Smart Back brace reviews

Smart Back is a brace that is aimed to relief the pressure on your back and keep your posture straight. According to the product’s website the sling is the perfect solution for people suffering from lumbar pain or those having a bad habit to slouch while they’re sitting.

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Smart Back Overview.

Smart Back is a brace that is aimed to relief the pressure on your back and keep your posture straight. According to the product’s website the sling is the perfect solution for people suffering from lumbar pain or those having a bad habit to slouch while they’re sitting.

The Smart Back has been introduced by the company Spark Innovators which specializes in “As Seen on TV” products, like InVinceable, Engrave-It Pro, etc. Their average satisfactory rating according to the customers’ reviews holds only 1,5 stars. Most of them complain that the products don’t live up to their advertisement claims and the price charged by the company is too high in comparison to the quality of the products. Sure, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the brace is going to disappoint you, but this is a reason to have a great deal of thought before making a decision on whether it’s worth buying or not.

The brace is claimed to be light, portable, and discreet enough to disguise it underneath the clothes and wear it any place you wish. Using the brace is very simple and anybody can easily apply it at home while watching TV, in the office at work or at any other place. It takes only three steps to improve your posture with the help of the Smart Back. Firstly, you just wrap the brace around your back, put the straps to your knees and enjoy the wonderful effect.

But can a back brace really relief the pain in the lumbar area? Can its effectiveness be proven?

How Can the Brace Alleviate the Pain?

If you’re already having back pain once in a while because of the incorrect posture you should understand that putting the brace will not make the problem go away instantly. It’s not a painkiller or surgery, what it indeed does is the immediate correction of the bad posture into the right position, thus lowering the pressure on joints and providing the right alignment of your spine. According to the American Chiropractic Association it’s the stress put on the spine joints and the poor tone of the muscles which support it that cause the back pain. So, correcting your posture and sitting straight up will eventually decrease the pain that resulted from the incorrect posture. That’s exactly the way how the brace works.

Why Does the Lumber Area Need Support?

In the commercial of the product you can see that it has to be wrapped around the lumber region to put the spine into the right position. This area has a great number of spinal, so called “lumbar nerves” which come all the way through your back joining together shoulders, neck, and hips. For that reason slumbering in this area can cause you feeling the pain in other regions of the back, and all the other way around: proper alignment of the lumber can relief the pain in that region and potentially relief pain in other back areas. Thus, we can conclude that the brace may live up to its claims.

However, it’s important to note that not all sorts of back pain are caused by the incorrect posture, so if you have other problems which result in the back pain, such as herniated disks, there is no guarantee that the sling will make your pain go away. Moreover, you can possibly face some other issues while using the brace, which you might want to consider before ordering the product.

Potential Issues and Precautions.

  • Firstly, keep in mind that if you belong to those people who used to slump when sitting for long years, you shouldn’t expect the immediate pain relief once you wear the brace. Your body and the spine also got used to the incorrect posture, which means that the muscles which are supposed to provide the natural proper alignment of your back have a poor toning. Sitting straight up will put some pressure on them, making you feel discomfort and perhaps in some cases even slight stiffness or pain, at least at first for some time until your spine will get used to staying in the correct position and the muscles will get trained enough to provide a proper support to it. That’s why the commercial claim of absolute comfort while wearing the brace can be a little bit exaggerated.
  • The second step the sling usage presupposes that you anchor the cushion straps to your knees. So, the more you slumber the more pressure is put on the knees, which can be potentially dangerous for people suffering from various knee problems.
  • The brace is designed in a way that helps controlling the posture while sitting only. However, people who used to have bad posture for years tend to slumber all the time when they walk or stand and not just sitting in front of the computer or TV. The brace is useless when a person moves, as it can’t align the spine while a person is performing certain kinds of activities.

Policy and Terms of Use.

It is interesting that the brace costs only $19.99 and for that money you get one piece plus another sling as a bonus on condition that a customer will separately pay the shipping and handling fees for the second brace.

The price of S&H charges is $15.98 (per one brace). So making your order you’ll actually pay $19.99 + $31.96 ($15.98 S&H for one brace and $15.98 for the second one) with the overall amount of more than $50, most of which are the processing fees!

Please, note that despite of the commercial that tells you that these fees are included into the company’s 60-day refund policy in fact the sum you paid for the S&H charges is going to be larger than your refund.


As one of the “As seen on TV” products the back brace leaves the impression of an absolutely wise and one of a kind solution of all your back pain problems after you watch its commercial. However, as we mentioned earlier not all of the pain in your back results from the bad posture. Each peculiar type of pain has its own reason and demands its own treatment. One can choose to buy one of the other braces available, such as BeActive Brace or Royal Posture. There are also back belts, like Dr. Ho’s Compression Belt and OneBack Belt. Others may prefer more complex devices such as Kyrobak and BackBridge. There are options even among special cushions, such as WedgyWedge and Smushion.

However, in any case the best thing to do is going for a visit to your doctor who can help you define the reasons of your back pain, establish the diagnosis, and prescribe treatment that will help you for sure.

Wrapping It Up…Is the Smart Back a Good Choice For You?

We’d recommend consulting with a doctor about the reasons causing your pain. If it’s really bad posture to blame, the brace might be a solution of a problem for you. However, it most likely won’t be a good call for those having pain or other issues with their knees. The pain resulting from other reasons, such as herniated disks is not going to vanish from the usage of the brace only.

Also if you don’t like the tricky refund policy, costly S&H charges, and the low average rating of other products manufactured by the same company, try to find an alternative product in the web or at the local retailers.

Smart Back brace reviews

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