Spray Perfect reviews

Spray Perfect reviews. Spray Perfectis a spray-on nail polish, available in six different colors, that provides smooth and complete coverage in just a few seconds. Thanks to its chip-and-crack-resistant “smart polish formula,” Spray Perfect tightly sticks to your nails, while other overspray easily washes off with just water and gentle rubbing.

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Reviews On Spray Perfect.

Spray Perfect is a new spray-on nail polish, which, after applying base and top covers, can work in less than a minute and provide uniform results.

About Spray Perfect

Spray Perfectis a spray-on nail polish, available in six different colors, that provides smooth and complete coverage in just a few seconds. Thanks to its chip-and-crack-resistant “smart polish formula,” Spray Perfect tightly sticks to your nails, while other overspray easily washes off with just water and gentle rubbing.

Spray Perfect works whether you are right or left-handed, no matter if you are using it on your fingernails or toenails, also, it is safe to use on acrylic nails. It is known not to smudge or drip, it lasts up to 5 days and comes off with regular nail polish remover. All the process takes a few steps:

  • Use a base cover.
  • Spray polish onto your fingernails or toenails.
  • Use the top cover (keep this in mind, because we will come back to it soon).
  • Rinse excess polish off your skin.

Definitely there is a “cool factor” about Spray Perfect, as it is probably something we thought about at one point or another. But, is it really the “world’s fastest manicure”? Does it really work as the company says? Will it help you save money over visiting the salon?

Now, you are probably very curious about Spray Perfect to be your “must have” in your cosmetics bag, so let’s find it out.

Some Missing Steps About Spray Perfect

Well, when you watch the Spray Perfect commercial, you will easily believe that using the nail polish takes only a few seconds, as it is basically like using a can of spray paint. Although, what the commercial and product’s website do not even mention is that you will have to use a base cover on your nails before you spray and then a top cover afterward, just like your regular polish.

But, no further information is provided. Although, considering that these covers act as shields, it is evident that without it the polish will just be washed off your nails like it will be washed off your skin. It means that all the uncovered areas can be easily left without polish, so you will need to be very accurate with where each cover goes—just like your traditional nail polish!

Even though this fact seems to be left unsaid, we still think it makes all the difference. You would ask, why? Basically, it seems like using Spray Perfect may take as long as regular nail polish, (we are talking about some extra steps like spraying the nail polish and apply a top cover), and maybe it can take even longer.

Let’s find out what other customers experienced with Spray Perfect?

What Are The Reviews On Spray Perfect?

We specialize in reviewing the products after they are released, but at the time of our research there were no online customer reviews for Spray Perfect. Although, after reviewing the 600+ ASOTV products, we have found out that very often they make the redesigned versions of existing products, and Spray Perfect seems to be one of them.

For example, the product named Paint Can from Nails Inc. was released in November 2015 and had lots of fans, and was reviewed by popular outlets such asAllure,TODAY,Good Housekeeping, and others. Generally, most of the customers were pleased with this product, claiming that it worked well. Among the complaints we found online, there were a few noting that applying the different covers might require some practice, you should wash it off as soon as possible, and that it should be used in a well-ventilated area (as it has strong paint-like smell).

It is evident that Paint Can is manufactured by different company, so we are definitely not saying that you will experience the same when using Spray Perfect. And by the way, who manufactures this spray-on nail polish?

About Spray Perfect’s Manufacturer

Spray Perfect is a product of Plymouth Direct, the company that is famous for such products as Mighty Putty Purple, BeActive, Tag Away, and other within the ASOTV industry. As we found out, most of Plymouth Direct’s products have a rating of 2 stars or even lower, usually due to failure to work, poor quality or some problems in refunds processing.

It happens to most As Seen On TV products, and not only with Plymouth Direct’s ones.

Now, let’s talk about the price of Spray Perfect.

What Will Spray Perfect Cost You?

You will have to pay $19.99 for two bottles of Spray Perfect plus free shipping that are available in Racy Red, Naked Nude, Sexy Silver, Party Pink, Passion Purple, or Whimsical White colors. As the company says, each bottle contains enough nail polish for up to 10 full manicures or pedicures.

Spray Perfect also comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. If you want to initiate one, you will need to call customer service at 800-340-3418.

Note About Binding Arbitration

All the purchases at Plymouth Direct, and Spray Perfect is not an exception, are automatically bound to an arbitration agreement. This means that instead of a trial by jury or joining a class action lawsuit, any grievances you might have against the company will be settled through binding arbitration. Even if it seems harmless to you, in most cases, arbitration proceedings tend to favor the company over the consumer.

Is Spray Perfect … Really Perfect?

Considering the fact that Spray Perfect was very new at the time of our research, we cannot know if it works as well as the original Paint Can. Even if it does, we think that company’s marketing step – that it works in less than a minute and save your time – does not really provide customers with good understanding of what they can expect.

Moreover, we even think that using process might actually takeonger than traditional nail polish, but probably you will get much better coverage and of better quality. With this in mind, if you are looking for uniform results of nail polish application, Spray Perfect might be a good choice. But, if time is more precious to you, with Spray Perfect usage you might get disappointed.

If you already had an experience of using Spray Perfect, tell us about it by writing a review. Was it really faster than traditional nail polish? And did you achieve better results?

Spray Perfect reviews


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