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What Is Polar Pooch?

Those of us who have pets at home know how uncomfortable thy feel during the hot summer days. When the temperature is dramatically rising animals can’t sweat like humans do, that’s why they are way more likely to get a heatstroke. Neither your pets are able to tell you if they‘re not feeling well, so you have to be very attentive to keep them healthy and happy in the hot weather.

The manufacturer of the Polar Pooch claims that they found a solution to this problem, introducing a self-cooling mat that can cool down your dog up to three hours due to the patented pressure gel in it.

The mat is very easy to use. It starts working automatically once your dog lays down on it. The gel gets activated by the pressure of the pet’s weight put on the surface of the pad and it takes only 15 minutes for the dog to reach a helping cooling effect. The mat doesn’t require batteries, being plugged to the electricity or water. According to the manufacturer the product is based on the same evaporative cooling principle that has been invented for the U.S. military to protect soldiers from extreme heat in deserts. The cooling pad is also very light and portable, so you can always take it with you anywhere and use it anytime you need it for your little fellow.

Although the Polar Pooch is not the only cooling mat available on the market, its manufacturers claim that it’s different from lots of alternatives, so what is so special about it? Can the product live up to its claims?

The Manufacturer.

Before going further to the features of the cooling pad or making any conclusions, it’s important to write a few words about the manufacturer of the product. The pad has been introduced by the Telebrands, a company known for its “As seen on TV” goods. Its most popular products are Hurricane 360 Spin Mop, Mighty Blaster, and Light Angel, which have a low satisfactory range according to the numerous reviews from the customers. The things people complained about the most were the bad quality and poor customer service.

The company got a low rating from the BBB as well (It was D-) with the overall 1,216 closed complaints for the same reasons mentioned above.

It’s important to note that the reputation of the company was somewhat spoiled after Telebrands was suspected in violation of the Consumer Fraud Act in 2014.

The Pressure-activated Gel and Its Features.

Reviewing a product like this an old saying “what really matters is what’s on the inside” fits perfectly. The essential part of the mat is the cooling gel, which according to the manufacturers is a brand new technology that differs their product from the rest similar ones available. However, the truth is the special gel isn’t so special after all.

Although there is no specification on the website of what sort of gel is used there, it can be assumed that the substance, which they claim to be pressure-activated isn’t much related to pressure. This is most likely the so called phase change material or (PCM) used in lots of industries. For instance, its applications include high-performance textiles, shipping containers, fridges and freezers, and so much more.

The phase change material reacts to temperature, not pressure. When your dog is lying on the pad, the PCM “melts” from the pet’s body temperature absorbing a large amount of heat. At the same time the temperature of the environment around it which is much lower than the dog’s one, makes it change its state and freeze. That’s how the cooling effect appears.

The pad is claimed to keep your pet cool up to three solid hours after which you need to let it “rest” for 15 minutes. When it recharges you can use the mat all over again.

This technology is widely used in other products alternative to the Polar Pooch, so it’s definitely not so revolutionary as the manufacturer of the self-cooling mat wants to make you think.


The cooling mats are very popular goods, so there is a huge selection of them available. Firstly, there are different types of mats, such as the ones requiring batteries or water and self-cooling pads, like Polar Pooch with the PCM in it. Also the models differ in sizes, thickness, and even colors so that you can choose the pad that will ideally match your home décor. Another important feature of the cooling mat that can significantly influence your final decision is the price. Some models are cheaper, others can be more expansive. Feel free to choose any you’ll like most, just keep in mind that the most important feature you should stick to is the effectiveness and comfort for your dog.

How Much Does It Cost?

The pads come in three sizes, so the price will depend on the one you pick. The small cooling mat costs $19.99 with the shipping and handling fees of $7.99. The medium size is a bit more expansive - $29.99 and additional $8.99 for S&H. To purchase the large size pad you’ll have to pay $29.99 plus $9.99 S&H.

You will receive discount if you add the second pad (of any size) to your order. In this case one more mat is going to cost you $12.99, $14.99, or $17.99 S&H charge accordingly. Every order includes a free bonus toy.

The company provides its customers a 30-day refund policy, according to the terms of which you can get back the money you paid for the pad within a month after your purchase. However, keep in mind that the S&H charges are on you so you’re most likely going to spend more money on S&H than you’ll actually get as refund. Moreover, you have to write a small notice naming the reasons of why you were not satisfied with the product. If you don’t feel like doing it, the company can refuse you in a refund.

The Good:

  • No batteries, ice or water needed to use the cooling
  • Light , thin and portable mat

The Bad:

  • There is no explanation of which kind of gel is used in the mat, so you can’t be sure that it’s 100% safe. Instead the PCM which is the most likely ingredient of the cooling pad is not even mentioned
  • The manufacturer holds the low satisfactory rating of their products and the company was accused of Fraud
  • Expensive refund policy that doesn’t include the S&H charges

The Summary.

The Polar Pooh self-cooling mat is a nice way to keep your dog healthy during hot summer, however comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the product we strongly recommend you trying to check out the alternative products, some of which can turn out cheaper or more effective.

Polar Pooch reviews

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April 8, 2017 20:45
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Bought two of the Polar Pooch pads for our dogs. They didn't seems to like them. Over the winter months, for storage, tri-folded the pads and placed in garage. Pulled them out this spring and they had black mold all on the insides where folded. Tried to clean with Lysol, but black mold still on cover. I'm concerned it might be on the inside as well. Trashing this product. Waste of money.

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