Premiera Matrixyl reviews

Premiera Matrixyl is a new anti-aging skin care cream, promising to make you look ten years younger within a few weeks of usage without any painstaking procedures, such as Botox injections.

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Briefly on Premiera Matrixyl.

Premiera Matrixyl is a new anti-aging skin care cream, promising to make you look ten years younger within a few weeks of usage without any painstaking procedures, such as Botox injections. According to the manufacturer such significant results are achieved due to the clinically proven formula of the cream, containing exclusively patented ingredients which keep the skin hydrated, moisturized, and elastic.

The key is claimed to lie in the Biofil spheres which delivers wheat protein to the cells and reduces the water loss thus making the skin smoother, at the same time decreasing the appearance of wrinkles. Besides that the results of the cream’s clinical tests shown on the website assert the potential customers that their anti-aging solution is able to diminish fine lines up to 84% and increase the production of collagen to 95% after 8 weeks of daily application only.

In fact, the manufacturer is so certain about the product’s efficiency that they call it the “Hollywood secret” on their website. However, as much as we would love to take this information at face value, we have to remember that there are a lot of new anti-aging products sold through the web nowadays that make sounding promises, charge high prices, and eventually never live up to their commercial claims. So, is the Premiera Matryxil really a revolutionary anti-aging cream or hype? Consider a few facts about the cream to find out the answer.

The Reasons of Aging Process.

Nearly every anti-aging solution claims to decrease the influence of the factors of aging process, but what makes our skin look old in the first place? Sure, a great deal of the reasons able to cause the skin look overaged depends on the lifestyle. This includes bad habits, such as smoking, lack of nutrients that emerges because of an unbalanced diet, poor sleep, and so much more. Even the sunlight can cause serious damage to skin due to its ultraviolet rays, that’s why it’s very important to choose an anti-aging solution that is able to fight at least some of these factors, and the manufacturer of the Premiera Matryxil claims that their product is capable to do it.

The Formula and its Effectiveness.

The first thing that catches the eye is the actual absence of the full list of ingredients of the cream. Instead “a recent study” and “patented formula” of the product and the promises of dramatic results are mentioned a few times, without any links to the source of these claims.

Still, there is some brief coverage on Biofil spheres, QuSome, and Biosphere which the anti-aging solution asserts to contain.

  • QuSome is a patented technology that is represented by “a self-forming liposome, which enhances the solubility and efficacy of topically applied ingredients”. It is proven to increase the skin permeation and reduce the irritation. That means that it doesn’t fight the aging process alone, but only helps the rest of active ingredients get absorbed into the skin and enhance their effect.
  • Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about Biofil spheres, except for it’s being mentioned as one of the ingredients in a few other anti-aging products sold in the internet just like the Premiera Matryxil. The manufacturer claims that it’s made of the wheat protein (HWP), the positive pore minimizing effect of which is widely known in modern skin care. However there is no proof provided by the website that Biofil spheres indeed have anything to do with the HWP in the product.
  • As for the Biosphere, there is no explanation on what sort of the substance it is and which effect exactly it has on skin. The only association of the Biosphere with the skin care industry that we managed to find is the brand of Swiss cosmetics.
  • The manufacturer of the cream also mentions the essential vitamins, immune boosters, and antioxidants in their advanced formula, which are claimed to smoothen and repair skin, reducing the aging effect of stress, but again, they don’t list any specific names of these ingredients.

It’s interesting to note that despite the name of the product, there is not a single word mentioned on the website of whether the cream contains Matryxil or not. This is a peptide that is assumed to stimulate the synthesis of collagen by skin cells; however there is no solid clinical evidence of its efficiency yet.

Terms of Use and Policy.

The anti-aging cream belongs to the sort of products that are sold via internet and are available for usage only through a trial.

The customers are offered a full monthly supply of the cream for $4.95 S&H, though the period of the trial lasts 15 days only. After it’s finished, the company will take a full price of the product off the credit card, which is $89.91. On the top of that the customer will be automatically signed up for the autoship program, according to the terms of which the company will continue to send a monthly supply of the cream to the consumer every time charging $89.91 for it.

There is a telephone number of the customer service provided on the website for those who wish to cancel their membership in the autoship program or trial, however the company doesn’t have any refund policy, which is very inconvenient for the unsatisfied customers if any.

It’s important to note that the website itself is designed in a way that creates the impression of haste, as if the customer really has to rush to make an order. For instance, at the top of the page there is a warning with a timer running and the message that the supply of the cream is very limited.

Another surprise for the attentive customers is the Arbitration Agreement they automatically agree to once they make an order. According to its conditions a person who gets any sort of damage from the product can’t sue the company or even become one of the jury at a similar trial.

Free Trial-based Products vs. Alternatives.

Lately we can see lots of anti-aging products that are sold through free trials, such as Revival Beauty Serum, Vitalie Skin Care, Celloplex, Nuvoderm Nano Gold, etc. They have automatic autoship programs and relatively similar claims, which usually don’t live up to their commercials. According to the numerous reviews on such products, the average satisfaction rate with the products is very low, and the customer service is very poor once the customers wish to sign out of their programs. On the top of that the price of such anti-aging solutions is very high and there is rarely an option of refund.

At the same time as we mentioned previously, the primary cause of the overage-looking skin is an unhealthy lifestyle. Getting rid of bad habits, like smoking or staying up too late, keeping to a balanced diet and using sun protection products is a guaranteed way to make your skin look young and beautiful.

The Bottom Line.

The manufacturer of the Premiera Matryxil makes a lot of tempting claims, but seems to lack any evidence that any of them is legit. Simultaneously there is no list of exact ingredients of the cream, so it’s impossible to tell whether it’s going to bring any positive effect or at least not harm your skin, and if it does make any damage you won’t be able to file a lawsuit against the company or get your money back. For these reasons it’d be better to consult with your dermatologist about finding an alternative anti-aging product that has positive reputation and customers’ reviews, or provide some changes into your lifestyle, helping the skin stay young for a longer time.

Premiera Matrixyl reviews

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