Shark Rocket reviews

The Shark claims that she made a revolution in cleaning by means of the new portable device under the name Rocket which was, allegedly, easier, easier and better was cleaned - more inhausted with smaller energy, than their competing Dyson's machines.

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Shark Rocket review.

The shark claims that she made a revolution in cleaning by means of the new portable device under the name Rocket which was, allegedly, easier, easier and better was cleaned - more inhausted with smaller energy, than their competing Dyson's machines.

Having said that it is the most popular vacuum brand in the USA, Shark Rocket is made and on sale the company Euro Pro, LLC, the company on production of the ware which is based in Newton, Massachusetts. They are not accredited by BBB and have the rating of D at the time of our research because of nearly 100 complaints for the last 3 years.;

Understanding of how the shark works

Shark Rocket is the 500-watt, optimized manual vacuum cleaner which, allegedly, has the "any unnecessary ounce" which is cut down to provide you the small unit in which the motor and the dust collector and also the ergonomic pen and the working switch are placed. Different types of hoses, but when it is in the vertical mode can be attached to this base, the long thin plastic tube which they call the cleaning stick becomes a body while the unit which contains motorized by a brush serves as the mobile base.

What is the size?

In general, the complete Shark Rocket size is 22,8 x 10 x 31,9 inches, and it weighs 11,9 pounds (though in their video they claim that it makes 8 pounds).

According to the company, Shark Rocket not only will replace larger vertical vacuum, but also will better clean, than full-size vertical Dyson and Dyson Digital Slim (DC 44), for only a half of the price. They say that it is connected to "the advanced electronics" which contains technology of microtransmission which, allegedly, gives you the real deep cleaning of carpets without loss of power or a suction.

Use of rackets of a shark

The Shark Rocket producer claims that there is a set of ways of use of a vacuum. For example, when it vertically (as spoke above), they say that you have two speeds for a brush. Connect the device (it is equipped with a cord of a power supply 32 feet long) and if necessary choose setup for a carpet or a firm floor. Then begin to vacuum; They say that its rotary rudder control will facilitate maneuvering around furniture and in each corner.

Not only it, but also Shark Rocket was, allegedly, designed so that to make transition from floors to walls and ceilings "without efforts" and to clean "anything". They say that it does it ideal for everything, from deep cleaning to fast pickups and dust. Shark Rocket is delivered with the attached objects which as they speak, are intended for different surfaces, including furniture, ceiling fans, air vents, counters, curtains, window sills, devices and even in your car.


Shark Rocket also says that it is the main favourite vacuum with its exclusive applications which are specially intended for selection of dogs or cat's hair. The tool for a pet / upholstery for removal of hair for animals and dust from curtains or other more delicate objects and an upholstery is switched also on. For "a payment for modernization" the motorized hand tool for use on soil on carpet ladders and an upholstery which, allegedly, maintains intensive use and additional wear that hair for animals are Put on by the vacuum engine can be added to your order.

How to clean a racket of a shark

When the dusty bowl of Shark Rocket is filled, they say that you can quickly empty its pressing buttons and dump it in a recycle bin while its filters washing, high-quality and don't demand replacement. When you stop using the acoustic rocket, hang up it (and an additional bag for accessories) from the hook for storage on wall fastening which, according to them, takes less places in a cabinet.

Each order of Shark Rocket is delivered with:

Shark Rocket Ultralight Vacuum (HV300 model)

Dust brush

12-inch Crevice tool

The wide tool for pets / upholstery

Wall fastening

32 'Cord

Dust-protection adaptation with the washing pillow from microfibre

Bag for accessories (with an upgrade)

The motorized hand tool (with updating)

Under the dashboard (with updating)

Delivery set for the house and the car (with updating)

18 "The Flexi Crevice tool (with updating)

Polygonal dust removal brush (with updating)

5-year guarantee

60-day guarantee of a refund

Price Shark Rocket, delivery and return.

The Shark Rocket at the price 4 payments in the amount of 44,95 US dollars, or one contribution in the amount of 179,80 US dollars, free of charge S & H.

During execution of the order you will also be given an opportunity "to update" your order with some of the listed above positions at the additional price in the amount of 89,90 US dollars plus 9,95 US dollars, bringing total amount to 279,67 US dollars (though the mathematics not absolutely develops As total amount has to be 279,65 US dollars).

Besides, they offer you a set of other options of turn and modernization, including blenders, mops, lifelong guarantees and priority processing. Thus, by that moment when you check, you, perhaps, spent much more, than you initially planned. Nevertheless, we like their generous policy of return which gives you 60 days (they will pay for sending) and a 5-year guarantee which also includes free shipping in both directions.

Shark Rocket vacuum cleaners are also available through Amazon and other third-party retail dealers.

Bottom Line: Whether Shark Rocket is fraud?

The vacuum has to have a strong absorption, and, at least, from this point of view, the Shark rocket, it seems, performs quite good work.

Nevertheless, people are, as a rule, very picky concerning the vacuum, and this product (and a shark in general) has the share of haters. If you can't find Shark Rocket in the local big shop, order online from them with confidence, but be careful during check!

Shark Rocket reviews

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