SuperBeets reviews

SuperBeets. The company advices the customer to add the product to water (1 scoop of powder) and drink one time a day. The result that the person should wait is better performance, energy and blood pressure stabilization. Sounds nice and harmless but let’s turn to real review.

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SuperBeets review.

Today we scrutinize SuperBeets which is the product p]of Humann company (was previously known as Neogenis Labs). The product has been sold for 6 years already and has received different reviews from the customers. Ingredients of SuperBeets are super simple- beetroot powder, stevia as a natural sweetener, malic acid, apple favor. All the ingredients are non-GMO and natural. The company advices the customer to add the product to water (1 scoop of powder) and drink one time a day. The result that the person should wait is better performance, energy and blood pressure stabilization. Sounds nice and harmless but let’s turn to real review.

Why is it so pricey?

In the lead we listed the ingredients and you might think that the product costs not much. But the price is 150$ and the customers react to it with:

“Should I really pay that much for beet juice? Can I make it from the scratch and save my money?”

“The pack of powder they sell for such a price will be used during two weeks, it costs really more than it really should to me”.

On the company’s site you can find the claim from the manufacturers they provide guarantee the absolute effectiveness and the quality of the SuperBeets but customers still do not understand the prices. Though some of them are satisfied with the purchase and even claim that they economize using the product, because such amount of beet costs more in their area. If you scroll further you’ll find our review of one of the top-rated products we’ve faced last year.

Why is beetroot so good for the body?

Before the humanity started to find numerous reasons for eating or not eating a certain product, our ancestors were eating beetroot on a regular basis. They ate it because they had it and only at Roman times the root part of the product became known as the healthy one, but the leaves were still on the table.

From our childhood we are told that eating vegetables is unconditionally healthy, but with beet you have to be moderate. Along with vitamin C, fiber, phosphorus, vitamin B6, magnesium and numerous other minerals the beet is rich with sugar and carbohydrates. And if your aim is to lose some weight this root is not something you are recommended to eat in a big amount.

However, people who suffer from heart disease should eat more of it. The thing is that when beet reaches the stomach of the human it reacts and nitrates that it contains transform into nitric oxide, the gas that affects the blood cells and makes the circulation of the blood easier.

It is clear that natural product can do a lot to our health, but what about a powder supplement? Does it have the identical impact on the body and can it react with it the same way and ease the heart and blood problems?

Closer look at ingredients of SuperBeets.

Looking at the label on the pack we find the list of all the ingredients that the pack consist. On the same label we face the information about nutrition.

  • Calories 15;
  • Total Fat 0g;
  • Sodium 65mg;
  • Potassium 160mg;
  • Carbohydrates 4g;
  • Sugars 3g;
  • Protein 1g;
  • Magnesium 10mg;
  • Vitamin C 50mg.

According to the label everything is natural and can do only good and no bad.

What can go wrong if you take SuperBeets?

It is quite difficult to eat so many beets that you will face health problems, but doctors claim that big amount of this product can lower calcium level in the body. The more risky case is when overeating beet you can damage your kidneys. What is more, though it is not the health problem but a side-effect the red color of the beet can affect the urine and stool and turn them to reddish ones. One more drawback of eating too much of this vegetable is gaining weight. Important: Browsing the website of the product you can face the information that the day amount of the powder is 10 g (two 5 g scoops).

People behind SuperBeets.

The company that sells the product was founded by two PhDs: N.Bryan and J.Ivy. N.Bryan works as an assistant professor at Baylor College, which specialization is medicine. He also worked in the field of Molecular Medicine. He started his research work in Texas when he specialized in translating data about research on cardiovascular problems, stem cells and cancer. The man has strong background on the subject and knows it inside out. J. Ivy has an immense experience in writing scientific papers on medicine. He has worked in the University of Texas for 31 years and led the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education. Both people behind the brand are connected with medicine and there is a minimal chance for them to produce something that could be harmful.

Making conclusion about SuperBeets.

Beet is not the only product that lower blood pressure or has the important nitrates. The same composition of necessary minerals and elements can be seen in different green salads such as lettuce or celery. But it is not clinically proved that eating 1 beet every day will help you to get rid of the probability of the stroke and will lower pressure. No proven result is found in the case of SuperBeets as well.

The producers do not give us information about the level of nitrates you’ll get via product. However, looking at the label on the pack we see that a daily norm of the product contains 1/3 of sugar you can eat a day. Quite a lot, isn’t it? So SuperBeets is definitely not for those customers who watch their diets.

Another reason for skeptic look at SuperBeets is the amount of concurrency around it. If you go to any local health food and supplements shop or if you take a minute and browse some less advertised websites you will find cheaper versions of the same content. Maybe the manufacturers will not be that prized but the names of people who run the product do not add to its effectiveness.

Our advice before you go for any supplement and SuperBeets in particular is to visit your doctor. If he recommends you the product because of its magic content will be beneficial for you, you will go online and buy the pack. And if you have anything to say about taking SuperBeets don’t be shy and write your comments!

SuperBeets reviews

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