SunRun reviews

SunRun is a USA-based company pretending to be an important player on green technologies. It actively promotes its solar energy systems in an attempt to gain a bigger market share. Let’s look closer at its strengths and weaknesses.

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SunRun review.

Over a decade, green technologies have been consistently rising. Solar energy is probably one of the most intensively growing sectors now. And for a reason though. Carbon emission is a point of focus for the world community. That being said, businesses that offer environmentally friendly solutions have a really unlimited growth potential.

SunRun is a USA-based company pretending to be an important player on this scene. It actively promotes its solar energy systems in an attempt to gain a bigger market share. Let’s look closer at its strengths and weaknesses.

What Is SunRun

According to the company, it now installs a new solar system every several minutes. They claim the number of their clients operating such systems already exceeds 50,000. This rapid growth is possible due to the major benefit provided by their solutions: solar energy generation becomes simple and cost-effective.

To join the club, a prospective client should follow a four-step procedure.

First of all, you have to discuss available options. For this end, SunRun will make a third-party qualified installer to examine your situation in terms of where you are situated, how much you pay for electricity now, what kind of roof you have, and whether your roof is well lit with the sun.

To proceed, SunRun will come up with a custom design of a solar system based on your specific situation. Again, a certified partner will be involved to perform the installation.

Step three is choosing a payment plan.

As a final step, SunRun will provide you with some guarantees and take on maintenance of the installed system for 20 years to come.

Once the solar panels are installed, you join SunRun’s user community and become the company’s client. As such, you are granted access to a free account, where you can monitor your power generation figures, equivalent CO2 emission cut and, most important the money you have saved due to using this technology.

When considering the opportunity to take advantage of this lucrative offer, please note that by the moment, SunRun’s services are available in several USA states only. So check the company’s website first.

Feedback From Current Customers

SunRun has been working for approx. 15 years. The Better Business Bureau granted the company an A rating. Along with that, there were over fifty closed complaints only over the last three years. They mostly referred to some issues arising from setting up the solar systems and cost-effectiveness figures inferior to those that the client expected to see. In several cases, users reported even the increase in their utility bills after the installation of the company’s solar solution.

Does SunRun Offer Sustainable Solutions?

Signing up for a 20-year partnership is a serious adventure to be thoroughly deliberated prior to make the first step. This should be an informed decision, so consider the following factors first:

This kind of solution is available to you only if you own a home whereof roof is in rather good state. Obviously, the roof is to be well exposed to the suun.

According to the available statistics, most complaints expressed by clients refer to the quality of installation and poor performance of the installed systems. Actually, SunRun warns its prospective clients that saved amounts can be rather low, if any, during the first year after the launch. So this is what you have to expect too. Some users, however, report their savings were much below the calculated levels even during the following years, and the clients hardly were able to enjoy promised benefits promoted by the company. In general, it seems you should not be excessively optimistic in regard to returns provided by solar panels during a couple of years. To summarize, subscribing for a SunRun’s green solution is not a straightforward decision. Prior to sign a contract, don’t hesitate to ask questions to avoid further disappointment.

SunRun reviews

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