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TruthFinder — what it is?

The home office of this company is placed in San Diego, California. They are a fairly young organization which was founded in the spring of 2015 but quickly gaining momentum. The concept of their system is to find information from social networks and the entire Internet in general, in which the information is constantly increasing. They make it clear that they are keeping your data as well as your searches confidential, which is not very common nowadays.

TruthFinder. Pricing and Service.

Prices and service options are completely honest and open: the price on subscription for one month is $27.78 but if you want to subscribe for 3 months, it will cost only $69.07. You don’t run the risk of encountering tricks of the trial period or hidden fees. They set the exact prices and give you the right to choose whether to continue or not. I had the opportunity to see a sample report directly on the site and it convinced me that my information will return to me and I finally will find my friend.

When I received my report, I was very inspired! There was a large amount of information about my old friend and I felt like I was reading her life as a storyline when she moved from Michigan and where she had lived since. But I still lacked several parts of the puzzle so I made a decision to order additional function to get a full report. This Additional function named the “Premium Report Upgrade”.

This option allows to get additional information about the person you are looking for. For example, it shows you working position, business partners, previous addresses and other similar information. The cost of this service is $17.47. I decided that such valuable even necessary information is worth this small price and it will help to speed up the search process.

By the way, If the price seems pretty high and does not suit you, TruthFinder provides bonuses and discounts for inviting friends and relatives. When they sign up, you and people you invited get a free premium report credit.

More than that, you can download files in the PDF format to save them on your computer or print them out. As for me, I don’t need this option, but some people may be interested in it.

What is TruthFinder’s difference from other similar sites?

There is no doubt that it is a very high-quality and useful service (Despite the small inconveniences in the interface), but the truth is that it practically does not differ from similar search services (Such as Checkmate, SpyFly, BeenVerified and others).

Speaking differently, their prices are approximately the same and their information sources are also the same.

The main disadvantage is frequent complaint of clients that most of the information from the reports can be found in the search engines in a few seconds and for free. What’s more, many users are outraged by that the data in repots is obsolete, false and insufficient. By the way, such cases occur even in Premium reports.

Finally, many clients feel cheated because they pay money for poor quality information.

Another part of the complaints concerns bad service and difficulties with cancellation of trial/monthly subscriptions. Is this the opinion of other customers about TruthFinder?

How loyal is TruthFinder to its customers?

We remind you that TruthFinder is a young company, starting in 2015. That’s why, there are not too many customer feedbacks.

But nevertheless, we did find one feedback on Ripoff Report, which described the disadvantages and negative emotions about the reports of this company. One more review related to false/obsolete data, and the fact that all the information could be found on Google for free.

As a company, TruthFinder got an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau On the basis of three closed cases (as of 12/10/15).

In contrast to others, they had problems with destruction of their personal data from the company's database. We understand that you want to find out if this search service is the best, so let's sum up.

TruthFinder. Conclusions.

As for my experience in using this service, I was completely satisfied and and grateful to On the one hand, they helped me to find my old friend. I could not find her without their help. On the other hand, they gave me a huge amount of information and ways of communication with her. And for me it was comfortable to use this service, it had a user-friendly interface and in general there were no problems with TruthFinder. I spent only $30 to find my childhood friend and I thing that this money was worth it. We finally managed to meet and this occasion has changed our lives. So, I can recommend you TruthFinder with a clear conscience.

TruthFinder reviews

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