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VitaPulse is a nutritional supplement made by Princeton Nutrients company and it is known to contain antioxidants NAC, PQQ, and CoQ10 that help you to protect your heart health.
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About VitaPulse.

VitaPulse is a natural supplement created by Princeton Nutrients and is declared to be an advanced antioxidant support for maintaining healthy cardio function and level of cholesterol, also preventing from cellular damage. It helps to decrease inflammation processes and boost mitochondrial health and cellular energy.

In general, VitaPulse may protect you from heart diseases and save your life, taking into account that each 1 out of 4 deaths in the United States happen because of heart condition.

Speaking about the ingredients of VitaPulse, it consists of the following: NAC, PQQ, and CoQ10. And what is good, the manufacturer says you need to take only 1 capsule of VitaPulse per day without getting any side effects.

Now, you have the reason to believe in VitaPulse to be your real saver from heart diseases. But will it really help you? Let’s get some insight on.

What are Antioxidants? Are They Beneficial?

According to VitaPulse website, antioxidants are those substances that prevent or slow down the process of cell damages by oxidation inhibition (loss of electrons) so during this process free radicals can be released. It is known that common antioxidants that are a part of everyday food include vitamins: A, C, E, folic acid, and beta-carotene.

Albeit antioxidants are of a great importance to human body, there is still ambiguous clinical version about whether or not antioxidant supplements have a beneficial influence on human health, especially in case of cancer, heart diseases, different cognitive defects and others.

So, what can we say about nature of antioxidants found in VitaPulse? Are they really beneficial to our healthy life?

Medical overview of VitaPulse’s Ingredients.

Product label on the VitaPulse website says that the only ingredients contained in the supplement are the following:

  • CoQ10 -100mg
  • N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) - 250mg
  • PQQ Na2 (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone Disodium Salt) - 10mg

NAC (abrev. for n-acetylcysteine) is derived from the amino acid l-cysteine which acts as a protein building block. NAC is a wide spread antioxidant and it is considered to be a very efficient cancer preventive substance.

On the other hand, relating to heart health, NAC is known only as a “possibly effective” tool for reducing the level of homocysteine, that is thought to be a factor of considerable risk for heart diseases.

PQQ (abrev. for pyrroloquinoline quinone ) is a chemical substance that may also play some antioxidant and neuroprotective role. However, the majority of researches were likely made on mice, but not on humans. PQQ is also known to reduce the areas damaged by acute heart attack (myocardial infarction) in animals, but it does not seem to have any protective features against heart diseases.

Finally, the third antioxidant contained in VitaPulse is CoQ10 which is quite different from the last two, as it may boost metabolism. Although, the medical thoughts about CoQ10 and its beneficial influence for heart health are controversial. Eventually, some facts from the research remain being promising, but when all comes to all, CoQ10 might even not provide any heart benefits at all.

In general are these components really enough to have any beneficial influence on human’s health? Medical experts usually recommend taking NAC at the amount of 1.2grams daily for optimum benefits, while VitaPulse supplement contains less than ¼ of this amount. A similar situation is with existing studies on CoQ10, the last one is recommended to be taken in daily dosages ranging from 50mg to 1,200mg, so we can surely say that VitaPulse has lower indexes.

And in addition to all this, VitaPulse’s manufacturer does not provide any clinical proofs to support their statements. While the beneficial features of VitaPulse might be little confusing, can we consider that the story with its side effects is the same?

Potential Side Effects of VitaPulse.

Considering the fact that VitaPulse contains only three ingredients it should be well-tolerated by most of humans. One of the most frequent reported side effects is digestive upset. Very rarely, users who have been taking in NAC have experienced some rashes, fever, headache, drowsiness, low blood pressure, and problems with liver.

Are there any other safe antioxidant supplements same as VitaPulse?

Kinds of Antioxidant Supplements.

By online searching of short phrases “antioxidant supplement” or “heart health supplement” you will see hundreds upon hundreds of different products and lots of them have lower price than VitaPulse. Popularity of such products is incredible so you will certainly find at least one of the kind at your local pharmacy store or big box retailer.

Evidently all those supplements do not have same chemical composition as VitaPulse, although the main point is that you have a big choice.

By the way, there is another company-manufacturer that has produced analogous product to VitaPulse with the same price and named it VitaCell 3.

Ways of Taking Care of Your Heart Health.

Nowadays heart diseases are a big danger for human life and you would probably ask a question about the available options to support and improve your heart health and to avoid or treat these diseases. Let’s take it step by step.

According to WebMD recommendations, you should follow a healthy lifestyle by adhering to a plant-based diet . American Heart Association also advises to eat healthy, in addition to doing exercises, avoid smoking, undergo regular wellness exams from your physician and avoid stress situations, etc. Among other precautions are realizing if there some family history of having heart disease, always watching your weight, and measuring the level of sugar in your blood.

For those who already have heart disease, there are some kinds of supplement helping to reduce the symptoms (briefly described in the previous section), including CoQ10, omega 3 fatty acids, pomegranate, magnesium and potassium, and others. On the other hand, in some cases surgery might be the most correct option, depending on the level of your heart disease.

Always remember though, no matter what you are looking for either to prevent heart disease from occurring or efficient treatment, first of all talk to your personal doctor as he is the only person who can recommend you taking measures on the base of your specific diagnosis.

Well, let’s learn some more information about the company behind VitaPulse.

Who produces VitaPulse?

VitaPulse supplement is produced by Princeton Nutrients, LLC situated in Woodland Hills, CA. Although you have already paid attention to name coincidences, Princeton Nutrients company has no direct connection with Princeton University.

It is important to say that neither VitaPulse nor its company Prince Nutrients, LLC were not in the list of Better Business Bureau at the time of our research but this may be explained that the company was very new (URL registered May 2015).

Dr. Arash Bereliani, who is he?

Dr. Arash Bereliani is the person who is the most connected with VitaPulse, certified cardiologist who works in the Beverly Hills Institute for Cardiology & Preventative Medicine and specializes in “integrative cardiology, internal medicine, and health optimization services.” Dr Bereliani is also known as Princeton Nutrients’ Director of Research and is the Assistant Clinical Professor in Medicine and Cardiology at UCLA.

Working at Beverly Hills Institute for Cardiology & Preventative Medicine, Dr. Bereliani helps his patients to deal with root illnesses, chronic diseases, and genetics by using functional medicine and also he provides nutrition therapy. As a result , a vast number of people started to use high quality supplements by Princeton Nutrients.

Pro tip: be sure to learn about Dr. Bereliani’s views on the role of supplements in improving and supporting human health in this YouTube video .

According to patient opinion, Dr. Arash Bereliani is getting very positive feedback, with a 4.5-star rating on Yelp, a 4.6 rating on HealthGrades, and another 4.6-star rating on Zocdoc.com. Taking a look into his profile on Zocdoc, you will learn that Dr. Bereliani graduated as number one in his Medical School class, and was awarded by America’s Top Physician awards in 2006 and 2007, and a Patients’ Choice award in 2011.

Price and Refund Policy for VitaPulse.

VitaPulse prices:

  • 1 Bottle (30 capsules) for $49 plus $3.95 S&H
  • 3 Bottles for $127 plus free shipping
  • 6 Bottles for $235 plus free shipping

All the purchases of VitaPulse supplements have 60-days refund policy, less S&H charges. If you need to request a refund, please contact Princeton Nutrients’s customer service department at 866-427-3019.

Now, let’s sum up all the information we know about VitaPulse product.

Hottest Questions: Will VitaPulse’s Ingredients Protect Your Heart Health?

Despite the fact that some of VitaPulse’s ingredients really play some role in heart health, there still remains untenable clinical evidence showing that the supplement containing these ingredients can improve your health— and much less prevent heart disease.

In conclusion, if you are really wondering to find out whether these ingredients can be beneficial for you, you may think about buying them separately in local pharmacy and save some of your money. But the best way is to talk to your personal doctor before taking any of decisions for buying supplements.

​VitaPulse Reviews

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