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Sani Sticks is a new environment-friendly product that is claimed to prevent blockage in your sink and release it from unwanted smells.
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Sani Sticks Overview.

Sani Sticks is a new environment-friendly product that is claimed to prevent blockage in your sink and release it from unwanted smells. The product batonnets contain the enzymes that break down the debris build-up in the pipes and prevent further clogging and foul smells.

The manufacturer.

The Sani drain-sticks are manufactured by the Product Trend, LLC, based in Williston, VT. It’s a company renowned for producing many “As Seen on TV” products, such as My Spy Birdhouse, My Fun Fish, Lumi Doh, etc. It’s registered in Better Business Bureau where it hold a B+ rating with 118 closed complaints from customers at the time of this review was written. The major complaints about the company concerned very poor customer service, especially once it was coming up to getting refunds.

In addition to that people stated that the overall price of their orders was somewhat higher than it was advertised and expected. The reason for this lied in company’s including additional products to the purchase and even drawing the money off from the credit cards before the customers processed their orders. Many people also reported the poor quality of the products and their failure to live up to its TC commercial claims. These numerous negative comments significantly affected the reputation of the manufacturer and its goods. At the moment Product Trend, LLC holds very low customers’ average satisfaction rate on various websites with 2 points out of maximum 5.

How Sani Sticks work.

According to the manufacturer the drain cleaning sticks are very easy to use. Al you have to do is to put one of them into the drain once in a month. The sticks are biodegradable, so once it reaches the plumbing trap, it starts to slowly dissolve releasing the mix of active natural enzymes that break down to molecules the grease, food rests and other debris in the drain, leaving only a pleasant fragrance afterwards.

Are the Enzymatic Drain Cleaners for You?

Enzymes have been widely used in the household industry. They are protein molecules that speed up the chemical reactions and break down substances. That’s why they are often added into detergents or in this particular case drain cleaning solutions. The manufacturer didn’t indicate which kind of enzymes they used in their drain batonnets, so we can’t state how exactly the formula works.

Basically, all the enzymatic drain cleaners work on the same principle - you put it into the drain and the enzymes make the debris and grease build-ups slowly break down, and therefore clear the pipes. The process is natural, so the method is 100% safe for any plumbing. However, it’s important to note that enzymatic drain cleaners are often much less efficient than their chemicals-containing competition. In case you experience no problems with the clogged and smelly pipes, using the drain sticks can be an effective way to maintain your plumbing’s good condition, but if there’s already an odor or blockage, they will be way slower to handle the job than the harsh chemicals. Most people would use the products from Draino or Liquid Plumr to get rid of the problem as soon as possible.

Another disadvantage of the enzymatic sticks is that they have to stay in the plumbing for some time in order to remove the debris, which can lead to new blockage formation. The rests of food or grease that go down the drain every time you use the sink can catch hold on the stick and start accumulating there in the course of time. The natural degradable power of the sticks can turn out too weak to handle the new clogs building on them and the debris will continue growing that eventually will lead to new pipes blockages. That is why the enzymatic cleaners will be a more suitable choice for those who seek a preventive measure rather than the active remover of clogs and foul odor.

The Alternative Methods of Preventing Clogged and Smelly Pipes.

Once you watch the TV commercial you may think that the drain sticks seem a panacea for all woes; however it’s always useful to keep in mind that there are many other alternative ways to maintain your sink blockage and odor-free.

One of the ways to get rid of the grease build ups that eventually cause foul smell is to put the mixture of baking soda and lemon juice or vinegar down the drain once in a while. You can also use the coffee grounds or just simply pour very hot water into the sink every time you use it.

If you have a P-trap installed under your sink to prevent clogs and block the sewer gasses from infiltrating into the air of you place, simply keeping it water-filled can do the trick.

These methods are easy, efficient, and practically free. However if you don’t feel like it’s your way to handle a problem, there are even more options. Remember that there are plenty of alternative products available on the market claiming to perform the same task. They can be in the same price range or even cheaper, plus you might purchase many of them at local retailers therefore saving some money on shipping and handling charges.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price for 48 sticks is $10. That’s not much taking into account that according to the manufacturer you’ll need just one of them per month for proper use. It means that making an order you’re supposed to get a supply enough for 48 months or four years! However, the price of the S&H is $11.98. Doesn’t it just look suspicious that the S&H charges are bigger than the price of the product itself?

The doubts get even stronger if you take a look at the company’s 30-days refund policy according to which you get the money you paid for the product back if you’re not satisfied with the drain sticks, but the S&H fees will stay non-refundable. It means that you will either way lose some money. As a rule trustworthy products can’t cost less than its shipping. Making the S&H charges more expansive than the actual price of goods the company is hedging, so that their income will surely exceed expenses and loss. Not the most consumer-friendly business strategy, we’d say.

The Product’s Strong Points:

  • The sticks remove the clogs and odors 100% naturally without harmful chemicals
  • The product is easy to use and requires only a few moments once in per month to make it work
  • The sticks are safe for all kinds of plumbing

The Product’s Weak Points:

  • The drain sticks would be more efficient as a preventive measure against pipes clogging than a remover of already existing ones
  • There is a wide range of alternative products and methods of handling the same task with many of them being more effective and cheaper
  • The price of the non-refundable S&H charges exceeds the cost of the product that makes you overpaying
  • The reputation of the drain sticks’ manufacturer is doesn’t add much trust into the product

The Bottom Line.

Nobody likes to have blocked pipes and foul odor at home, and using the natural drain cleaning sticks seems not a bad solution of the problem. However, taking into account so many alternative options and reasonable disadvantages of the product; it might be a good idea to visit a local retailer that offers similar cleaning solutions whether they’re enzymatic or chemicals-based. Or you can try one of the numerous DIY ways of coping with the task. Anyhow, don’t limit yourself in finding the way that will work out perfectly for your needs.

Sani Sticks reviews

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March 23, 2018 14:14
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November 2, 2017 18:33
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I’ve been using these for about a year. They seemed to be working until I noticed the bathroom sink was draining slow. Instead of waiting until it was clogged totally, I decided to pull the drain apart the other day. What I found surprised me. Not only were there globs of what these were supposed to be getting rid of, there was about six of these tangled up in the goop and hair. I see in their advertising, they don't say anywhere what is supposed to happen to the sticks after a month. I would have thought they would all dissolve. Guess what? They don't. I did notice there wasn’t any odors from the most used drains but, when I took the one apart, there was a strong chemical like smell. And, it wasn’t coming from the hair and goop. Now am wondering how long it will be before other drains will do the same. I will not be using these any further nor will I pay to send what I have left back to get my ten dollars back.

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