Testabolan CYP reviews

Testabolan CYP is a formulation focusing on nourishing the muscles and helping patients to gain general vigor. Unlike many other drugs of similar action, this is a purely herbal blend using benefits of natural materials such as Boron, Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali Root, Nettle Extract and Sarsaparilla.

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Testabolan CYP review.

Testabolan CYP is a formulation focusing on nourishing the muscles and helping patients to gain general vigor. Unlike many other drugs of similar action, this is a purely herbal blend using benefits of natural materials such as Boron, Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali Root, Nettle Extract and Sarsaparilla. It is categorized as a dietary supplement. The target audience is male athletes. Testabolan CYP acts mainly by balancing hormones levels in the human body and stimulating the patient’s own hormone production, particularly the free testosterone as the latter is directly related to energy levels. Overall, all active substances included into this effective formulation were selected according to their specific capabilities to provide the human body with strength and energy balance, promote hormone production in a natural way and boost the muscle mass gain. As a positive side effect, the patient receives fatigue minimization and activation of fat burning processes all over the body.

How It Works.

To achieve the goals described in the above section, the manufacturer decided to make a blend based on natural herbal ingredients. This is a well known approach in this industry. Numerous world renowned brands follow this way to increase the testosterone levels in the human body in a 100% natural way. Testabolan Cyp relies on the same mechanism, so its formula contains no synthesized hormones or other unworthy ingredients. In fact, they are not necessary for the process as an athlete’s body can produce all vital hormones and related substances itself, if a little stimulation is applied. This is the role that the formulation under examination is to play.

Actually, testosterone is of a tremendous importance for the male body. Once its levels are high enough and balanced, the patient has extra energy that he can spend on either his sports exercises or any other activities. Along with that, higher activity leads to more intense fat burning.

Major Ingredients.

As mentioned above, the manufacturer claims to capitalize on benefits provided by the nature itself. While the full list of ingredients is not revealed on the product’s official website, we can see information on some of them. For example, the company says the following substances are included into the magic formula:

Vitamin B6 – it is known to stimulate androgen receptors. The latter are to send your testes a signal to pump extra testosterone into the blood. Additionally, Vitamin B6 improves absorption of such vital elements as magnesium and zinc, both affecting the rate of testosterone production.

Piper nigrum, or black pepper, - it can burn calories and fat and affects testosterone levels too.

Rhodiola rosea – this ingredient boosts testosterone production, relieves the feeling of fatigue and reduces stress.

DIM – was added to the formulation to reduce estrogen levels.

Tongkat Ali – this is a proven natural aphrodisiac. It is known to stimulate libido, improve the sperm quality and promote the muscle mass growth.

Fenugreek – another herbal remedy to boost testosterone production.

Price Policy.

Actually, how much you will have to pay for your Testabolan CYP order depends on how you opt to purchase it. The first available option is buying through one of several landing pages of the manufacturer. In this case, one bottle of 60 pills will cost you initially as little as $4.99 S&H. However, two weeks after placing the order, the customer will have to pay $89.95, which is actually the full price of the product.

Additionally, you will be automatically subscribed for recurring deliveries provided by the manufacturer. According to this policy, you will monthly receive another bottle of the remedy you have bought. It will cost you $89.95 (plus $4.99 S&H). Another available option is to buy directly from iForce’s own website. In this case, the customer will be charged $74.99, plus extra $7 as a shipping fee. It looks like there is no automatic subscription for recurring delivery here.

With the latter option, the customer receives a 30-day money back guarantee, which is applied to unsealed bottles only and does not cover delivery costs.The official website shows customer support contact details. Just call 877-356-6092 or email support@hghproboost.com in case you would like to use the guarantees or cancel your recurring subscription. And these offers can be much more lucrative by the way.


To summarize, we can name the following advantages of Testabolan Cyp:

  • Proven herbal ingredients;
  • Natural testosterone boosting;
  • Boosting muscle mass gaining, endurance and strength;
  • Beneficial action on libido and sexual health.


As usually, the product under discussion has several disadvantages too. This is what you probably will not like with Testabolan Cyp:

Poor quality of the official website, which presents too scarce information

The manufacturer does not reveal the full list of ingredients. Why?

  • The manufacturer cannot boast a trustworthy reputation yet;
  • The official website does not provide a clear explanation of how the formulation works;
  • The product is available online only;
  • Rather high prices;
  • Purchase options are not straightforward.

Major Highlights.

  • Comes in bottles (60 pills);
  • Manufactured in the USA;
  • The blend contains No stimulants;

Possible Adverse Reactions.

The natural composition is probably the major advantage of Testabolan Cyp as this means the consumer is exposed to very low risks of side effects and adverse reactions. Still, some person-specific allergic reactions to some of the ingredients are possible.


The manufacturer promises the maximum effect if you will take two pills daily. Avoid overdose in an attempt to boost your performance. Drink plenty of water after taking the pills. No specific time of the day is recommended to take the remedy.

Is Testabolan CYP Really Effective?

With this product, we have one undisputable fact: its ingredients are not something brand-new in this industry. In fact, the remedy is the blend of well known and proven herbal substances, which have been clinically tested many times before. So the customer may rest assured they really work and are generally harmless.

Given the product can really prove to be rather effective, the manufacturer’s pricing policy is still a major point of concern. The formulation’s active ingredients can be found as separate products at much lower prices. Even on third-party resources, Testabolan CYP is offered at approximately $39.99. To justify the figure, this should be a really worthwhile product. As for the prices charged by the company itself (over $80), they are definitely too high for this product category. The compulsory recurring purchase subscription only adds to our doubts.

If you are unsure about buying Testabolan CYP, we encourage you to perform a more extensive research by browsing and searching for available customer reviews. If you have already tried this formulation out, please, share your opinion with the interested community. Remember that it is always reasonable to investigate several options prior to make your choice.

Testabolan CYP reviews


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