Ped Egg Power Mini reviews

The secret of its significant efficiency lies in the innovational nano-abrasive surface of the roller that spins at high speed (over 200 times per minute) and takes away the embarrassing rough skin cells off the feet.

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Ped Egg Power Mini Short Outline.

The product is the improved version of the Ped Egg Power manufactured by Telebrands. Just like the original foot peeler its enhanced variant claims to remove the layers of dry skin and callus build-ups in seconds and give your feet a fresher and healthier look. The secret of its significant efficiency lies in the innovational nano-abrasive surface of the roller that spins at high speed (over 200 times per minute) and takes away the embarrassing rough skin cells off the feet. The manufacturer claims that their product is so effective that it can give you not just young looking, but baby-soft smooth feet without callus, dry, dead skin build-ups, and cracks, and that is why they call it “the best callus remover of the country.”

However, there is one difference that is crucial for the improved device. It’s twice smaller than the original model of the foot peeler. Now the mini size can fit in your palm and greatly increases its portability and convenience of usage. It’s time to find out is the Ped Egg Power Mini able to live up to its claims, and would it be a good bargain for customers. One of the first things people normally pay attention to before buying something is the reputation and reliability of the product’s maker.

The Manufacturer.

The product is manufactured by the company named Telebrands that was the first to create “As Seen On TV” category of products on the market. It’s been in business since 1983 and has already offered its customers hundreds of millions of various inventive products aimed to improve everyday’s life for everyone.

The company leads its sales mostly with the help of TV commercials. Some of their most popular goods are Pocket Hose Ultra, Grassology, Ankle Genie, and many more. However, it’s important to note that although there are plenty of reviews from customers about their products online, their average satisfaction rate hardly ever gets higher than two points out of maximum five. People claim that the company’s goods fall short of their expectations and don’t always live up to their commercial claims. Other customers complain that the quality of the products leaves much to be desired, and the prices tend to be inflated in the price-quality trade off. Often they also note that the customer service is not very helpful with unqualified staff and the process of getting refund from the company frequently hassled. These negative reviews are affirmed by the low rating of the company, accredited by the BBB, which is D- relating to more than a thousand of complaints mostly concerning the reasons listed above.

How Much Does Ped Egg Power Mini Cost?

According to the product’s website one piece costs $10. Also customers would have to pay for the shipping and handling, which is $6.99. However, there is a special offer provided by the manufacturer. The customers can purchase two foot peelers at a time, in this case they’d be charged the price for one piece and only $6.99 S&H fees for the second one and, therefore, get the latter free.

The product has a coarse roller included into the purchase, and also some extras, such as a bonus soothing roller plus lifetime roller replacement attached. In addition to that the manufacturer provides a 30-day refund program, according to which a customer can return the product in case they’re not satisfied with it within the first month after the purchase; however in this case the S&H charges will not be included into the refund. Taking into account a fact that these fees are more than a half of the product’s price, requesting a refund would basically be unfavorable, since you can lose about 50% of your money. In order to get a refund, you should call the customer service of the company that is listed on their website.

How Come Do The Feet Turn Ugly?

The build-ups of dry and dead skin, callus, and cracks can truly make anyone’s feet look ugly. But why do all these problems occur after all?

The skin structure on your feet is completely different from the one of other areas of the body. It doesn’t have oil-producing sebaceous glands forming greasy substance that creates a thin film on the skin surface to make it flexible, moisturized, and protected from the harmful components of the environment. That’s why the skin on feet gets dried very easily. At the same time every single day feet get affected by friction from footwear and pressure caused by simple walking. Even stepping barefoot can cause unfavorable influence on skin there. The human organism tries to protect this sensitive zone and makes the skin cells tougher every time when this area is exposed to any harm. The more skin gets hurt, the more layers of extra cells are formed there leading, therefore, to hard build-ups of rough skin, or callus.

Without proper care, callus gets drier and drier in the course of time and the dead skin collected there eventually turns yellow or grey. In addition to that, frequently when there gathers too much dry skin, these build-ups crack, causing discomfort and pain, not mentioning the unattractive, embarrassing appearance of the feet. The overall process is gradually aggravating as the person gets older.

The product is aimed to remove the upper layers of hard and dry, dead skin preventing formation of new build-ups and decreasing already existing ones. In this way it’s possible to improve the feet condition in general, avoiding further cracks and ugly grey/yellow dry skin build-ups, but can it really solve the problem of callus?

Is Ped Egg Power Mini Effective Against Callus?

According to the manufacturer, their product is a true remedy for those suffering from callus. However, it’s a tough problem to solve for any foot care product, since callus is very hard to handle once it gets a bit on a thick side.

Normally, when the callus formation is thin, it’s still possible to remove it completely but as it gets thicker all you can expect is to take off the upper layers and thus, make the feet softer and better looking. However, removing the whole callus using only the abrasive material is very unlikely. That is why despite the TV commercial claims, the Ped Egg Power Mini can’t guarantee coping with any sort of callus.

What Can You Do to Avoid Cracks and Dryness on Your Feet?

You should know that there are ways to prevent dryness, cracks, and callus on your feet. Firstly, avoid taking too hot showers that dry out the skin. Pay attention to the soap, shower gels, and bodywashes you use, as they are also able to make the skin dry. Read their labels to see if they contain any ingredients that can lead to excessive dryness or irritation of skin structure, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Polypropylene, Triclosan or any Synthetic Dyes. Make sure you apply a moisturizer every night before going to sleep, especially during hot summer months when the risk of getting the negative influence on your feet’ skin is maximum.

If you already have callus or cracks on your feet, try using not only electronic foot peelers to treat it, but also fruit acids, paraffin wax or essential oils, like the ones of almond, coconut or olives. The oils are 100% natural way to make the feet softer and moisturized. You can try some DIY methods as well, such as taking feet baths in baking soda.

Anyhow, the best solution of the problem lies in wearing comfortable, high-quality footwear. The best option is to have it made by qualified professionals taking your proper personal measurements of width and length. Avoid walking barefoot too often, take good care of your feet, and they will always look great.

The Alternative Products On The Market.

The manufacture wants the customers to believe that their product is one of a kind with its abrasive innovational technology, but you should be aware that there are lots of alternative devices available, and some of them even have similar operating principles. Among them are Personal Pedi Max, Emjoi Micro Pedi, Personal Pedi, and of course the original Telebrands’ product Ped Egg Power that differs from the reviewed device in size only.

Although the customers say the abrasive rolls do work, even though many of them claim that they’re still not totally living up to their commercials; the major part of complaints in their reviews concerns an incredibly short lifespan of such devices. Surely, Ped Egg Power Mini doesn’t necessarily have to provide you the same experience, still it’s useful information to think over before rushing an order.

The Final Word.

Obviously, the reviewed product doesn’t bring in any innovations as it’s claimed to in comparison to the original version of the foot peeler. The only thing that makes it different is somewhat smaller size. At the same time, the mini variant costs almost twice less than its predecessor and has lower rating as well, although it seems a bit strange, considering the fact that it has been as introduced innovational and improved version of the previous model. Moreover, looking at the pictures of both products it’s hard to notice a significant difference between their sizes. At least it definitely doesn’t look like the claimed 50% smaller dimensions. Plus a wide range of alternative products available both online and at local retailers leaves much options for you to choose from, especially considering the low reputation of other manufacturer’s goods, and numerous complaints mentioned in customers’ reviews.

Ped Egg Power Mini reviews

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