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About Wish.com.

Everyone who were searching for interesting offers on web-sites have probably heard of Wish.com. And most of such people ask, if it is legit. With the growth of Global Networks, which contribute to the development of international communications, it becomes much easier to find excellent opportunities on buying trendy dresses and accessorizes on a very cheap price. However, when you place an odder online you always want to be sure that it is safe. And working on this article we have got many questions from people asking “Is there’s some kind of scram on Wish.com?” So here we will observe answers on some often asked questions, such as, “Is Wish.com legit?” or, “Is it safe to purchase on Wish.com?” In this publication we will try to clarify some difficult moments and give you full information about Wish.com serving quality. We’ve read a few overviews on Wish.com made by its clients. We will also closely observe how the site works, who owns it and whom you’re buying from when you order goods on Wish.com.

Is Wish Shopping Safe? What You Need to Know.

One very important fact you need to know while ordering on Wish.com is that you don’t buy clothes directly from the American company.

Wish.com serves as a mediator, which connects sellers and buyers through its electronic platform. In other words, you get products from venders all over the world, but not specifically from Wish.com.

Most customers don’t realize it in the beginning, because they perceive Wish.com as a company headquartered in California. So when people face up to long shipping or different Chinese sizes they see it as fraud. However, many similar websites, like Zulily or RoseGal, also work together with Chinese firms.

So if you see that the price on a website is 80% - 90% lower than the original one, it’s a great chance that products will come from abroad. And probably they will come from China. And we all know that the quality of Chinese product is often too far from been ideal. That is why buying cheap dresses or necklaces you should be ready for some surprises.

For example, people who often order on such web-sites know that there is a great difference between Chinese and American or European sizes. And the situations when you order and dresses and can’t fit in it are quite common.

That’s one of the primary reasons why people ask, “Is this bargain legit?” So we tried to test its customers serving system and check whether it’s efficient or not. That’s what we have found.

Is Wish.com Customer Service Legit?

Often questions like “Is my purchase legit” or “Is my purchase safe” disappear after looking through terms of customer service and support.

Many Wish.com problems are actually connected with the quality of their services. We carefully examined how does their customer services work and can such kind online shopping be safe.

Company really has customers care services, which is located near to their office in California. However, when you try to call a specialist you are redirected to the voice mail. The record addresses you to the customers service app, proposing to view, monitor or cancel an order.

If callers can’t find a link to the customers’ support service, they are proposed to send a mail to the «support@wish.com». Besides, you’re assured that company will immediately react to your message.

Although it’s common for online shops to use e-mails as a primary source of clients serving, we should admit that it’s the only way for customers to get support from Wish.com.

It may be pretty uncomfortable for potential buyers trying to solve a problem with the web-site as they don’t have a possibility to actually talk to the representative of customer serving and sellers directly.

Although Wish.com does have customers service line, its main objective is to redirect them to Wish platform and leave e-mail there.

So, does the level of customers support really influence the safety of the shopping on Wish.com? It all depends on how it’s important for you to discuss problems with a real person.

When we talk about customers support it should be admitted that clients are often constrained in the capacity to use these possibilities. And strong customers serving department is a part of a system, which gives credibility and ensure the safety of the customers.

Is Wish.com’s Customer Reputation As Cheap As Their Prices?

You probably realize that you should expect to get Porsche when you pay for Ford. However, despite its low prices, does Wish.com play an important role in the lives of its customers? We monitored most popular websites, where people leave reviews on the quality of services of various online shops. So you may be surprised with the results.

ComplaintsBoard has lots of complaints on Wish.com. Customers grumble on unauthorized transactions soon after placing an order, low quality of the products (especially electronic ones), extremely long shipping, difficulties with getting a refund and awkward customer serving.

According to Better Business Bureau, Wish.com got F rating, based on the closed complaints on 1/12/16. Most of them were talking about difficulties with getting a refund and company’s tendency to send automatic responds on very specific questions. Besides, there were about 72 grumbles company didn’t react to.

A little tip: Searching for similar products from various web-sites? Reddit can provide you with good alternatives.

What about Wish.com apps? Unlike their business strategy, their apps were highly estimated with 4,5 stars on Google Play from about 2,2 millions of people and 4,5 stars on iTunes with 4200 feedbacks.

Is Wish.com a Rising (Or Falling) Star?

There is an old statement saying, “You can buy fast, good and cheap. Take two.”

In Wish.com all emphasis is put on cheap, mostly excluding fast and good. And it may be a real problem for you, as many people are not ready to sacrifice fast delivery or especially good quality. Sometimes it’s worth to pay more, but to be sure that shoes will not fall apart the next day. However, Wish.com does not regard it as a primary objective of the company.

Besides, if something goes wrong with your order, you may have difficulties in contacting an initial seller (keep in mind that Wish.com doesn’t sell goods directly), and it’s unclear if there are any requirements for those who launch online shop on Wish.com.

However, Wish.com still has millions of fans, who regularly purchase from their sellers and are crazy about cool products and cheap prices. So if fast delivery or proper quality is not the main criteria for you, then go ahead and place an order! It’s only you who can make decision about risking on Wish.com.

Client of Wish.com? Did you use the web-site just once or are you a regular shopper, Share your experience with a review below!

Wish.com reviews


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