax audits.

How does this tax administration work?

The firm offers clients absolutely free help for assessment of their acceptability for tax benefits. The qualified taxpayers undergo two-stage process. First, organization protects clients, investigating their tax reports, coming into contact with IRS, requesting temporary stay on procedures of collecting, and preparation of the list of available options of negotiations and calculations. The initial stage can borrow from two to four weeks. Secondly, the company provides that taxpayers observed the tax law and provided the best available settlement. The stage of permission can borrow from three to nine months.

What options of negotiations optimize a tax benefit?

The group of taxpayers the firm, CPAs and the registered agents have the right to look through all available options of negotiations. Offers on compromises, agreements on payment by installments, the innocent spouse, a penalty and reduction of percent, bankruptcy, expiration and also remission of taxes and penalties concern them.

What is the tariff plan?

Initial consultation is free. After the company defines that the taxpayer can apply for tax benefits, he charges the fee of 995 dollars to begin the phase of investigation. This payment is provided with a two weeks guarantee of a refund. After the plan of permission is prepared, firm raises the second payment which fluctuates 995-9 995 dollars for completion of process. Cost varies depending on the size and complexity of business.

Optimum tax preferential pricing and collecting.

The company provides to all potential clients free consultation without obligations. From here the payment varies. It means that what you eventually pay, depends on details of your business (usually the more you have to or are more difficult in the case, the your collecting is higher).

Based on many complaints which we read on the BBB website, it seems, most of clients receive the initial commission of 995 dollars to begin business. From there we read about the fees in the range $4-23K. Services of Optima are delivered with a two weeks guarantee of a refund which you can request, having contacted the company by phone 800-536-0734.

Reputation of clients and collecting aside whether the tax administration, for example is Optima, your best option during the work with IRS?

Pluses and minuses of services in rendering the tax help.

First, think how many you owe IRS. If you cost less than 10 US dollars, you can contact directly IRS and request the agreement on payment by installments which under the law can't deny. Yes, you, most likely, will estimate a small penalty and percent, but if you bear such small sum, it can be much cheaper, than a payment for the tax help. You can even request directly the offer in Compromise to reduce the total amount which you have to!

Further, as we mentioned in the beginning, there are hundreds of the companies providing tax benefits which provide practically the same services therefore it is important that the reputation of clients played a part in your decision. To help, Consumer Affairs provides the detailed list of the best tax companies.

At last, as it is specified in the reference FTC above only because the company providing tax benefits agrees to work with you, it not necessarily means that you have the right to the help through IRS. Optima Tax Relief directly notes it on the website, saying: "Each individual case is unique, and we, perhaps, won't be able to save to you something".

If you choose a tax benefit of Optima to represent you?

In many cases you gamble with the companies providing tax benefits irrespective of, their reputation on the Internet is how positive. And as you will pay up to 1000 dollars only to subscribe for Optima, it can save to you a lot of money (and time!), At first having addressed to IRS independently.

At least, it can give you an idea of what resolution is offered by IRS that could help your business to move quicker if you decide to ask for the help Optima Tax Relief.

Did you use the company? Whether they could reduce your tax burden or help in a different way? Whatever it happened, tell the world about it, having written the review is lower!

Optima Tax Relief Reviews


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