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Team Treehouse is online educational service, launched in 2013 by Rayan Carson, which offers a wide range of video tutorials about programming, web development, and marketing.

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Team Treehouse Overview.

Team Treehouse is online educational service, launched in 2013 by Rayan Carson, which offers a wide range of video tutorials about programming, web development, and marketing.

The website provides their 68.000 users with the high quality videos, teaching how to create websites, apps, write codes, and start your own business in the Treehouse Company. The developers of the service determine their aim as introduction of technology to people all around the world irrespective of their skills in the subject.

How the Team Treehouse Works.

The major focus of the service is concentrated around web development. You can get average knowledge for the particular software products, such as Dreamweaver or Illustrator, getting more deep information from the top quality courses on iOs and Android Development, HTML, Javascript, PHP, etc.

Overall the website contains more than 1000 video tutorials in their library; however unlike many of its competitors the Team Treehouse also provides the quizzes and challenges, which help not only better memorizing the learnt material, but control and estimation of the gained knowledge as well. Furthermore, the website gets new videos uploaded every week, so there are always some updates on the already existing courses, and the brand new topics too.

In order to maximize the learning of their customers, the service set the unique mechanism of teaching, encompassing three major elements:

  • Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Challenges

The Videos are subdivided into short segments with each one lasting from 3 to 10 minutes. Each of them is created by the qualified experts, making the material as easy to understand as possible. They use the method of visualization, presented by screen sharing and animation added to the lessons, and the students are able to see the instructors, making an impression of a live classroom. All this is intended to one single goal – making the learning process maximum effective for the students.

Quizzes are organized to check whether the students grasped the material and if they are ready to move on to the next stage of learning or not. Each quiz usually contains from 3 to 5 questions, and the students are rewarded for the correct answers with the special badges that help to track the progress of every particular student.

The developers of the site created a special tool called The Treehouse Code Challenge Engine with the help of which students can try testing their gained knowledge in the challenges, compiled by instructors. Usually the students would have to modify particular code, and then check if it’s functioning the way it’s supposed to in The Treehouse Code Challenge Engine. The important detail on the challenges is that their solution works the best with the methods explained by the instructors in their video tutorials, so even if a student solves it differently, the gained result won’t necessarily do in order to complete the challenge. The experts invented this catch deliberately, because they claim their goal is not simply providing any possible ways of solution, but teaching the students only the best ones available.

All the video courses are created by the qualified experts in each of the presented fields. The tutorials are available for online viewing, and also download in HD or SD formats for greater convenience of their students. On the top of that the registered users get the access to the service’s forum, where one can discuss the lessons, topics, and ask experts the questions that arise during the learning process.

The website’s developers claim that one is going to need around 6 to 12 months of learning to cover all of the 1000 video courses presented on The Team Treehouse at this moment. However, the process of studying is individual, and depends on time each person dedicates to learning, as well as on the skills of every student has in web development. As mentioned earlier, the new videos emerge on the site weekly, so even if you finish your course promptly, you’ll have a wide range of the new material to choose from.

The Team Treehouse Job Offers.

Besides providing the teaching courses, the service offers its users work on their jobs board fro the well known and respectful companies, such as Amazon, Foursquare, and General Electric.

So, if you completed a few courses on the same topic on the website as a student, you will have an opportunity to get a position in one of the above mentioned organizations. The website creates a profile for the student, including the badges earned during the learning process, and the information on the completed courses. Since many companies trust The Team Treehouse to improve the qualifications of their workers, the chance to get a job with the help of the service is pretty high.

The Team Treehouse Payments and Trials.

  • The Basic Plan is a paid membership that costs $25 per month/$250 for a year. This option gives an access to all the video tutorials presented on the website, and to its forum, including also the free quizzes and code challenges, practiced with The Treehouse Code Challenge Engine. There is also an option to receive the Basic Plan for 4 months with the cost of $100.
  • The Pro Plan holds the price of $49 monthly and $490 annually. This payment option encompasses all the features provided by the basic Plan, and adds access to additional bonus materials, such as interviews and conferences with respectful industry leaders, and online workshops. There is the exclusive plan, according to which the access to Pro plan within 4 months would cost $196.

The service is ready to give the students a 14-days free trial of the service, backed up with the 30-days refund guarantee. The terms of use allow the person who is unsatisfied with the service get the money back without an obligation to explain any reasons to the company within first 30 days of use.

Alternatives and Comparison.

The Team Treehouse is often compared to another educational service providing video tutorials However, though both companies offer teaching videos, the content of it greatly differs. The Treehouse is focused mainly on web development and coding, while Lynda provides more courses on creative fields like design, photography or filmmaking, and therefore the websites have different audience. The methods of presenting the educational material are also quite various, besides is much older service that in business for more than 10 years, while Team Treehouse was launched only in 2013.

The Bottom Line. Why the Team Treehouse Might Be a Good Choice for You?

  • The service is a great way to get the education in a wide variety of fields in web development, including iOs and Android Development, HTML, Javascript, PHP Ruby, and much more.
  • The service presents the videos created only by the qualified experts
  • With the opportunity to download the learning material it’s very convenient to study anywhere and at any time.
  • The service provides quizzes and code challenges, which are meant to check the knowledge gained by the students, plus the correct answers are rewarded with the special badges that might become handy by the time a student finishes the course
  • The service offers job opportunities to students who complete their courses in the great respectful companies
  • Together with the paid options one is offered a free trial within 14 days, and is guaranteed the full refund within 30 days, which makes it easy to try the service without risks involved.

Team Treehouse reviews

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