South Beach Diet reviews

South Beach Diet. One way or another, losing weight is a long path, and travelling on it means measurable energy increasing, health boosting, self-confidence improving and much benefit obtaining at all. If medical websites are anything to go by, this diet can be a very useful aid on this long journey.

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South Beach Diet review.

What do we know about the South Beach Diet? It can help you lose excess weight and boost your health at all. Most people using this diet lose about 8...13 pounds (or less, depending on their initial weight) in a two weeks’ time after they joined up. Then, as it is said on official diet description, they keep losing 1-2 pounds a week in a sustained way.

What is the secret of this project? You are choosing the “right” fats and carbs among dozens of good and bad ones. You ought to eat a vast number of eggs and whole grains, nuts and vegetables, lean proteins (turkey and chicken meat), low-fat dairies and fish. More proteins and well-affecting fats, less carbohydrates. But you mustn’t eliminate carbs as they are: you should choose food with low-GI (GI is the standard glycemic index) carbs, having regard to degree of their affecting blood glucose. In fact, you will feel full longer and have steady blood sugar (and good metabolism, too) with the help of “right” carbs.

Well, no saturated fats, high-GI carbs, trans fats. Your choices are avocado and olive oil meals, containing monounsaturated fats. And go ahead! It seems that the typical modern American diet is less likely to be healthy in comparison with this version.

Why does it work?

What should you do if you want to lose your “cloying” weight? You should prepare yourself for getting through the three-phase nutrition trial. We say “the trial” because it will not be easy if you need to drop more than 10 pounds. In that case, you have to start with the first phase (not the second), which is the most restrictive phase. On the other hand, the third phase is the most progressive, and there's still something to strive for.

What is your general aim? You must get the feel of replacing unhealthy fats and carbs with good ones. You don’t need to count grams or calories. You ought to eat six meals a day. There are three basic ones beginning with a well-filling salad, two light snacks, and one dessert with high-protein base (it may be popular creamy chocolate mousse). How much pounds do you want to shed? Keep to your diet according to this individual measure.

What about the first phase? It is the shortest but the “strongest” phase. It lasts two weeks, and you must stabilize your blood sugar over the current fortnight. Forget about cravings, you can eat vegetables and eggs, fish and low-fat dairies, soy and chicken, beans and turkey, salads and shellfish in huge quantities (by portions). Only green food, lean proteins, and two tablespoons of valuable fats (extra-virgin olive oil, some nuts) per day at the most. But no fruits or juice! No whole grains and any starches! And no sugar and alcohol! Aim to eat slowly, return for seconds if you still feel hungry, and do not overextend this severe phase more than two weeks mentioned above.

Well, it’s time to passing on the second phase. What are its special aspects? You return to the “good“ carbs, and you can eat fruit, whole pasta and bread, and brown rice. There are three fruit meals and three starches meals per day, plus two snack meals are encourage. It is allowed to drink wine (white or red): no more than a standard glass with dinner. You keep this phase diet until you lose “intentional” pounds.

And the third phase follows, the easiest phase of this diet, which permits you to eat all food which you want. It is the phase of maintenance, you will in theory keeping its nutrition requirements throughout your life. Three of four starches meals, three pieces of fruit, and two oil tablespoons (it can be canola or olive oil) at most are at your service.

How much money should you charge during this diet keeping?

We think that the best advantageous way to lose weight with this special diet is to buy a special book. It cost $14.28 on Amazon market when we had been conducting this research. But if you want to try the branded diet meal plan, you will also order one option of the three South Beach Diet’s food packages. There are $329.99 auto-delivery option (for every 21 days, with preliminary e-mail reminders about choosing your food, or pausing, updating, or cancelling your order at pleasure), $507.68 one-time supply version, and $25 snack version. Free shipping service is available for the Continental U.S., and there is no shippings to PO or APO boxes, and to military addresses. There is a 7-day satisfaction guarantee (less S&H) for each meal plan, and you will need to inform customer service (phone number 888-841-2620) if you want to request your first-time 21-day diet project refund.

Inventing and dieters’ changes.

Dr. Arthur Agatston, the creator of the South Beach Diet (his idea was formed in the 1990s), is an American cardiologist who studied at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He is practicing at South Beach Preventive Cardiology (Miami, FL) now, and he is known as Medical Director of South Florida’s Baptist Health organization. He found out that the modern Atkins diet wasn’t as healthy as expected because of high saturated fat and low good nutrient (fiber, for example) content. So, he had developed the new-brand South Beach Diet for his patients. He recommended to eat 4 1/2 cups of vegetables, 2 cups of milk or dairy, small protein portions (2 ounces in the morning and 3 ounces in the evening, at the starting of the diet keeping) per day etc.

Some media reports, several conference talks, and the diet became popular. In addition, Agatston defined good amounts of food of his diet at his first-addition thematic book published in 2003. Next version followed in 2005, and it contained information with changes. Healthy milk and yoghurt were included, some vegetable guidelines had been recovered from limitations etc. If you want to compare two book versions, we can recommend the list of changes named VeryWell.

Our potential conclusions.

The second and the third phases of this Agatston’s food project is known as very healthy programs which successfully help people lose weight within reasonable limits and keep it off over a long period of time. You can read it on the serious medical websites. But the first phase is bad-marked as the diet program which has too many strong nutrition restrictions. You can shed pounds very quickly during the first phase, but at what price?

For another thing, this diet is quite expensive in itself. You might cook appropriate meals by yourself with the diet recommendation book and waste your time. But you might make an official food delivery order and charge $330 carefully every three weeks (to put it in other words – more than $5,700 per year). What will you choose – paying for the privilege or studying healthy-cooking rules?

As a comparison, the modern NutriSystem program will demand from you $280…310 every month, and the BistroMD project will cost you $130…160 every week. And we want to give you a piece of advice: there are interesting mini reviews are placed on YouTube where you can find profitable details of this program fiber supplement. It might be especially useful for those who want to stop eating carbs and enter upon the first phase.

One way or another, losing weight is a long path, and travelling on it means measurable energy increasing, health boosting, self-confidence improving and much benefit obtaining at all. If medical websites are anything to go by, this diet can be a very useful aid on this long journey.

And do not forget to consult your doctor, please!

Good luck!

South Beach Diet reviews

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