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Quip Toothbrush reviews

Do you know about the new Internet startup called Quip brush? It aims to reverberate and turn the whole pharmacy industry on its head. The highlights is the brand-new handsome and practical electric brushes. Let’s see what is the secret of them (if they have this secret).

We use our toothbrushes every day.

But fewer than all people really like theirs brushes and won’t replace them if they are offered somewhat better. Many of us used to grab goods in the stores without thinking. Then we look at the strange contraption in our bathroom and fight the urge of throwing it away. The new Quip startup can help change things (as the brush company promises us). Say goodbye to your old unreasonable tool – it’s about time to meet stylish electric toothbrushes equipped with mail-order changeable brush heads.

Quip brushes are divided into manual and electric models. There are four manual items and an equal quantity of electric ones. All of them have different designs. The brushes with green or blue plastic handles cost $5 in manual version and $25 in electric version. The brushes with silver or dark brushed-slate metal handles cost $20 in manual version and $40 in electric version. And there is a profitable detail: the company provides customers for a subscription service. You can easily get replacement heads for your brush.

Having billed every three months, you will get a new brush head (or a 3-month toothpaste tube) for $5 or a head and a tube mentioned above for $10, and a travel 2-week toothpaste tube. All of this will arrive to your door on time specified by subscription service rules in accordance with your consent. No commitments: you can unsubscribe at any moment.

We have tried this product (and it is weird a little to see a toothbrush on the store-shelf alongside of earbuds and smartphones, like some kind of luxury item). But we bought it and checked up its capability. First of all, we discovered that the electric version of the Quip brush bears no resemblance to familiar electric brushes. It doesn’t spin around but vibrates and pulses thrice every 30 seconds – it’s a signal that you should change the part of your mouth to brush it purely. It is 30 seconds given to each mouth quadrant brushing ideally and the Quip brush reminds you about it delicately.

The button of the brush head is integrated into the rubber cover at the base of it. And you need the AAA-type battery inside which will last a solid in three months (quite a brush head lifetime).

The manual item is a traditionary toothbrush. Both versions are popping in and out very easy and fitted with soft bristles.

There is a plastic stand for your brushes to keep them in safety. You can stick it at the vantage ground to the wall, mirror or medicine cabinet (if you want) and take brushes whenever and wherever you need them. Well, the toothpaste is classical mint with common fluoride. Maybe there will be a large variety of modifications as the market dictates.

The toothbrush, even the most fascinating one, is nothing more or less than the toothbrush so we cannot say that we were on top of the world after using the Quip product. But we enjoyed it, really – we’re talking about the electric brush-silver metal version now. We have been using it for few weeks and we must say that it is a very good tool. The head is small and maneuverable, the brush-other-teeth reminder function is definitely useful and the brush itself sticked down to the side of the medicine cabinet is very nice and cool. So we have also subscribed for replacement heads.

As such we have come to a conclusion that the metal brushes are better than the plastic ones because plastic versions felt like hollow-section, a bit unnecessarily lightweight and questionable tools.

In the matter to the toothpaste – we decided to go back from it. Firstly, we don’t like the taste of it. Secondly, we think that we can wait for a new brush in a matter of days (the brush that have become a little ratty is not the end of the world), but we don’t want to “be paste poor” in case when our toothpaste came to an end but the regular shipment hadn’t come yet.

Start-type Set.

There are Quip Toothbrush, 1 replacement brush head and toothpaste (regular and travel modifications). Set with the plastic-handle brush costs $25 (or $40 without refills). Set with the metal-handle brush costs $40 (or $55 without refills). Refills of brush and paste cost $10 refill. The supplier ships them once every 3 months. Or you can pay in advance – $65 for a year – and get free refills.

Brush-type Set.

There is Quip Toothbrush with plastic ($30 or $35 without refills) or metal ($45 or $50 without refills) handle. No toothpaste. The supplier sends brush refills every 3 months (their price is $5). Or you can pay in advance – $55 for a year.

Group-type Set.

There are two Electric Sets. The Electric Couple Set consists of 2 Quip Electric Toothbrushes, 2 refill brush heads, and toothpastes (both large and small). The price is $75 (or $100 without refills). The Electric Family Set consists of 4 Quip Electric Toothbrushes, 4 refill brush heads, and toothpastes (both large and small too). The price is $150 (or $200 without refills).


1 white plastic manual toothbrush: for $10 (or $5 refills every 3 months).

1 toothbrush head: for $5, with or without refills.

1 toothpaste (4.7 oz = 240 ml): for $5, with or without refills.

1 travel cover-mount: for $5.

Refill plans are optional. The supplier ships them for free. They cannot be paused but can be canceled at any moment.

Shipping without a refill plan costs $5.

The supplier provides a lifetime guarantee and a 30-day refund policy on all Quip Toothbrushes associated with an active refill plan. And it should be noted that the Quip company specifies on its website: it charges shipping (which includes $5 for a single brush plan, $10 for a couple plan and $15 for a family plan) to cover the return shipping cost and deducts it from user’s credit card refund unless user ships with his own means.

You can reach the customer service on the issue of the refund request with online chat service or e-mail help@getquip.com.

Quip brushes: feedbacks and opinions.

It is not too difficult to find the cheapest electric toothbrush on the market and it is not the Quip brush (which had been on sale over a year at the moment of our testing experience and overall-overviewed on high-profile websites). But Quip prices are obtainable enough. And what about the quality – from ordinary people’s angle?

I am the author of this article for the Fast Company and I think that this brush is not perfect for me from a practical perspective. My husband who used to operate with manual toothbrush said that Quip product have modernized his daily routine. Stephen Pulvirent (Bloomberg) likes this electric brush very much for its capability and stylish layout, but the tasteless paste and the lightweight plastic brush disappointed him. So I can say that Quip’s toothbrush is “indicated” for people who fond of modern domestic treatments but don’t want to pay too much for them.

Quip Toothbrush


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